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Remember Me 21

Jerry walked back into the building carrying an unconscious figure of Peter over his shoulder. Humming casually as he glanced around the dark hallway. It was now complete fully. Jerry Dandridge was back, and with a vengeance. A vengeance that had been a very fucking difficult one to achieve. But he wasn't going to celebrate yet. Just rub it in their faces for a little while.

Heavy grumbles of thunder rolled across the sky while the rain beat against the glass with a fury. Both figures were soaked with rainwater that left a dark trail of heavy drops and footprints along the carpet. The sounds of Jerry's humming echoed slightly in the silence. The mud and grime had been washed off of Jerry, leaving him completely clean with the exception of his clothes. He was feeling rather good about this right now. Very good. He now had both Charley and Peter within his grasp and they had nowhere to go. No where to hide. Trapped..

Like rats.

But he would be very careful. He underestimated them last time.

His footsteps echoed in the large room with such calculated steps that it made Charley, who still sat like he was chained to the floor within the darkness, slowly raise his head to look at the source of the sound. With a flash of lightning Jerry saw that Charley's face was more rigid and freakish, his skin turned to an eerie paleness now. Looking like the rest of them now. The frightening, blackened eyes of the teen rose with reluctance and widened in disbelief, his pale lips falling open, revealing the many pointed teeth as he let out a small pathetic sound. The master vampire looked down at him smugly without lowering his head and dropped Peter to the floor in front of him carelessly. Giving him a deadly victorious smirk. The illusionist hit the floor and landed roughly on his side, unmoved by the fall and made not even the smallest sound. Laying like a corpse. Had it not been for the scent of vampirism coming from him like a heavy perfume, the boy would have thought his beloved friend was truly dead.

His little accident. Charley stared at the figure of Peter as blood stained tears rolled down from his eyes while moaning weakly. His lips beginning to tremble.

Whatever hopes he had of being rescued were now shattered. There was no way out of this.

Jerry slowly moved to stand behind Charley as he watched him weep and moan in defeat. Loving the helplessness the young being felt. Its what was owed. Let him feel the hopelessness he felt while laying with the earth as nothing more then a damned corrupted soul.

"He fought so hard to reach you.. Charley." He said slowly and knelt down, gently touching the back off the boy's head tenderly while he taunted.

"So hard. But.. Like before.. He's too much of a damn fool to win. Fighting with his stakes... And his shot gun.. And his bag of wonders. He failed to remember that in my state right now, I've been a little desperate. I have to hand it to him though. Peter managed to eliminate quite a few of them to reach you." He continued with a slightly impressed tone and laughed lightly, looking at the unconscious man with distaste.

"Your both trapped. And have nowhere to go, and nothing to do. Except fall further then you already have. 'The Boy Killer and the World's Greatest Vampire Hunter'. Prisoners of their own creation.. Ironic." Jerry taunted with the utmost cruelty before he stood up and laughed darkly.

Charley tried his hardest to not let these words effect him, but it wasn't working. He looked at Jerry and gave the most hateful hiss he could muster then looked away. The vampire master raised a brow slowly then looked away carelessly.

"Cute." Was all he said, then smacked the back of Charley's head as he stood.

After a minute, Jerry figured he would leave these two alone for a short while. Turning to the exit slowly, he started towards it without looking back. Jerry would give them the boost they needed if he wanted to tear them down more like he planned on doing, so fucking viciously. Releasing his hold on Charley enough that he could think on his own, to a point of course. He wouldn't risk the brave little teenager devising a plan. Pulling the doors closed as he smiled and gave them both a cruel grin before he turned to look at the surrounding vampires. Instructing them to be alert and not to allow them to leave the room.

Charley breathed out finally on his own as the doors closed, he blinked away the fog that tormented his own thinking for the past twenty four hours. His mind clearing enough as the tears started falling more freely as he sobbed for this brief freedom. Beginning to really see Peter now. Raising his bloodstained clawed hands to touch the limp figure of the Vampire Hunter. Tenderly touching the one who kept his promise. His best friend came for him. Charley could hardly believing he was really here. Sniffing weakly, he gently leaned forward and moved the wet hair from the narrow pale face carefully. Revealing the same creature that he remembered laying peacefully on the dusty floor. The vampire boy made a small sound as he breathed out.

"Peter..." Charley spoke weakly and caressed the top of his head, resting his own face beside Peter's. Breathing slowly and smiled weakly as he cried in silence now, never having felt so fucking happy to see the man's face again.

Even if it meant there was no escape from this now. Peter kept his promise of finding him. He kept his promise. That was so much more then he could have ever hoped for. He would never doubt this man's words or promises again.

A hand slowly twitched and moved towards the boy's arm, unnoticed by the teen as he laid on the mans shoulder. The kid's hand lovingly petted the magicians head as he wept, mixed between misery and total joy. Peter's hand slowly wrapped around Charley's elbow and gave a small comforting squeeze. Charley opened his eyes slowly as he drew in a breath and began to cry harder as he saw Peter's eyes were open and were watching him as he blinked slowly. Those warm chocolate eyes that stared at him with such love and caring that it broke the boy's heart. A smile grew on his wet lips as he stared at the frightening figure of Charley.

"Told you... I was going to come find you. Didn't I promise?" Peter whispered and closed his eyes again.

"And.. I found you Brewster."

Slowly the magician pushed himself to sit up slowly, the pain in the back of his head faded quickly as he felt tears of his own growing, seeing the real joy in Charley's eyes. He could see that Jerry had broken the boy many times, but it never stopped Charley from believing. That broke Peter's heart, if he still had one. Their arms wrapped around each other suddenly and they held one another with such fear of never doing it again. Charley's clawed hands gripped at the heavy leather coat as he buried his face against his shoulder while Peter cradled the back of his head and closed his eyes as he gripped the boy's back with his arm.

"Peter.." The teen cried out and clung to him tightly as he didn't know what else to do. Finally having someone to comfort and help ease this horrible nightmare of a life.

"Shh.. Don't cry Charley.." Peter cooed carefully as he opened his eyes, blood slowly leaked from them and trailed down his white skin. The sounds of the boy's real misery being released made his chest ache in sorrow.

"Don't cry.." He kept purring as he held him tightly.

For once, after years and years, Charley truly felt safe with someone who wasn't his parent. Peter shifted his legs but not once did he let go, he started to rock slightly as they cried in silence. Peter turned his lips against Charley's ear slowly after a few minutes and whispered in the faintest voice.

"We are going to get out of here.. I swear it. I don't know how yet.. But we are getting out of here." He stared.

"We have to kill Jerry.. There's no other choice. No other option.." He whispered carefully.

Charley opened his eyes and listened intently. Nodding weakly.

"We can't save Caleb.. he doesn't exist anymore. I'm sorry. But if we kill him, we can save so many more in the long run. Look at what he has done to these people..." He continued, his eyes looking around the dark room that was lit briefly with lightening. The rain had lessened and stopped beating the windows, the storm wasn't as furious as it had been a few minutes ago.

"He has to be eliminated for good." Peter said as he thought of everything the bastard had done.

"H-how do we do it...? He won't let me go. He.. He's in my head all the time!" Charley said with terror.

"I can't think... I can't feel.. I never know what he will make me do! I've killed so many people... So many.." He said with a faint voice as he stared fearfully at the door at the far end of the room.

"Shh! There's nothing that can change that Charley Boy... I've done it too. You can't let it get to you.. I know it isn't comforting but don't let it change you." He said and sniffed lightly, leaving out the fact he loved every minute of killing someone.

"O-okay.. Okay.." He said and nuzzled deeply into Peter's throat.

"Here's what we do.." Peter started, smiling faintly at how the frightened kid clung so desperately to him.

"No! No no no! Don't tell me.. Don't! If I know, then he will make me tell him." Charley stammered quickly and shook his head. The magician frowned, but nodded slowly.

"Ok.. I won't say anything. But when it happens.. You stay close.. And you fight for your fucking life. Do you understand me?" Peter said sternly, pulling his head back and stared at the frightened teen in front of him.

Charley stared at him with a scared expression but nodded slowly again. Seeing the determination and fury within Peter's eyes gave him the confidence that they were going to escape. Peter smiled slowly and started to wipe the blood and grime from the boy's face with care. Charley's eyes closed as he leaned into Peter's hands, beyond grateful for the attention and the promises. He wouldn't let Jerry know what was going to happen. He really wanted to know what the magician was planning, but was too afraid to know details in case the bastard monster forced him to tell.

"There's so many of them... How will we get away if we DO manage to kill him?" He asked faintly as he opened his eyes again.

Peter smirked and looked towards the windows as he stood up, pulling the teen along with him and moved towards the windows and looked out.

"There are a lot.. Yes.. But... If we kill him.. They won't have anyone to lead them... but you." He said and slowly looked at him.

Charley frowned and looked at him with confusion, not knowing why the horde would follow him. Peter raised his brows and licked his lips.

"You are the only one who can. You are one if the few who were turned right away, you stink just like him. You must have sucked him nearly dry for that to happen. Your just as powerful as him, but until he is gone, there's no fucking way to break free." Peter explained softly and looked out the window again.

"If we can kill him.. We can take the Tribe... And burn them all." He said slowly.

"Wait... Your telling me that if we kill Jerry.. We won't be human again?" He asked with shock.

Peter nodded slowly and drew a breath as he looked at the sky.

"We don't have any other choice. Jerry thinks that... He will win. But.. What he fails to fucking see.. Is that I am dead to the world now. I have nothing to loose, and everything to gain." He stated and looked at Charley.

"When this happens.. Just trust in me alright? That's all I'm asking for." He said honestly.

Charley nodded slowly and drew a breath. Swallowing the bubbling fear, knowing that now he had the encouragement and the belief of truly getting away. Peter slowly took hold of his hand and stared out the window. Charley looked down for a moment and slowly started to grin darkly. A hatred growing slowly as he raised his eyes and watched the dead town.

They would end this together, once and for all. Or die trying.