Pineapple Samba

By: Shi Kami The Murderous Prodigy

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Those rights belong to J.K. Rowling and Akira Amano respectively. I do own this one-shot (possible full-length story), my ideas, and OCs that may well show up.

Crossover: Harry Potter/Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Pairing(s): Mukuro Rokudo/Harry Potter, Hibari Kyoya/Tsunayoshi Sawada, etc.

Rating: M

Warning(s): Blood, Character Death, Extreme Violence, Language, Slash, etc.

Genre(s): Action, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural, etc.

Summary: Instead of Chrome, Mukuro Rokudo found a vessel in the young orphan – Harry James Potter, renamed Midori Rokudo. After becoming the official second Mist guardian for the Vongola family, a group of wizards show up and claim that Harry – Midori's place was with his family, whom are found to have been alive. Due to the perks of getting a complete magical education, Midori is ordered by Tsunayoshi Sawada – the Tenth Vongola boss, to attend Hogwarts. Hogwarts isn't going to know what hit them with allowing the Kokuyo gang walk its halls.

A/N: I am particularly excited about this one-shot! XD I am actually thinking of doing a full-length crossover between these two series in the future. Really, this idea was just too fascinating to pass up! Also I wanted to throw in this particular idea for Harry in this Xover to see how it goes with everyone. If they like it, then it will be a good for one of the ideas for this Xover. The other is with Harry being the Thunder Guardian, as I read the description and it fits him so well.

Harry James Potter or Midori Rokudo – as he was known by his comrades – and famigilia, moaned at the tight hold on his body. Peering over at his lover who sat against the headboard with half-lidded and lustful green eyes, a gasp flew from his lips as one of the tentacles pushed into his body. Pink lips were open as sound after sound of pleasure were released due to the supernatural bindings molested his slender frame.


Mukuro Rokudo watched the scene with dual colored eyes, while propping himself up on the palm of his hand. Chuckling he watched as one of the tentacles slithered up and thrust into his green-eyed lover's mouth. Licking his lips at the moan that echoed from Midori, he flicked a finger and another wrapped itself around the younger male's hardened rod. "Mmmm!" His eyelids fell half mast, and he watched as his illusions fucked his cute little Midori.

A becoming flush was on his little one's cheeks as he writhed under the ministrations of the purple appendages in ecstasy – little mewls, moans, and shivers wracked his hypersensitive body. Groaning, Mukuro pulled the covers away to reveal his aching erection to his Midori's beautiful eyes, and smirked when the sight only seemed to make the other harder than he already was. The speed and pressure that the tentacles applied on Midori heightened, and the petite male was practically screaming around the appendage in his mouth as he came. Seeing his lover come undone before him, Mukuro lost control of his powers as he closed his eyes and breathed deeply. It was still a bit early for him to come, and he wasn't going to come anywhere other than that pretty little mouth or ass of his former avatar.

Breathing deeply as he tried to catch his breath, a pinkish tinge stuck to Midori's cheeks as he slowly came down from his high. Slowly, he looked over at Mukuro and his eyes latched onto the cock that still stood at attention. Licking his lips, he glanced up to look in Mukuro's eyes that were following the motion of his tongue intently. Moving a little, he saw the other Mist Guardian's smirk widened.

"Ku fu fu – watching you come undone by my illusions is so…arousing my little Midori."

Shivering at the sound of his voice, a gasp flew from his lips as if the words caressed his body. Moving forward towards him along the large king-sized bed – he finally made it and came face to face with the leaking manhood. Chuckling again, the pineapple-haired male placed his hand on top of Midori's head – threading his fingers through his silky black tresses. "Ku fu fu – now my little Midori, help me with this little problem of mine."

Raising an eyebrow at the little comment only seemed to amuse this broader lover, but he instantly complied. Wrapping his delicate hands – which have taken the many lives of those who had dared attack the Vongola family, and rubbed up and down the throbbing rod before engulfing the mushroom head with a mewl. Groaning, Mukuro tightened his grip on Midori's hair as the slender male began bobbing his head up and down – taking in all of him bit by bit.


Moaning at the hidden demand in the purple-haired guardian's tone, the green-eyed boy released the head with a pop. Strong hands picked him up by his underarms, and brought him forward to splay Midori's smaller frame against his larger one. Dragging his tongue along his avatar's plump bottom lip, he brought his fingers up to his mouth. Without a word the horny boy wrapped his lips around the digits – lavishing them with his tongue. Chuckling at the wanton behavior, a dark gleam lit up in Mukuro's dual-colored eyes.

Pulling his fingers from the boy's mouth, he tweaked hardened pink nipples with his free hand. Locking lips with the dazed co-Mist Guardian, Mukuro slipped his fingers into his sexy little lover. A gasp and then a moan soared from "Ku fu fu – you are such a slut." His fingertips brushed against that bundle of nerves, and Midori climaxed again – coming on Mukuro's toned midsection. Sucking on the other boy's tongue, he helped him position over his throbbing cock. Tightening his grip on the boy's hips, he pushed down and groaned as his dick was squeezed by a tight ring of muscles.

Breaking the kiss, Midori dug his nails into his lover's shoulder as he rode him. Moaning and panting, the heat in his body rose and the spring inside of him grew tighter and tighter with each time he went down. As they came closer to their end, they locked lips once more before the force of the climax caused Midori to throw his head back and scream. Groaning, Mukuro continued to thrust up until he felt all of his hot cum fill the green-eyed male's ass to the brim.

For a moment, they laid there. Wrapping his arms around his smaller lover, Mukuro nuzzled his nose into the silky black tresses on top of his head. "Ku fu fu…we're going to have to attend breakfast, Tsunayoshi was very upset the last time we skipped out and I missed the chance to mess with a certain skylark." Nodding, the boy looked up from beneath sooty black lashes shyly.

"Okay, Mukuro-sama."

A growling sound then came from Midori's stomach, causing a becoming blush adorn his cheeks. "And of course – we have to go to feed you my little Midori." The comment caused the petite male to squawk in indignation.


Sitting at the breakfast table, Tsunayoshi Sawada – the 10th boss of the Vongola family, watched as everyonesettled into their daily routine. Hayato Gokudera, his right hand man – Storm Guardian, was currently arguing vehemently with a carefree Takeshi Yamamoto – Rain Guardian. Down the table, his Lightning Guardian – Lambo Bovino, was chatting loudly to the motherly co-Mist Guardian – Midori Rokudo or Harry Potter. Sitting next to the latter was his lover and co-Mist Guardian – Mukuro Rokudo, who was smirking smugly at his Cloud Guardian from across the table. Glancing over at the said Cloud Guardian – and lover, Tsuna brought a hand up to massage his temples.

His Sun Guardian – Ryohei Sasagawa was on an assignment to visit his sister and make sure that everyone was okay in Namimori.

After accepting his role as the new boss of the Vongola family – Tsuna had the time to think about how much it had took to get where he was at the moment. So much had happened since that day that Reborn had appeared on his doorstep, talking about him – Dame Tsuna, becoming the boss of a powerful mafia family. Of course, he thought it was all a joke. Right until he was shot in the head with a bullet that became his jump start into his future. Looking at all the people in the room, a fond smile formed on his face.

Though they all came to be a part of his family in different ways – some hostile means, while others in a peaceful manner, he had come to cherish them all.

He would do anything for the people in this room – even kill for them.

Picking up a pastry from one of the trays, he brought the roll to his mouth and was about to take a bite when several crack sounds suddenly broke the normal chaos in the room.

Whoever these people were that appeared in the room didn't even get a chance to move. Tsuna blinked and every Guardian was bearing down on the intruders without a word from him. "What do you want us to do Tsuna-sama?" Glancing over at his side, he saw his Mist Guardian Midori Rokudo standing next to him with his metal staff in hand. His narrowed green eye was fixed on the intruders that were quickly brought to their knees with wariness. Placing the roll down on his plate, he wiped his mouth with a napkin and stood up from his seat.

"Well we might as well go see who these people are before we go and do anything drastic – we have to find out how they got into the manor after all."

Nodding, the slender Mist Guardian's grip on the staff didn't loosen up in the least. If the off chance one of the intruders got passed the other Guardians – slim chance, but you could never be too careful. Midori would take them out faster than they could blink.

Once the two came by the others, Tsuna sighed as the unexpected guests were forced to their knees in front of him. Massaging his temples the 10th boss of the Vongola family could tell that he was going to have a big headache by the end of this conversation.

Looking over at the irritating, smiling old man – Tsuna resisted the urge to bang his head on the desk in front of him. He just knew that he should've stayed in bed that morning – if anything he should just order his men to destroy these fools, but he couldn't do that due to his conscious. Yes, he is now a mafia boss, but that part of him that was still Dame Tsuna wouldn't allow him. Rubbing the bridge of his nose, he narrowed his brown eyes on the man who called himself Albus Dumbledore.

On the sides of him sat his group that was called The Order of the Phoenix, and apparently they appeared. 'Apparated', he reminded himself – was the strange term the old man had given him, into his dining room because they were looking for someone. "So who exactly were you searching for so desperately, that you decided to appear in the dining room of Italy's most powerful mafia's dining room during breakfast?"

While the rest of this 'Order of the Phoenix' shifted in their seats, Dumbledore only chuckled sheepishly. "Well we didn't expect to land inside of the manor – much less encounter such resistance when we did, that was a grave miscalculation on our parts." His blue eyes stared at the 10th generation Vongola boss and his guardians, and then stopped – as if transfixed, on Midori. "But this person who we are looking for is of great importance to the fate of our world." The Guardian in question was hanging onto Mukuro's arm, and looking at them with one narrowed green eye. One of the females – a red head, gasped as she stared at Midori as well as the black-haired man next to her.

Glancing over briefly at Midori, he clasped his hands and rested his chin on the back of his hands. "Oh?" Leaning back into his chair, he noticed the slight twitch of the grizzled looking man sitting to the right of Dumbledore as well as the corresponding one from the smiling Yamamoto. He knew that if that man even looked like he was going to make a move to do anything remotely threatening - the smiling swordsman will cut him down. "And who exactly is this person that you are looking for?" Seeing the looks being sent towards Midori, and the small whispers being spread through the group on the opposite side of the table – a small grimace formed on his face. He knew exactly who they wanted, and he knew that a lot of people on his side will not be happy.

"We are looking for a boy that has been lost to us for a very long time – his parents, Lily and James Potter…" He gestured towards the couple on the side of him, "Have been very worried about him." Scowling, Tsuna felt the urge to just go DW all over this old man's face. Did he really think that he was naive as to what was going on?

"I'm not in the mood for any of this beating around the bush – who is it that you are looking for, and why is it that you men keeping looking at my Guardian as if he holds the answer to the universe?"

The stern looking woman that sat beside the grizzled man seemed offended by his rudeness towards the man, but he didn't really give a damn. If they had a problem with his attitude, then they could have a problem with it outside of his damn manor! Clearing his throat, the old man seemed to realize that he wasn't playing around and sighed.

"The boy we are looking for is Harry James Potter, and we are certain that your Guardian is who we are looking for."

Blue eyes locked onto the stiff form of the slender boy that was holding onto the purple-haired male next to him. A frown was on his pretty face as he trailed his one-eyed gaze along the people who were looking at him in awe, and then settled on the faces of Lily and James Potter. Something he saw there he apparently didn't like as a scowl grew on his face, and he pressed his himself into the dual-colored eyed male's side – as if to fuse with him.

"Well sorry to burst your bubble, but I'm not who you are looking for – my name is Midori Rokudo."

It seemed that the red-haired woman couldn't take being silent anymore as she stood up and slammed her hands onto the table in front of her. "No! Your name is Harry James Potter! You are my son! I just know it!" Narrowing his eyes at the woman in irritation, his scowl deepened. That name had nothing to do with him anymore, and regardless of whether this woman was his mother – it didn't matter.

He had abandoned that name after he was left to die as if he was yesterday's garbage.

"Now my boy, I'm sure that you can't deny what your mother is saying – you do after all have her eyes."

Turned his gaze towards the old man, Midori felt that he was going to really not like this old man.

"Ku fu fu – I would appreciate it if you didn't refer to him as your anything."

Every eye in the room darted over towards the purple-haired male who was looking at them without the usual taunting smirk on his face. Tsuna and the others from the Vongola family could tell that the Mist Guardian was not amused in the slightest. A rare occurrence, and only happened once before with Daemon Spade had taken over his body – look what happened to him. Dumbledore sent a smile towards the Guardian, though he was obviously uncomfortable to have his dual-colored eyes on his person.

"Forgive me for that, but he is Harry Potter – we are very sure of this."

Much to the surprise of everyone, the next to speak was in fact Gokudera.

"So what do you want?"

The 'Order of the Phoenix' looked at the silver-haired young man that was looking at them with narrowed lime green eyes. Between his teeth was a cigarette, and he seemed to be fingering something in his pockets. "You didn't come all this way to just find this Harry Potter just for the fun of it, nor from the goodness of your hearts…" Glancing at them all, he continued on when he received a nod from Tsuna. "So I will ask one more time – what the hell is it that you want with Midori?"

Silence reigned in the room, and the group on the other side of the Vongola's seemed to shift under the sharp gazes sent their way. The elderly man stroked his beard with a sigh while he kept his eyes on Midori, who looked like he wanted nothing more than to disappear. It was a fact that didn't seem to be helping the other Guardians' opinions on their 'guests' much, as every Guardian was very fond of the slender co-Mist Guardian.

"I had hoped that we wouldn't have to talk about it, but it seems that we have to so you will understand the gravity of the situation that has developed."

Narrowing his brown eyes, Tsuna's eyebrow twitched.

"So you just believed that you were going to do something with my Guardian and not tell me why?"

Clearing his throat, Dumbledore wrung his hands nervously.

"Well, there is the Statue of Secrecy that our people uphold – it would be illegal to actually tell you, but since we have no other choice…"

His 'Order' seemed to stiffen up as he kept his eyes on Midori while talking to the mafia family on the opposite side of them. "We are a group of Wizards and Witches that had banded together in order to oppose the Dark Lord Voldemort, who was recently resurrected and has been terrorizing our world." Gesturing towards the green-eyed Guardian, who stiffened at the reverent looks that were being sent towards him by these people.

"We are looking for Harry James Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, and the only one that can rid our world of the Dark Lord."

End of Chapter I

So a lot of people seemed to like this idea, and so I've decided to make this a full-length version of this story. I will start working on the next chapter, and hopefully you will all stick around to read it lol. I know it's frustrating since I don't get to update regularly due to my school and then my procrastination. But I shall try to get the next chapter to you as soon as I can. Have faith people, in my social awkwardness keeping me from making friends giving me something to fill my time with.

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