Part One

"Mrs. Hudson has the lease for you to sign. She should be in her flat all day."

John put his cup of coffee on the counter, and stifled a yawn. He couldn't have had more than three hours of sleep.

"Make sure you wash those sheets before you give them back to me. Use a detergent that is free of dyes or scents."

"Hmm? Oh… yes, yes…"

"You can put food in the left crisper drawer."


"The right is for experiments."


John nearly tripped when Sherlock swooped past him and dashed down the stairs. He stood in the silent kitchen for a few seconds and wished he'd thought to make a cup of coffee. Then he went upstairs to get his phone and wallet. Now that rent was sorted, he could afford a cup from Starbucks without feeling too much guilt. He'd buy one before he picked up the rest of his things.

He was just starting to pull the sheets off his bed when he stood up.

"Hang on! You took my coffee!"