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Blaze x

Chapter 1

It was a normal morning in Splatalot, and the Defenders were getting ready for a day of, well, defending, in their own ways.

Gildar was gazing into his mirror and smiling.

Kookaburra was practicing his fire-snapping skills.

Knightriss was limbering up, which, according to her, was "An essential way for a seasoned Defender to be at the top of her game."

Crocness was feeding her pet crocodile bits of fish (or bird, it was hard to tell).

Tinkor was giving the Splatzooka a once over.

Ballista was filing her nails.

Skabb was shouting. No one knew why.

And then, there were Thorne and Shaiden, the brother and sister powerhouse. They were putting the finishing touches to a synchronized routine they'd made using their weapons.

"OK," Shaiden said. "Now to the right." Her Splatana cut through the air, with effortless grace, and total silence.

Thorne tried to do the same with his Mulching Mace, but ended up looking clumsy and unprofessional.

Shaiden sighed. "You'd have done much better as a ninja, Thorne. You really would."

"I've told you before," replied Thorne angrily, "I'm not built to be a ninja!"

Shaiden rolled her eyes. Why do I even bother?, she thought.

"Let's try one more time. Go to the left..."

She started, and then abruptly stopped, looking around nervously.

"Thorne, can you hear that?" she asked quietly.

Thorne listened, trying to pick up on whatever it was that his sister was on about.

But all he could hear were the sounds of the other Defenders.

He shrugged his shoulders. Shaiden shook her head. "No, there's something coming towards us- I can feel it."

"Well," said Thorne sarcastically, "if you're so sure that something's coming, why don't you go tell the others?" He hoped that this would deter Shaiden from even thinking about her idea ever again.

But she came out with the exact opposite of what he'd been thinking. "You're right!" she said determinedly, walking off.

"No!" called Thorne. "That's not what you're meant to do!" But she didn't hear him.

"Guys, I need to tell you something..." she began as the others looked over to her.

But Skabb interrupted. "Oh really, little girl?"

"Yes, yes..." she began again, nodding her head.

Yet again Skabb interrupted, this time with a hint of mockery to his voice. "Have you come to cry to us that your Splatana broke during your little dance class?"

Shaiden blushed as the sound of the Defender's laughter filled the air.

She groaned, and stormed off.

Kookaburra was the only Defender who didn't laugh. He turned to Gildar. "Do you think she's OK?" he asked him.

"Why do you care?" Gildar replied.

Kook didn't dignify him with an answer.

Meanwhile, Shaiden was walking back to her brother, frustrated that no one had believed her. Just then, the ground began to shake, and a loud rumble filled the air. Acting on pure instinct, Shaiden ran.

She ended up crashing into Thorne. "Whoa, what are you doing?" he asked. Shaiden didn't answer.

"Thorne, GET DOWN!" she screamed.

He did as he was told, and could only watch in horror as the castle crumbled around them. He could hear the other Defenders running inside, and wanted desperately to follow them, but he was stuck holding onto Shaiden as the rumbling became deafening.

Then, everything went black.