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Momoku means "Forsaken" in Japanese, I believe. Or so I'm told.

RoterRitter is German for Red Knight.

Pretty easy to guess who is who, right? :)

Gomen for the short SI ;)

---- signifies start and end of chat

// text // signifies the computer talking.

{{text}} signifies the a flashback

Chapter One: First Contact

A computer.

…Why a computer? Why so suddenly, out of the blue? He had been tempted to ask, but one shouldn't question the gifts one receives on one's own birthday. Except, of course, a certain number of things he could think of. Those lines of thought prompted a faint blush on his cheeks, making the young boy glad that he was alone in his room. His eyes settled on the machine, which sat whirring quietly. He knew how to use it, as his school had a number of computers at the students' disposition, for research, email, and such.

This was different, however. No restrictions. No boundaries. There was nothing preventing him from visiting certain sites, or using other programs forbidden by the school.

Deciding himself, he started up one of the programs he had only recently heard of, a few mentions here and there from classmates. The basic concept of the program itself dated from pre-Second Impact, but had survived throughout time to land on his hard drive today.

//Thank you for using Mirc 66.6, the most widespread Internet Relay Chat program on the Web. Would you like me to configure the settings for you?//

Blinking at the unexpected voice, the boy clicked on the button confirming his assent.

// Settings configured. Japanese National Server selected. Please enter your nickname.//

Nickname? What could he possibly call himself?

{{ A tall, dark shape of a man, his hands in his pockets. Turning around, and walking away. Leaving a crying boy in his wake, a duffel bag next to him. }}

"Father…why have you forsaken me?" the boy whispered. Seemingly on their own, his fingers typed in the name he chose for himself, the name he would let himself be known as.


Your name is now Momoku.


// Thank you, Momoku. Initializing Chat Interface. //

Moments later, he was connected, a list of channels on the local server appearing on the screen. One caught his eye immediately, being the only one with a non-Japanese name. Curiosity getting the better of him, he entered the channel.


*** Now talking in #Rosengärten

*** Topic is 'Tread on the roses, you D13, F00. || Song of the moment: Megumi Hayashibara – Fly me to the Moon'

Set by RoterRitter on Mon Jan 12 07:23:35

Katyra Howdy Bob

Katyra Mmm. Hoppin' channel today.

JustBob oh, yeah

JustBob I can't keep up

Katyra scary the level of activity, ain't it? ;)

* Tchernobyl eyes you all

Tchernobyl Hello, Momoku!

Momoku Er…Ohayo…

Tangent New around here, eh?

Katyra Ooh. We treat newbies alright, don't we? ;)

Roscoe Well, in for the exception of the BitchOp when she's here, yeah :P

*** RoterRitter has joined #Rosengärten

*** Chanserv sets mode: +o RoterRitter

Tchernobyl Yeah, talk about a total bitch. Talk at her the wrong way, and bam, you're booted.

Tchernobyl …

Tchernobyl Open mouth, insert foot. I best flee.

*** Tchernobyl has quit IRC (Quit: RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!)

RoterRitter … I'll get him, one day. I'll make sure of that.

Momoku …?

Roscoe Hey, I gots to go…see y'all.

Katyra Housework here. Bye!

* Roscoe is now known as Ros-Gone

* Katyra is now known as Katy-Slaving-Away


A new window popped up, startling the boy. What was this all about?


RoterRitter Ignore those fools. Usually, conversations are rampant, but sometimes it's just slashing…

Momoku … They do this every time, don't they?

RoterRitter Huh? Do what?

Momoku Leave when you arrive.

RoterRitter …Yeah. Can't figure out why, either. I mean, how can one not like me? Pretty, smart, great personality…


The boy's eyebrow rose, his lip quirking in a small smirk. He had a small idea why…


RoterRitter I hope you're not one of those types. One more on my back…

* RoterRitter glares

Momoku Er, I'm rather the type that forms his opinion over time…after getting to know the person better…

RoterRitter :)

RoterRitter How did you know, anyway? That they do that?

Momoku The way they talked about you, and how they left…

RoterRitter Meh. They just don't appreciate my presence :-P

RoterRitter Aw, damn, I have to leave. School's starting soon.

Momoku School? It's 7 pm…

RoterRitter I'm in Germany, dummkopf :-P

Momoku Oh…

RoterRitter Hey, meet again tomorrow at the same time? It was fun talking to you :) you seem more interesting than all those other fools :-P

Momoku Er..sure

RoterRitter Ok then, Ciao! :)


Blinking, a small smile creeping on his face, 13 year old Shinji Ikari leaned back into his chair. He had a feeling this was the start of a good day.

Notes: Debating skipping a part of the "getting to know one another" sequence...might be too much there without that much plot advancement...and yes, I *do* have plans in mind for later on...just the beginning causing me headaches ^^;