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Story and the OC:s by Animedog91

This is going to be a smaller project, and won't be updated as often as the story of the Jet-brothers. I just hope I can finish this story before the year 2013 :'D

"One life. That's all they've got."

Those words echoed still in the air.
"Bahh. Then they really are poorly designed."

Those words came right after it, but he would rather not remember them, mostly because the tone of saying that simple fact made him feel bad. And angry. Sure, humans were weak. They got stepped on. They went low just to life.

But they were also brave. They knew they had just one life, they knew that this was their only chance and then it would be over, and still they kept going, not caring if they would get hurt or offlined doing so. They kept fighting. And Demolishor were proud of them for doing that, even though he would never admit it. Megatron would offline him if he did. Snow Cat would just laugh at him at the top of his lungs. And Tidal Wave wouldn't understand, he was way too simple minded, and didn't like the humans anyway. Only option left was Starscream... But he couldn't remember his days before, or his link to the young humes back in the days.

No, Demolishor had to keep his opinion with himself. His opinion and his memory of young human male, who had been there for him. And he wasn't there, when he needed the help most.

Earth, Ocean City, Three years ago.

He stood in guard, watching the endless ocean, paired with the sky wich seemed to go forever from this point of view. Only thing that reminded him that it wasn't total wasteland of water was the birds, and the small traffic on the bridge. Demolishor was totally still, hoping that he could do atleast something, but the orders were orders. And it wasn't the orders by the autobots. No, it was the last order from Megatron to live in peace with them, and Demolishor, being loyal soldier till the very end, still obeyed even after seven years of working those bots... It was wearing him out, but he still did as told. He wasn't going to turn into rebel, like most of the cons back in Cybetron. They had already frogotten. Quickly cheking that no-one was watching, he scretched little.

Oh, but he was being watched. Pair of emerald green eyes were looking at him, and owner of those eyes were standing in the platform, that was meter or two higher than Demolishor. Without a though, young kid jumped down from there, landing on top of Demolishor, and steadied himself so that he was half croutching next to decepticons head.

"Y'ello. Hope ya don't mind that I used you as platform? 'Cause I gotta run!", kid gave a quick grin, before jumping down, and then started running along the bridge, possibly trying to get as far as possible, maybe to the checkpoint?

"Conor Zadok Baines! Stop this instant, and come back here!", yelled older man from the platform, landing his hands on the railing and watching in anger younger male, who made small twist in the air while running, stopping for a second or two.

"Sorry old timer, but I rather not!", he laughed having small devious tone in it, before turning again to run. Demolishor looked at the older man, who looked rather important, and then after the running kid, who still was jogging leisurely, and made his choice; He started to run after to get that kid.

"You should do as your elders tell you!", he said, and the kid - whose name was Conor - looked behind his shoulder, and grinned wildly.

"Think you can keep up with me?", he laughed, before jumping again, this time to bridges railing, and started running with full speed. Demolishor almost stopped his own running after witnessing that, was that kid a ninja or something! But decepticon didn't give up, kid might have been fast, but there was no way he could outrun a tank in an enviroment like this, and unlike robots, humans got tired easelly, right?

What Demolishor had to witness was how wrong he had thought from the humans. Or to be more specific, he had though wrong about this human. He didn't give up his little game of tag, it seemed that he rather liked it! And what made it worse, he had chosen to do something what Demolishor couldn't. Climb up in one of the bridge's posts.

"Hey! Stop already! You'll end up hurting youself!", tank yelled from below, watching how kid just climbed higher. A car came next to him, highspeed and sudden brake. That older man came almost flying out of the car, and looked up, horrified by the scene. Conor was sitting there, peacefull and happy, watching the sea and waving his hand when he saw who just arrived to the party,

"Young sir Banes! Come back down this instant!", car shouted, shifting forms. An autobot, great, just what Demolishor needed. Surely he had now witnessed how decepticon had failed and was going to tell everyone about it at the next brake he was able to get to. Old man looked mad, and got even madder when kid decided to lye down on where he was sitting.

"Nah, I'm rather comfty up here.", Conor answered, wich would have made someone with someone with sense of humor to laugh or grin, but not these three.

"Conor Banes, you get down from there in this instant, or I'll send you back to home!"
"Yeah right dad, didn't ya bring me here so you could keep an eye on me? Why can't you do it down there, I don't need to be in the same level so ya can hear me!", Conor answered, looking his fingers. Autobot sighed, and started to look where to climb to get that kid down.

"Would you just come down before you hurt yourself! I'm not a very good swimmer, so if you fall, you'll end up either on the ocean or on the cement - and I don't think you don't want to end up as a splat on the road!", Demolishor spoke out, and this time Conor atleast looked at them.

"I won't fall down. I've been climbing up 'n' down on building since I was able to walk, so I think I know what I'm doing. Just leave me here already, I just want to be alone.", young male looked serious this time, and sat back up. Demolishor took better look out of him now, this time to determinate more about Conor. He had short dark-brown hair that slided into even darker shades at some places, and bright green eyes. Clothes were probably robbed from the wardrobe of an comic-book-teen-hero, there was punk and rock elements, but also little bit of futuristic element... pretty average boy. If you didn't count in the fact that he had just outrunned an decepticon and climbed so high in a matter of seconds that no-one was able to get him down.

"Okay Conor, if that's what you want. Soldier, if Ocean city is lowered, does it include this outpost too?"
"No sir, everything past that outpost over there isn't being lowered in the ocean.", autobot answered, and pointing with his hand at the double tower that were on the both sides of the bridge. Older nodded, and then looked back up.

"You can't sit there forever Conor! You'll have to come down, sooner or later!"
"Ha! I can take the hunger and thirst, rain and sunshine old man, you won't be seeing me again for a whole week!", Conor yelled back with confident voice. Older gritted his teeth, and turned around.

"Take me back Metal-D, I've wasted enough time as it is.", he said to autobot, who did as told, turned into car-mode and opened the frontseat. "And this time, less speed.", he muttered, making autobot chuckle. First day at job, that was the only excuse.

"Hey kid, you should really consider coming down. You end up in trouble if you don't."
"Trouble isn't anything new to me. Just go back to your post and forget that I'm here, trust me it works. Have worked for the last 15 years.", boy answered to the decepticon, who sighed, and started to walk back where he was supposed to stand, leaving the kid alone like had wished.

"Sometimes I don't understand you humans...", he muttered, silently...

Don't worry Demolisher, neither do I. First chapter of One Life, hope ya like it.