Pineapple Samba

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Crossover:Harry Potter/Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Pairing(s): Mukuro Rokudo/Harry Potter, Hibari Kyoya/Tsunayoshi Sawada, etc.

Rating: M

Warning(s): Blood, Character Death, Extreme Violence, Language, Slash, etc.

Genre(s): Action, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural, etc.

Summary: Instead of Chrome, Mukuro Rokudo found a vessel in the young orphan – Harry James Potter, renamed Midori Rokudo. After becoming the official second Mist guardian for the Vongola family, a group of wizards show up and claim that Harry – Midori's place was with his family, whom are found to have been alive. Due to the perks of getting a complete magical education, Midori is ordered by Tsunayoshi Sawada – the Tenth Vongola boss, to attend Hogwarts. Hogwarts isn't going to know what hit them with allowing the Kokuyo gang walks its halls.

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It was a testament to Tsuna's forcefully learned control that prevented him from punching this old man in the face. After this revelation was revealed, the Wizards and Witches became frantic and were sending adoring and almost crazed eyes. The smile and twinkling blue eyes of the Merlin reject only seemed to make the ends of his mouth tilt down into a frown. His Guardians on the other hand…


Releasing a sigh, the 10th boss of the Vongola family watched as his right hand man Gokudera and the others – sans himself, Mukuro, the very one this whole thing was centered around, and the ever cheerful but not so much now, Rain Guardian. The Wizards seemed to be surprised at their violent reaction to the words of their leader, while the irritating twinkle in Dumbledore's eyes died. Mukuro tightened the grip he had around Midori's shoulders, and he narrowed his eyes on the insolent magical beings before them.

He remembered the tale that his little Midori had told him before he had agreed to house his soul, even though it was clear that he wouldn't have gave the boy much choice if he refused. Mukuro – the one who had and still brought shivers to the spine of even the toughest mafia families, remembered how Midori had looked at him with such trust and longing. The boy hadn't cared that he was basically going to be carrying around a parasite that could at any moment take full control of his body – Midori only smiled and said that he wished to be worth something to someone and asked for the disembodied boy to never throw him away.

That was all he asked – desperate green eyes pierced his very soul as the boy begged for him to use him to his heart's content, but for him to promise that he would never leave him alone.

Where were these people when his little Midori was so broken and hoping for anyone to need him?

Where were they when he was in the hospital suffering and all he wanted was for someone to care?

One thing he knew was that these scums were not with him…

Dual-colored eyes locked onto the supposed parents of his co-guardian, and he would admit if only to himself that he could see the resemblance. The woman had bright red hair like fire and her green that looked so much like his Midori's almost made him melt – almost if he wasn't fully aware that this bitch had abandoned his lover. His supposed father was also held a great resemblance to Midori as well with his unruly black hair, which the smaller male had once and still had though it was longer now. Sadly, Midori seemed to be a mixture of both of their features and would probably only look like one or the other if people were looking for them in certain features.

But even this didn't spare them from his calculating gaze as he felt his Dying Will Flame beginning to rise due to his anger. The only thing that kept him from using his illusions in order to mind fuck all of them back into infancy, was the hold on him from an increasingly panicked Midori, and the sharp glance he received from Tsunayoshi. Gritting his teeth behind his lips, the dual-eyed Mist Guardian of the Vongola settled for watching all of these so called Wizards. If they made any move – no matter for what, he was going to throw them all into hell.

Threading his fingers together, Tsuna's once brown eyes were now orange with the light of his Dying Will. Previously gentle and round eyes were narrowed, and held the intensity of a predator. Many of the Wizards – including Dumbledore, stiffened at the sudden 180 in attitude.

"So what you're telling me is that you didn't come here to find Midori or HarryPotter in the goodness of your heart, but in fact because you feel that he is responsible for taking out a threat to your world's existence despite not having bothered after all those years ago?"

Dumbledore had the urge to lick his suddenly dry lips at the hostility that they could practically see emanating off of the group on the opposite side of them. This wasn't something that he had expected when they took off from the apparition site. He had believed that he would pop in, mystify the supposedly ignorant Muggles with magic, and take their boy savior. But obviously that was proving not to be the case. In fact if he wasn't wrong, all of them possessed some kind of energy that is similar to magic, but drastically different. While Magic came from the earth, and they channeled it through their cores – their energy seemed to come from their very being.

And instead of this being untrained, they all seemed to possess some kind of control over this energy to a startling degree. Especially the brown-haired male that the others seemed to differ too, though not all did it as noticeably as the others. Harry or Midori as he was called here had stayed by his side as if to protect him from them, and so they could tell he was their leader.

Glancing over at Harry he was saddened to see the unreceptive look being sent their way by the very one they had come to find. Looking over at Harry's parents, he saw the longing look they sent the boy and his heart only broke at the unresponsive glances that he had thrown in their direction. He had no idea that things would turn out like this, and now they would have to somehow convince these people to release the boy into their custody.

"While this may sound bad, we don't plan on sending him into this fight without any skills…"

Before he could get another word out, a creepy chuckle escaped the purple-haired male that had his arm around the Boy-Who-Lived.

"Ku fu fu – as if we would just allow our little Midori-chan to enter any battle at all just for your benefit."

Locking eyes with the teen, the old Wizard stiffened at the dark promises in his dual-colored eyes and almost felt as if he was staring into the eyes of a young Tom Riddle once more. An unreadable gleam flashed through his eyes at the thought, and a frown spread on his face as he took in how close Harry was to him. Was there something going on between them?

"Yes, my Mist Guardian does have a point – you actually expect us to just let you come here and take one of my Guardians to fight your silly little war?"

McGonagall released a sound similar to a squawk while another woman seethed in anger at the nonchalance that these brats seemed to show towards something they knew nothing about. Standing up suddenly, she slammed her hands on the table and leveled Tsuna with a vicious glare.


Bringing up his hands, Gokudera held a stick of dynamite between each finger and his cigarette was lit and ready to light up. Yamamoto's katana was halfway out of its sheath, and his eyes were locked onto the woman's body. Lambo was no longer smiling and held his two horns in his hand – ready to place them on his head and attack them. Hibari held his Tonfas out in an X formation, and his sleepy slate eyes were drilling into the woman's terrified face.

Smirking, Tsuna only tilted his head to the side and smiled innocently – disturbing the Wizards a great bit as he tapped the top of the table with a finger while resting his cheek on the back of his other hand.

"I am able to do that because I honestly feel that you guys have no idea how pathetic you guys look – here you are, fully trained adult Wizards and Witches, but you are here to get a 17-year-old to fight your war for you…"

The smile slid off of his face, and his orange eyes seemed to grow as the side of his lip turned down into a scowl.

"That's something that I don't like – adults shoving their responsibilities onto the shoulders of children, the fact that you people are trying to do that to someone I care about and is important to the Vongola family…"

Instantly his hand was suddenly encased in an X-glove, and he slammed it into the table causing it to split into thousands of pieces from the impact.

"Really pisses me off."

Alastor Moody knew that this meeting was quickly going south. Unlike they had planned, this wasn't an easy drop in and collect. No, this was turning out into a huge mess. He knew that Albus had started this out completely wrong, and knew that he was going to have to step in so they wouldn't all be obliterated due to their leader's careless words. The man was so used to people just falling to their feet in order to obey him, which he didn't think much of the possibility of anyone actively going against his wishes – Besides Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

From what he could see from these people – the Vongola family, who he would swear to Merlin that he had heard of somewhere before, were an example of one of those people. There was no doubt in his mind that they had wanted them dead, they would've been. Before they could even blink, they were all on their knees and at the mercy of these supposed Muggles. That one with the Sword had his blade pressed against his neck for Merlin's sake, and he could almost feel the blade sing in anticipation of slicing through his skin and spraying the room with his blood.

These people were not to be taken lightly, and it seemed that the rest of the Order was doing just that along with Dumbledore. After the boy had almost sent them back with a blast of power as he broke the table, he knew that he would need to come up with something that would not only get them what they want but make sure they left this place alive to fight another day. He, of course, agreed with them.

He had never agreed with the thought of having a child take care of what was the job of adults to take care of – unfortunately he also knew of the prophecy and the fact that no one could defeat the Dark Lord but Potter. Glancing over at the Potter's, who were staring hungrily at the boy with longing eyes – he could tell that that foolish young couple was going to suffer greatly for the mistakes of the past.

'As will we all if things go the way I think they will…'

Clearing his throat in the deathly silent room, he stood up from his seat and his wooden leg caused a 'thunk' sound to echo.

"I would like to apologize about my old friend's and our companions' words, but I can guarantee you that while we would willing take care of this problem – certain things have dictated that only Mr. Potter would be able to defeat Voldemort."

None of the Vongola moved – they were all pinning him with assessing stares.

"We are not going to let Mr. Potter go and risk his life without any help , there is a school in which we can make sure that he learns whatever it is that he needs in order to help him in his task – Plus after he is done, these abilities would also benefit this family of yours as well."

An eyebrow rose on the brown-haired boy's face, and similar curious looks were sent his way even from Mr. Potter himself.

"Benefit us you say?"

Nodding, he ignored the scandalized looks he was getting from the others. If he could, he was snort in disgust. Obviously they believed that they would just dictate what they wanted, and despite everything pointing to the opposite – thought these people would bow to their wills. There were lots of times where he missed the days where Wizards and Witches had common sense. Sadly, those days were long since passed.


Without any concern from the disappointed look – like he actually gave a damn, from Dumbledore and the betrayed looks from the others, Moody explained the perks of Harry would bring to them if he learned how to use Magic. As he got further into detail, he could see that Sawada – as he chose to refer to him as instead of his confusing first name he had called himself during introductions, was very interested. The others' eyes, especially the silver-haired lad's, lit up in fascination.


Glancing over at Midori, the two seemed to be having a mental debate until Sawada released a sigh and turned to look at the Wizards.

"It seems that I will be allowing my Mist Guardian –Midori to attend this school of yours as well as helping you in this war of yours…"

A relieved breath was released among the group of Wizards, and they all grinned triumphantly until he continued.

"But in order for me to allow him to go and make sure you don't try to pressure him into anything that isn't required in either of these tasks I'm agreeing to – I will be sending my other Mist Guardian along with his own group in order to make sure that you guys stick to your side of the we'll seal this deal with these magical oaths that you were talking about."

The outrage on the side of the Wizards was expected, as was the smirks on the side of the Vongola.

With the deals and oaths done, the Wizards had left with the promise that they would be back and ready to take Midori at the end of the Summer. The young couple who seemed to be Midori's parents had tried to talk to the green-eyed Guardian, but he hadn't even tried and walked away following the irritated Mukuro. Sighing in relief that the Mist Guardian had actually listened to his silent command, he had nodded and dismissed them with a threat – if any of them were seen in his territory again before the end of the Summer, they would regret the day they had ever dared to show their face to the Vongola Family.

As soon as they were gone, everyone relaxed.

Tsuna knew that Mukuro wasn't happy with the decision, and Midori was reluctant but would go for the good of the Vongola. It was no lie that most of the abilities that his smaller Mist Guardian could learn would be beneficial for the family, and while he was unhappy that he had to send his friend – he couldn't help but be relieved. He had discussed the classes that Midori would take – along with the Guardian's own opinions being a major factor, and had settled everything so the green-eyed boy would be ready.

He of course knew that those Wizards would try to do something to get around their agreement, and he had already told Midori and Mukuro exactly what they were supposed to do if that were the case. Sighing, Tsuna brought his hand up to massage his temples. It was only the feel of a very familiar hand on his shoulder that brought him out of his headache-inducing musings. Gentle brown connected with narrowed slate, and a smile formed on the 10th Vongola boss's face as he looked into the deceptively concerned face.

It had gone on long into the night for their discussions and debates before they reached to an conclusion. Everyone had forgotten about lunch and dinner – not even going to mention the breakfast that was left stone cold on the floor due to the lack of a broken table. Which Tsuna already knew he was going to hear a mouth full from the head maid about tomorrow, and so didn't even bother to hide it. For the rest of the night he was going to snuggle with his Lover, and get ready for the argument that was sure to crop up from his overprotective co- Mist Guardian.

Mukuro was not going to be a very angry individual in the morning if Midori didn't find some way to calm him down. And if he knew the Master of the Six Paths of Hell – those Wizards were going to be in for a rude awakening.

Unconsciously, a sadistic smirk slithered onto Tsuna's face as he walked towards his room with his Cloud Guardian.

End of Chapter 2

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