Basically this is going to be where I dump my Kigo oneshots from now on. Some will be in the universe of my Dragon Shego fic, but you don't need to read it to understand these little ficlets. Although, it would make me very happy if you did *shameless advertising*. Enjoy :)

I OWN NOTHING. That's the last time I'll be saying that.

Kim was having a fairly normal day at school. No missions, no drama, nothing that could be classed as remotely interesting (hey, it's a school). Except perhaps that mischievous smirk on Shego's face as Kim left for school that morning, but that was probably nothing. Probably.

Soon Kim found herself standing in front of her locker, ready to do the usual transaction of schoolbooks. She was not quite prepared for the sight within.

Instead of the dully coloured mug-shot of her girlfriend she had expected, Kim was greeted with a large high-quality photo of Shego in a pair of underwear and nothing else. Even her pose was provocative. Wait, was that a tattoo? Hmm… K…P. KP! Kim wasn't sure whether she should be touched, mortified or turned on.

"Hey KP, could I borrow your p- whoa." Kim tore her eyes away from the picture to see Ron with his eyes bugged out and his jaw slack. He appeared to be completely frozen. Mortified it is then.

Kim remained admirably calm as she exchanged her books and closed her locker. The illusion of tranquillity was somewhat shattered when she smacked the poor dazed blonde over the head with a folder.

Shego would have some explaining to do later that night.

I know it's short but there will be more of them… eventually…