"Aang! What happened?"

"What do you mean?"

"I've never known you to be so spiteful"

"Well, he deserves it"

"No, he doesn't. Zuko came here to apologise, which he had done wonderfully. I forgave him. Zuko, I'm sorry. I knew you meant well, I really did"

"It's okay, Katara"

"Katara, we have some wedding preparations to deal with…."

"Just a moment, Aang! No, wait. Why don't you go ahead of me?"


"Go on! I'll be there in a minute"

"Okay, Katara"

When he had left, I turned to Zuko.

"Sorry" I murmured again.

"It's okay" he said.

I leaned in, and kissed him softly. It felt beautiful, and I knew he felt it too. It was a hello, it was a goodbye, it was a promise.

Someday, we would be together.