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Story and the OC:s by Animedog91

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Dictator Hiyasha: Ya changed names? Cool. Conors father is actually little crazy, losing your wife to a children you don't even want does that to people. But fear not, he's going to get his treatment now...
When I was a kid, I loved Starscream and Hot Shot. Now that I'm whole lot older, I like Side Swipe, Cyclonus, Screamer and Demolishor... Opinions change over time.
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Funfact of the day: Conor got his looks from his mother, even though he has short hair. For his speechstyle, Conor started mimicing his dead friend Sebs style to honor his memory.

Conor was still sitting on Demolishors shoulder, playing around with his shoe-laces. He was freaking out already, he was trying not to think what would happen. Demolishor would now tell about Conor to the autobots, and if they were anything like his father... he would be finished, locked up for the rest of his life into laboratories or something!

Demolishor kept going, ignoring the looks he got from few passing autobots for having a human sitting in his shoulder. Darn 'bots, why couldn't they just focus on their own things and not on what he was doing? Decepticon was headed for the command center, after all Optimus and the other would most definetly be there. Or atleast some high-ranking autobot, who could call Optimus there...

When he stepped inside, he had almost instatly knock one autobot down. Metal-D, who apparently hadn't gotten his orders from the Optimus. And listened Conors father way too much, in Demolishor opinion. But in the other hand, Optimus had ordered Metal-D to be his guide and assistant.

Conor hold tightly on Demolishors shoulder cannons when tank punched young autobot the chassis, making racer fall down.

"Ow ow ow... What the frag Demolishor? You got fugitive on your shoulder!", Metal-D shouted, and Demolishor growled to him, holding his other hand so he could help Conor to get his balance back.

"You didn't get the message? No-one is to touch Conor until that order is canceled.", Demolishor smirked, and Metal-D raised his optic in disbelieve.

"I got my orders from Dr. Baines."

"And my order comes straigh from Prime.", Demolishor said back, making young autobot flinch. Slag, straigh from the top?

"Oh... Well then, let's wait him here. He should be back in a minute.", he said, sitting down on the first thing he could get his aft on without breaking it. Demolishor stayed on foot, mostly because he knew how much Conor liked being up, out of the reach. He carefully gived one of his fingers to kid, almost like patting his head.

"Hey hey hey, I'm not a kitty you know.", Conor laughed back, but let Demolishor pat his head carefully, making a little grin. Demolishor almost smiled himself, Conor said that he wasn't a kitty, but acted like a cat, even without noticing it. Tank however turned around, when he heard footsteps. Optimus and Hot Shot had heard the news and camed to the scene. Conors father, Dr. Baines had came along with them, and first thing he did was to point Conor.

"There you are! We were worried about you!"

"Don't play your sick games human.", Demolishor suddenly said, making everyone in room flinch, even Conor who turned his head in suprise to look at Dem instead of his father. Dr. Baines raised his eyebrown, in little suprise.

"Games, Demolishor?"

"Conor, I know you don't want to do it... but could you show Prime what your father has done to you?", tank turned his head a little, and Conor swallowed, touching his leg a little. Dr. Baines smiled, like he was in confusion. He knew his son wouldn't have the courage to stand up to him like this. Not with the threat of being locked up being testsubject... yes, he had implanted that though deep inside Conors head, with years manipulationg and brainwashing. Prime and Hot Shot didn't know what was going on, so they just looked at each others and then Conor.

"I promise Conor. They won't do anything to you, I won't let them. Warriors honor."

Conor took a deep breath. He wanted to trust Demolishor. No. He DID trust Demolishor. Slowly he started taking his shoe off, and Dr. Baines flinched.

"Conor. Think what you are doing."

"I am. I'm breaking free.", Conor answered, while he let his shoe drop, and then started scrolling his punt up, and then stood up. Demolishor felt proud of his young humanoid friend, and also bit proud of himself, for being able to help him, make him bit braver.

"Ya see this? I'm part cyborg, 'cause that sick bastard cutted my legs off, and then implanted these things on me.", Conor said finally, when he finally got the words right.

The look on Dr. Baines face was something Conor had waited for years. Metal-D:s face was now pouncing between Conor and Dr. Baines, and Hot Shot flinched a little. Man, humans were suprising species sometimes, there were as scrambeled cases as Megatron in there! Dr. Baines's face turned pale in rage.

"How dare you-"

"I think this is what humans call "negligence", right? And in this kinda scenario I suggest that we take rights of being a care-taker of Conor, atleast.", Demolishor stated, and Conor looked at his friend in small confusion.

"I agree Demolishor. Surely we have to discuss with the policeforce about this matter of course, but for now, we take Dr. Baines under arrest. Demolishor, I will adress you as temporaly caretaker of Conor until we find solutions."

"Wait, what?", Conor didn't understand anymore what had happened, it happened too fast! Demolishor saluted the Prime before anyone could say anything else. Dr. Baines looked like someone had just hitted him in the face, especially when Hot Shot stepped behind him.

"Do you come peacefully or do I have to carry you?"

Couple months later

"Conor? Conor where are you? This isn't good timing for hide and seek you know?", Demolishor looked around, trying to find his young fleshling friend. He was already little late from his shift, but he wanted to make sure that his young friend was ok. Ever since Optimus had ordered him to be in charge of Conor - it was supposed to be temporal, but there wasn't many of Conors family left, and they had to make sure that Conor would be able to see any robotic-specialist when ever needed. So, for time being, Conor still lived in Ocean City, under the protection of Demolishor. Few things had chanceg though, one was that Conor was now whole lot happier. Had even started to accept his half robotic body better, but that was probably because Demolishors minicon-partner Blackout and his firends had made a gift for Conor.

They had made new legs. Conor had been in pains with the old ones, so when they had run one test - Conor was against it at first, but after Demolishor had re-assured him, he did it - to see what was wrong. Transformers were experts on these things after all, if someone would be able to tell what was wrong it was them. When the problem was figured out, Demolishors minicon-partner had decided to make new legs. Demolishor hadn't yet figured out yet why would Blackout do something like that, but Conor had been thrilled. He actually spended nowdays most of his time to run around and confuse others badly with his newly found speed.

"Conor, I'm being serious here.", mech said, getting a laughter as answer.

"You're nothing but serious Demolishor!", it was Conor, he was sitting up high again, dangling his legs off the edge. Demolishor looked up at him, makinf a frowned face.

"Conor, I'm going to be late..."

"Oh no ya won't! I got ya day off!", Conor laughed again, and decepticon flinched. Day off? What? When? How?

"Yeah, ya got this day off, since ya're going to have an old friend of yours visiting~ Sorry I arranged this behind your back, but I really wanted this to be suprise.", teen smiled, and Demolishor got even more confused.

"Old friend? Who?"
"Oh Primus."

Demolishor got tackled from above, by crazy laughing maniac helicopter. Conor threw his head back, laughing himself sick up there, when Demolsihor started small wrestling match with his friend.

"Cyclonus you crazy clitch! When did you come to Earth?"

"Just about hour ago~ You're little friend is seriosly something, for getting us a couple days vacation! Why didn't anyone tell that humans could be that usefull, I'd have picked one to be my partner long time ago!", Cyclonus laughed again, and Demolishor grinned a little. Sure, having Conor as friend was a good idea, but it wasn't because kid was able to make his life easier - some how he had learned to outspeak others, once he stopped using that weird speechstyle of his - but because he came along with almost everyone, if he so wanted, even with Demolishors friends.

With another maniacal laughter, Cyclonus transformed, rising on the sky so that Demolishor wouldn't be able to punch him again. This was when Conor jumped, grabbing on helicopters guns, and climbing right inside Cyclonus cockpit.

"Hey whatta, get out of me!"

"Aaw come on, lemme take a ride with ya! One ride, please?", Conor pleaded, eyes almost sparkling. Cyclonus didn't know what to do, until he got comm. linked by Demolishor.

:: Go on, take a small turn around the city, I have to arrange you a recharging place anyway ::

:: Well, I DID come here with small rush... Okay, we'll be back soon~ ::

"Hold on Red Arrow, you are going to get the ride of your life!"

With another laughter that still sent some shivers down on older autobots spines, Cyclonus took off to fly around the city fast. Conor was laughing too, but took a note on the name Cyclonus had called him... Guess that was going to be his new name for now on?

"Two psychos flying around the city. This isn't going to end well... Thank Primus Megatron isn't here to witness this."

Author notes: Yep, it seems all good now, and it would be the perfect place to end the fic, right? Nope, didn't think so either. Or do you want to read what happened after this to Conor, or keep the illusion that everythings alright?
Also: CYCLONUS! I love him.