"Kelly please, I'm trying to enjoy the sun, so could we talk about business later?" A young brunette said, currently laying in the Florida sun, in the backyard of the cute little house, in which she shared with her best friend Kelly. He hair was pulled in a ponytail, with a few pieces of hair framing her face. All she had on was an all black bikini, that went well with her tanned and toned body.

"This isn't business Kamryn. This is serious stuff here. Mail, and you might want to read it" Kelly replied dropping a pile of mail in Kamryn's lap. Kamryn sat up and flipped through it. "Credit card bill, phone bill. Oh, you're kidding right?" Kamryn said picking up a pink colored envelope that caught her eye.

"I know, that's what I said. I got one too" Kelly said holding up the same pink envelope.

Kamryn opened the envelope, and pulled out the contents, her eyes scanning over the words that were typed. "Dear Ms, James. We cordually invite you to the wedding of Melissa Crawford and Alex Riley. They invite you for a week of fun and sun, in beautiful Hawaii. At the end of the week they will be exchanging vows in front of their family and friends and closest friends. They hope that you can attend, and hotel and airfare is on the engaged couple" Kamryn said reading aloud, as she threw the invitation down on the table with the other mail. "Well there's no way in hell I'm going"

"Why not? Kam it's a free trip to Hawaii, and I know you can't turn a free trip down" Kelly argued with her best friend.

"Because Kel. Me and Alex have history, and I don't know if I can take him marrying another girl"

"So, be there as a friend. C'mon Kam. Take a risk, and let's go run up an enormus tab and let the "happy" engaged couple pay for it"

"Fine, I want you to know that I'm going for you, and to be a supportive friend. We leave in 2 days, so we better start packing" Both girls got off their chairs, and headed in to their house, to start packing for their trip.

"And I would like to be the first to welcome you to beautiful Hawaii, enjoy your trip, and thank you for flying on American Airlines" The flight attendant said through the loudspeaker, as the plane landed.

Kamryn grabbed her carry on and headed off the plane, in to the airport. Kamryn was dressed comftorably in a pair of PINK sweatpants, that were folded over at the knees, a matching zip-up hoodie, and pink and black nikes. Kelly was dressed almost the same way. The 2 headed towards baggage claim to get their luggage. After picking up their bags, they walked outside, to figure out their next move.

"I think we're supposed to meet everyone in the airport lobby" Kelly said heading that way.

"Well look what the wind dragged in" Kamryn and Kelly heard someone say from behind them. They both looked around and saw one of their very good friends with a smile on her face.

"Eve Torres,how the hell are you?" Kamryn said walking towards Eve and hugging her.

Eve laughed and hugged Kelly. "Good. Been busy with work, but other than that good" Eve replied with a smile.

The 3 friends, walked towards the big group of people in the lobby standing around. Kamryn noticed a lot of her fellow co-workers and some people she didn't know. She looked around, and her eyes stopped on the groom himself Alex Riley. He had his hands shoved in the pockets of his jeans, as he scanned the crowd. His eyes stopped and, met hers. He gave her a soft smile, and walked over to her.

"Hey Kam" Alex said, as he embraced her in a hug.

"I knew you'd find the one" Kamryn said with a fake smile.

"Oh Alex, where did you go?" Kamryn heard someone say, as Alex turned around. A blonde haired girl with enormus boobs, that were almost popping out of her low cut dress, approached Alex and kissed him on the lips. "Oh you must be friends of Alex. Let me guess, Eve, Kelly, and Kayla?"

"Kamryn" Kamryn replied through gritted teeth.

"Oh, the fashion designer right?" The girl said.

"Right" Kamryn answered.

"Well I'm Melissa, the future bride" Melissa stated proudly.

"Very nice to meet you" Kelly said.

"Oh well nice to meet you girls. Oh Alex, you must come meet my friends" The girl said pulling Alex away.

Once she was on the other side of the lobby, the 3 girls burst out laughing. "Well she's...uh special" Kelly said in between laughs.

"Yeah, she's a real keeper" Eve said agreeing with Kelly.

Kamryn saw Alex's parents and walked over to them. "Mr. and Mrs. Riley" She said with a smile.

"Kamryn. How are you honey?" Alex's mom asked pulling the smaller brunette in to a hug.

"I'm very well thank you. Been busy with doing shows, and designing my fall line" Kamryn replied.

"We always knew you would make it far" Mr. Riley said.

Kamryn grinned. "Well I'm doing what I love, so I don't really call it work, but we can talk a little later, and catch up"

Kamryn waved and walked over to Kelly and Eve. As Melissa clapped her hands, and started to talk. "Ok, now that everyone is here, we're going to be taking limos over to the hotel where we will all be staying at"

Everyone headed outside, to where the limos were waiting, and to Kamryn's luck, she was stuck with the future bride and groom, and their parents. Thank god Kelly was there, to keep her somewhat sane, on the ride to the hotel. Kamryn decided to check her e-mail, and twitter, and send a quick tweet. They reached the hotel, and all got out of the limos. Melissa got out and spoke again. "Now, if you want to check in, and get settled, we have reservations at 7:00 for dinner, so you can relax and do whatever until then. We will all be meeting in the lobby, before dinner"

Kamryn and Kelly, along with Eve stood in the lobby of the 5 star hotel, standing around waiting for everyone. Kamryn was dressed in a one shoulder white short lifted bubble skirt dress and matching white heels. Her brunette hair was in soft curls, and pinned to the side in a low ponytail, and her make-up was smokey eyes, and pale pink lip gloss. Kelly was dressed in a fuchia halter cocktail dress, and silver strappy heels. Her hair was in cascading curls. Eve joined the 2 girls dressed in a simple black strapless dress, and matching black heels. More and more people started to come in to the lobby, waiting for the rest of the guests. Melissa and Alex, then made their entrance, as everyone headed to the hotel resturaunt. The guests settled in to their seats at the huge table, looking over the menus.

"Does this girl not own a dress, that covers her boobs?" Kelly asked whispering to both Kamryn and Eve, as they admired the tiny purple dress, that Melissa had smushed her boobs in to.

Everyone made small talk, before telling their order to the 2 waitresses. Melissa made her way to where Kamryn, Kelly, and Eve were sitting. "Oh before I forget, Kelly and Eve, could I possibly get an augtograph for my little cousin? She's a huge fan of both of you"

"Yeah sure" Kelly replied.

"Thank you so much" Melissa said grabbing a pen and autograph book, and handing it to both of the divas. Kamryn couldn't help but notice the ring on Melissa's ring finger. It looked kind of familiar. Kamryn stared at it for a couple seconds, but looked away. Both Eve and Kelly signed their names on the book and handed it back to Melissa. Melissa smiled before walking back to her seat.

"My cousin is such a big fan" Kelly said in a high pitched voice as the 3 girls started laughing.

"I need some air" Kamryn said excusing herself, and walking out of the resturaunt, to the outside. She sat on a bench, and looked out at the beautiful scenery in front of her. The palm trees were softly swaying in the in the breeze. Couples, both locals and tourists filled the sidewalks, as they walked, laughing and having a good time. She sat there thinking, why she was actually there. Even after all that time not seeing or hearing from Alex, she still isn't completely over him. She looked up at the sky, and sighed. Maybe she was wrong for coming, but she couldn't back out now.

"You always loved sitting outside at night" Kamryn heard a familiar voice say. She turned her head and saw Alex sitting beside her on the bench.

Kamryn gave him a smile, and shook her head. "I love the nighttime, what can I say?"

"I had to get out of there, it was starting to get a little stuffy in there with all the people" Alex replied.

"Yeah I know what you mean" Kamryn said agreeing with him.

The 2 exes just sat there in silence, before Kelly had come out to get them. "Dinner is being served guys"

"Thanks Kel" Kamryn said standing up and following Alex back in to the sat back down in her seat, and took a long sip of her wine, as she looked down at the other end of the table, where Alex sat beside Melissa. He looked happy, and that's all she ever wanted for him. Kamryn couldn't lie to herself or anyone. She always thought she would be the one with the ring on her finger, marrying Alex. They had talked about it many times, but Kamryn was so caught up in work, that she didn't know if she had the time for a relationship, much less planning a wedding. Kamryn could see the ring sparkling in the light, when it finally popped in to her head. The ring that Melissa was wearing, was the exact same ring, that Alex had proposed to her with. She knew it looked familiar. Kamryn turned to her friends and threw her napkin on the table.

"I think I'm going to go lay down. I'm suddenly not feeling well" Kamryn said excusing herself again and walking up to her hotel room. As soon as she got up to the room, she started throwing stuff in to her suitcase. She felt sick to her stomach, and she just wanted to go home. After packing all her stuff, she changed out of her dress, and in to a pair of jean short, and a tank top. She threw her hair up in a ponytail, and grabbed all of her stuff, and headed down to the lobby to check out. As she walked down to the lobby, she saw everyone heading out of the resturaunt. Kelly spotted her and walked over to her.

"Kamryn, what's going on. Where are you going?" Kelly asked her best friend.

"I'm leaving. I don't know why I'm here, so I'm going home. Tell Alex I'm sorry" Kamryn replied walking towards the front desk.

"Kam, you just can't run away from this" Kelly stated as she put her hand on Kamryn's shoulder.

"It was a mistake coming here Kelly" Kamryn replied as a few tears trickled down her cheeks.

"Why was it a mistake?" Kelly asked crossing her arms across her chest.

"Because, that ring that Melissa is wearing, is the same ring Alex proposed to me with" Kamryn said as more tears came falling down her face.

Kelly gasped, before pulling Kamryn in to a hug. "I didn't know Kam. I'm sorry. Well look if you're going home, then so am I. I can't stay here if you aren't here too"

"No you should stay" Kamryn said pulling away. "You need a vacation"

"Stop it. We can always go on vacation some other time. You're hurting, and I'm your best friend, so I'm going to be there for you" Kelly said with a smile.

Kamryn looked over Kelly's shoulder, and saw Melissa and Alex heading their way. Kamryn wiped the tears off her cheeks with the back of her hand.

"Kamryn, leaving so soon?" Melissa asked.

"Uh yeah. I got a call from work, and it's kind of an emergency" Kamryn answered.

"Oh that's too bad" Melissa said before walking away.

Kamryn scoffed, and shook her head, as Alex just stood there with his hands in his pockets.

"I'll let you 2 talk" Kelly said leaving the 2 exes.

"So it sucks that you have to leave" Alex said.

"Yeah, I'm sure it is" Kamryn replied snapping back.

"Is everything ok?" Alex asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah everything is just freaking great" Kamryn replied.

"Talk to me Kam" Alex said stepping towards her.

"There's nothing to talk about Alex" Kamryn simply said.

"You seem upset" Alex replied.

"I'm not. I'm fine. But I should really check out, my taxi is going to be here soon" Kamryn said wheeling her suitcase behind her.

"If this is about the ring, then I don't know what to say" Alex said from behind her.

Kamryn stopped, and turned around to face him. "Don't say anything. You don't have to explain anything to me anymore"

Alex began walking towards her. "I guess right now I do. Everytime I looked at that ring, you came flooding back in to my mind. I was devastated when you said you wouldn't marry me Kamryn. Then we broke up, and you moved away. Then I found Melissa, and I thought some of the heartache,that I had, had eased up a little bit, but you were always there in the back of my mind"

Kamryn shook her head as the tears began to fall again. "Please Alex, don't ruin what you have now"

Alex sighed, and turned around, and started walking towards the just stood there, not sure what she was supposed to do at that point. She wheeled her suitcase behind her, as she walked back up to her room. Kamryn walked in to the room and sat on the edge of her bed. Kelly walked out of the bathroom with her arms full of make up, and put it in her bag.

"What's wrong?" Kelly asked looking at Kamryn.

"We should stay" Kamryn simply stated.

"What? Why?" Kelly replied.

"To be supportive" Kamryn said.

"Supportive of what? The fact that your ex-boyfriend, who you're still in love with by the way, is marrying a skank, who has the ring that was supposed to be on your finger, on her grubby little hand?" Kelly asked with a raised eyebrow.

"It doesn't matter if I'm still in love with him Kel. We're here for his wedding, to someone he obviously loves, so I have to accept it" Kamryn replied laying back on the bed.

"Why torture yourself like that Kamryn?" Kelly asked sitting down beside Kamryn on the bed.

"I can't do anything about it Kelly. I'll just have to get over it" Kamryn said as she walked in to the bathroom and leaned against the sink. It was going to a long and interesting week.