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"I don't think I should see you anymore Serena."

The words cut through Serena, making her feel like a bucket of ice cold water had been thrown over her. Her heart constricted and her breath caught in her throat. A thousands knives were piercing her flesh as she tried to make sense of the words that had come from Darien's mouth. He...didn't want to see her? Why would he say that? It just didn't make sense.

"You're kidding? Aren't you?" she asked, hoping he had just been playing some sort of nasty joke on her. How could he joke about their love?

"No Serena. We're through!"

Serena sunk lower into the orange chair she was sitting on in the Fruit Parlor Crown as the memory of that moment replayed in her mind. She had tried to stop herself from thinking about it, but everywhere she went, she was reminded of him and the memories they had together. Then reality would slam into her and remind her there was no longer a 'them'.

Two weeks had almost passed but tears still sparkled in her eyes at the thought of no longer being with him. No longer being able to run up to him with a giant hug and complain about her low scores. No longer being able to drag him along to all the shops she loved to visit. No longer being able to grasp his hand in her own and pull him down to share a kiss.

Serena reached out to her untouched strawberry milkshake and absentmindedly began spinning the straw around the glass. Her four closet friends sat around her, happily sipping their drinks and discussing a new transfer student at school who was, as Mina put it, "a total hottie hunkster!"

But Serena was paying absolutely no attention to their conversation, for she only had one man on her mind. She was picturing his ebony hair and the way it felt when she ran her hands through it; she was remembering his sparkling blue eyes and how they use to light up when he spotted her; she was imagining him running up to her in the pouring rain and begging her to take him back.

The flimsy walls she had built around her fragile heart were crumbling with every memory. She was still trying to make sense of everything. After Darien had regained his memory, happiness had filled Serena's heart. One day they had been so happy together, laughing together without a care in the world. The next, he had been telling her it was over between them. What had gone wrong? Had she done something to upset him? Was it because he had realised she was just a young, immature kid? Was it because she never passed any of her tests? What?

He hadn't given her an explanation why and it was killing her. At least if she knew why, she could try and fix it; try and change. She would do anything...anything just to have him back. Study harder, try to mature, cut off her meatballs! But would doing any of those things bring him back into her arms?

She had tried to talk to him, just to understand why, but every time he saw her coming, he would turn and walk too fast for Serena to catch. Could he really no longer stand the sight of her?

Didn't he remember their previous life? Their forbidden love? They had loved each other a thousand years ago when she was Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom and he had been Prince Darien of Earth. Their devotion for each other had been so strong, they had died just to hold hands one last time. She had assumed their strong desire for each other had lasted those years but she was doubting that now. She still loved him now just as much, if not more, than she had in their previous life, but Darien no longer felt the same.

"Serena, you in?" Mina asked.

"Huh...what?" Serena looked up to see four pairs of eyes staring at her.

She thought her friends hadn't noticed her lack of conversation but it was on all of their minds. Their bright and bubbly Serena was disappearing before their eyes. She no longer dragged them to the arcade or shared ice creams with them. In fact, they were concerned about her lack of eating. In less than two weeks, she had lost enough weight for her to require a belt to hold up her deep blue school skirt, and her top hung loosely on her frame. That wasn't the only change to her appearance. Her luscious blonde hair no longer held a gorgeous shine, her skin had paled dramatically and deep purple bags under her eyes showed her lack of sleep. Her personality had changed too. She no longer smiled, nothing seemed to make her happy and she hadn't had a klutz attack in a week. That definitely wasn't their Serena.

Her four Scouts were greatly concerned about her. None of the girls had believed it when Serena had ran up the steps of the Cherry Hill Temple in tears, claiming Darien had broken up with her. Raye had yelled at her to stop crying, thinking that she had just been overreacting. Mina had told her Darien had just been in a bad mood and said something he didn't mean. Amy had suggested that Darien wanted a break so Serena could focus on her studies. Lita just said she would go over and karate chop his ass.

All of the girls had assumed Darien would say sorry the next day and everything would be okay again. But as the days passed, their hope for reconciliation faded. They had done everything they could think of to cheer up their leader; sleepovers, trips to the arcade, double chocolate sundae's. But nothing had helped. They had decided to act like nothing was wrong, as Serena had been doing just that, or at least she had trying to act like nothing was wrong.

"You in?" Mina repeated.

"Yeah," Serena said with a forced grin, acting like she had been listening the whole time. She inwardly groaned and wondered what she had just agreed to.

Mina looked around at her friends, exchanging glances of concern. Lita shrugged her shoulders.

"How are you guys going with your studies?" Amy asked to break to silence.

"Well I've been trying to study but it's just so hard, so I give up and go searching for boys instead," Mina said with a giggle.

Raye rolled her eyes. "Come on Mina, it's not that hard."

"That's cause your private school is easy!" Lita joked.

Raye growled but was silenced by a look from Amy.

"How about you Serena? How are your studies?" the blue haired girl asked.

"Alright," was the reply.

A silence followed when the four girls were stuck for words. None of them wanted to say something to upset Serena but they desperately wanted to pull her out of her depression.

"I'm going to go for a walk," Serena announced, standing up from the table. She had walked away before any of the girls had replied.

Four pairs of sad eyes watched her figure through the window as she walked down the street.

"She didn't even touch her milkshake," Lita observed. Normally nothing could keep the meatball head from her strawberry drink.

"I've had enough of this!" Raye practically yelled at the girls, making them jump in their seats, "She needs to pull herself together!"

"Give her a break Raye," Mina replied, "She just had her heart broken by the love of her life."

"Yeah," Lita agreed, "We all thought her and Darien were going to last the distance. Let her grieve."

"How is she supposed to be our leader when she looks like she can barely stand up, let alone defend Tokyo against our enemies?" Raye challenged. She did feel sorry for her friend but they had to think about how they were going to defeat their enemies with a sobbing, weak Sailor Moon.

They had only had two Droid attacks in the past two weeks and although Sailor Moon had managed to defeat them, it had taken her longer than usual and they had seen the strain on her features. Tuxedo Mask had not appeared at any of the attacks. The Senshi had been glad of his absence. Having him swoop in only to disappear moments later would not be helpful to Serena's recovery.

"Maybe we should give her a break from Sailor Moon? Let her heal while we take care of the Droids?" Amy suggested.

"I wish we could but we need her 'Moon Scepter Elimination' attack," Lita reminded them. Although their attacks were strong, it was the moon scepter which finished the Droids.

"So what are we going to do?" Raye looked around at her friends. Some part of her wished her friends would elect her leader, just while Serena was healing. They needed a strong, unbreakable leader, and right now, Serena was none of those things.

"I guess we just wait and see if she gets better," Mina said.

A gloomy silence fell upon the girls as they each thought of their broken leader and the pain she was experiencing.

Lita once again looked over to the untouched milkshake. "I miss our old Serena."

The sun was shining intensely upon the suburb of Azabu Juban. Many families and couples were enjoying the fabulous weather, walking down the streets with joined hands. One person who was not appreciating the wonderful glow was the broken Serena Tsukino. While everyone else on the streets was laughing and relishing the feel of the sunshine on their faces, Serena walked with her head turned down, wishing it would rain. At least then everyone would be as miserable as her.

She had left the Fruit Parlor Crown in a hurry, claiming she wanted to walk but what she really had wanted was to get away from her friends. Sitting near them had been nearly unbearable for Serena. She didn't want them asking her about Darien, but acting like nothing was wrong had hurt her just as much. They had tried to sympathise with her at first, but none of them knew the pain she was going through. Had they had their heart broken by their soul mate? No. So it was alright for them to laugh and enjoy their drinks without a care in the world. How could they expect her to do the same?

She knew they were wondering about what to do with her. They probably didn't want her to be their leader anymore. She couldn't blame them. She wasn't as strong as she used to be. Destroying that ice Droid three days ago had taken more energy from her than usual. She had had to steady her knees to stop herself from falling once the Droid had been defeated by her attack. If she didn't pull herself together soon, she would be no help to her Senshi. But how could she get over her true love? It was going to take time...time you don't have when you're a Sailor Soldier.

Serena's head bowed lower as she attempted to stop the tears forming in her eyes from failing. She was paying absolutely no attention to where she was walking. She didn't care.

She had just successfully pushed the tears back when she finally realised where her feet had taken her. She was standing on the bridge in the park where she and Darien had shared their first kiss. She remembered the way the sunset had made his eyes shine brighter as he had leaned down to claim her lips on his own.

"Darien..." she whispered. There was no stopping the tears this time. They flowed freely down her face as she tried to push away the memory she had once cherished so much. "Darien," she whined. She was now sobbing loud enough to draw the attention of the strangers walking past her. They threw her looks of curiosity, concern and even sympathy but Serena was paying no attention to them.

Why had it gone so wrong? What had happened? She needed to know. She was debating whether or not to go over to Darien's apartment to get answers when her communicator began beeping. She wiped away a tear and pulled the device from her pocket.

"Yeah?" she asked, trying to hide the fact she had been crying only moment before.

"Serena." Amy's face appeared in the small circle on the communicator. "We just heard some woman running down the street, yelling about an attack at the local supermarket. We're going there right now to check it out. Will you meet us there?"

"Of course. I'll see you there!"

She shut off the communicator and instantly began running across the bridge, towards the local supermarket. If the girls had still been at the Parlor when they heard about the attack, she was most likely going to get there before them. As her knees almost buckled underneath her, she began worrying if she had enough strength to defeat the Droid without the other Scouts help. She hadn't eaten anything for almost a day, for she no longer got any enjoyment out of food. As a result, she was exhausted and lacking energy.

"I've still got to help," she muttered. As the supermarket came into view, she heard a small cry from inside. There was definitely an attack happening. Serena ran into the small alley situated next to the supermarket and checked for any prying eyes before she grabbed her brooch from her chest and called out "Moon Crystal Power!"

The familiar sensation of being weightless surrounded her body as she placed the brooch back upon her chest. A pair of large, angelic wings flew out from her back before quickly disappearing when pink ribbons encircled her body. Her uniform appeared on her body with a burst of pink light, soon followed by the appearance of white gloves upon her hands. The ribbons flew down to her feet where they faded away to reveal a pair of pink, knee high boots. Her blue skirt flew towards her waist, complete with a pink bow on the back. Finally her tiara formed upon her forehead and the circles appeared on her meatballs. Her transformation was complete.

Without a seconds hesitation, she ran out from the alley and through the doors of the supermarket. A disgusting stench filled her nostrils instantly. Looking around, she saw that everything upon the supermarket shelves had melted into brown sludge.

"Yuck!" she yelled.

But her disgust disappeared when she saw all the customers on the floor unmoving. She could not see or sense her Scouts nearby, so she was their only hope.

"Oh great. The Sailor brat is here!"

Sailor Moon looked around to see who had spoken. Standing upon the top of one of the shelves was Prizma. She looked as evil as ever, with her dark green hair and the black upside down crescent moon on her forehead. There was a chilling smile on her features as she stared down at Sailor Moon.

"That's right!" Sailor Moon called with force she didn't know she had left. "You have polluted this supermarket and for that you need to be stopped. And I am just the girl to do that!"

Prizma laughed at the Sailor Scout. Sailor Moon ignored her.

"I am Sailor Moon! I stand for love and justice! And in the name of the moon, I will punish you!" She felt exhausted just giving her usual speech, but she couldn't let Prizma see this, or see would use her weakness for her advantage.

"Ha ha! I'd like to see you try!" Prizma scoffed down to Sailor Moon. "Avocado, finish her!"

Sailor Moon scanned the area around her, looking for the Droid they had called upon this time. Nothing happened. No monster appeared from anywhere. She was desperately hoping for some reason the droid was gone. She didn't know if she had the energy for this.

"Guacamole bomb!" something screeched.

Sailor Moon turned just in time to see the latest droid throw a handful of avocados towards her. They had to be more than just avocado's so she threw herself to the ground with a yell. When the avocado's hit the ground, they exploded in a burst of flames.

"Hey! This is my Droid and I'm the one that gives the orders!"

When the waves of avocado explosions ceased, Sailor Moon raised her head to see someone else standing beside Prizma on the shelf. It was one of the other sisters, Avery, with her orange and yellow outfit.

"I am the oldest sister so I give the orders!" Prizma yelled at Avery.

Sailor Moon took the opportunity to look over her attacker. This Droid was definitely one of the weirdest she had fought. It was a tall, olive skinned woman with spiked green hair. She wore cups like coconuts over her breasts and had a skirt made of leaves around her waist. Dangling from her ears were eggs and she had bunches of bananas upon her shoulders.

The droid seemed confused about who was giving the orders as the sisters fought, and had stopped her attacks. Sailor Moon pushed herself up off the ground with extreme effort. If there was ever a time to attack, it was now.

She tried summoned her sceptre, determined to finish this droid off without the other Scouts help. Maybe then they would believe she was still capable to be their leader. She was so focused on the effort of summoning and using her sceptre that she didn't see the droid grinning as it reached for one of its egg earrings.

"Rotten egg bomb!" it screeched, throwing the small but deadly egg towards the distracted Sailor Scout.

Sailor Moon heard the droid yell again and she knew she had been careless. She abandoned her attempt to conjure her sceptre and turned to see an egg flying towards her. A soft gasp passed her lips and her knees shook. She doubted she had enough energy to jump away from the attack. She wished her scouts were here.

Only a second had passed since the egg had been thrown towards her yet it felt like a lifetime. She braced herself for the inevitable pain.

A rose.

A rose flashed in her vision and hope flared inside her. The egg had been sliced in two and now lay beside the rose which had embedded itself in the floor.

"The stench of your rotten fruit cannot be tolerated!"

Sailor Moon followed the sound of the voice that had haunted her dreams. Standing up on the ledge of the windows was the masked man that sent a wave of happiness over her. He looked as handsome as ever, making her wonder if he had lost any sleep over their break-up like she had. It appeared not.

He had saved her again. Why would he come to save her if he didn't care for her?

"I will not allow you to use your poison to contaminate this supermarket any longer!" Tuxedo Mask called down to the latest droid.

"And you're going to stop me?" The droid threw back her head with laughter.

"No, we are!" Four people called out in unison.

Sailor Moon spun on her heel to see her four scouts, complete in their uniforms, ready to attack. She had never been so happy to see them.

"Fantastic. The whole bratty family's here!" Prizma said with sarcasm and hatred.

"Sailor Moon, do it now!" Tuxedo Mask yelled from his position on the ledge.

"Right!" she replied, the first thing she had said to him in weeks.

With her scouts and Tuxedo Mask with her, she now had enough time to summon her sceptre, as they would defend her from any attacks while she did so. She realised she had been foolish to think she could defeat this droid without any help.

"Finish them!" Prizma ordered.

As the droid readied itself for another attack, Sailor Moon managed to summon her sceptre, but it had taken almost every ounce of energy she had left.

"Moon Sceptre Elimination!" Sailor Moon aimed the powerful attack at the fruit droid and watched as it was reduced to dust.

All of the scouts yelled in triumph as another enemy was defeated.

"Well, we've got another engagement, but we will see you soon sailor brats!" Prizma announced with a grin, despite having just lost another droid. The next second, she had vanished.

"Hey! Wait for me!" Her sister Avery whined, disappearing after her. The instant they vanish, all the melted goods on the shelves were restored.

Sailor Moon had been trying to stay standing but the effort of it all had been too much. She fell to her knees with an exhausted groan. Her world was fading to black, but she couldn't faint now! She needed to see Tuxedo Mask before he left! It was the first time he had appeared at their fights since their break-up. She needed to talk to him.

"Sailor Moon!" The four girls cried out, concern obvious in their voices. They rushed towards their fallen leader.

"Sailor Moon, are you alright?" Lita asked, falling to her knees beside her.

"I-I'm fine." She shrugged off their concerns and tried to stand as she desperately search for her masked man. "Where's Tuxedo Mask?"

Sailor Venus shared a look with Sailor Mars before she replied softly, "He's gone already."