Part Three

"Mrs. Hudson made it!" Sherlock's face fell, and he stared at the lukewarm cup of coffee he had carried into the room. John could almost hear his hard drive spinning.

"No, no… she… No. That nurse who can't even remember your name? She made it. For me. She thinks it's for me." Sherlock grinned at John. "Because she's an idiot and she doesn't observe!"

At the sound of the door handle, he placed the cup under the bed and put on his best faux-friendly smile.

"Ah, John, and Sh—erm... Sherwood? I have his medication…"

Sherlock scowled at the nurse. "Yes, yes! Give it to me!"

John was nearly certain that Jocelyn had been trying to offer the little plastic cup to Sherlock before he grabbed it from her hands. She left the room very quickly.

"I'm not sure about her, John." Sherlock peered at the medicine, sniffed, and then brought it to his own lips. "We have to be careful. Moriarty has many… no he died years… Still. Better safe than… well…"

John willed Sherlock to put it down. To his relief Sherlock looked at him for a few seconds, and then administered the medication.

"I know it tasted foul, but this will help." Sherlock put the medicine cup on the bedside table and retrieved the coffee.

It wouldn't, really… The doctor had forbidden coffee with good reason, so John knew he would pay for the indulgence in a few hours.

Still, he did his best to make certain that Sherlock saw a smile in his eyes as he drank it.

"Those meds!" Sherlock picked up a tissue, and wiped a tear from the corner of John's eye. "What's the point of even being here if the doctors can't do something as simple as find a drug that won't make your eyes water?"

It was far too easy to fool someone who could still see, but no longer observed.