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Magic Trick

Chapter One

Harry ran as fast as he could.

It was a year after the Battle of Hogwarts and he had finally begun his career as an Auror. This was his very first task that wasn't a training mission. The jobs Aurors were given these days were to capture Death Eaters and have them locked away in Azkaban.

Yes, the war was over. But who ever said there were no more Death Eaters? Of course Voldemort was dead and there was no way to bring him back, but there were still some Death Eaters who escaped after his death and still believe there were ways of reviving him.

Bloody stubborn Death Eaters.Harry chased after the man, throwing spells and jinxes at him. The masked Death Eater turned around the corner and into a dark alley. There was no way the Death Eater could have disapparated, since Harry had damaged the masked man's leg.

Pointing his wand in a ready position, Harry slowly and cautiously stepped into the alley. Harry remained cautious not just because there was a Death Eater there, but because he had followed the Death Eater all the way to New York City – and he's heard that alleyways were extremely dangerous at night. Many muggles with guns…

Harry jumped in, ready to attack – only to see the Death Eater collapse onto the ground with his broken wand.

"What?" Harry whispered incredulously. He heard someone move near the Death Eater and immediately raised his wand. "Lumos!"

The alley was now dimly illuminated by the fluorescent light from his wand. All Harry could see was a boy around a year younger than he was who looked a lot like him. The boy had messy black hair and sea green eyes; in his hand was a pen.

"Whoa," the boy breathed, "could that guy's stick light up too?" He pointed down at the motionless body of the Death Eater.

"What did you do to him?" Harry demanded quietly, yet threateningly. As an Auror, he was taught to be intimidating and serious for various situations.

The boy's eyes widened and he started to look startled and guilty. "Look, if he was your friend, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to slice his stick! Well, I mean I did but he was scary! He pointed it at me and shouted 'avada kedavra' or something and this weird light shot out of his stick and hit me! I kinda freaked out and knocked him out. Sorr – "

"Hold on," Harry's eyes were wide with astonishment, "You mean to say that he shot that particular spell at you? And you're not dead?"

"Am I supposed to be?" The boy asked curiously. "It bounced right off me." He shrugged, clueless. Harry could see in the boy's eyes that he was hiding something, like he just knew why he wasn't dead.

"I think," Harry began intimidatingly, taking a step forward, "that there's something you're not telling me."

The boy's eyes flashed warningly. "I have nothing to hide."

"Then prove it." Harry pointed his wand at the boy menacingly. "Reveal you're secrets!" Harry mentally thanked Snape for showing this type of spell on him in his third year at Hogwarts.

For a moment, there was silence. Nothing had happened.

"Well… that was anticlimactic." The boy grinned. Suddenly, Harry began to notice that the boy had a sort of powerful glow around him. Although it wasn't visible, Harry backed away from the boy – realizing how powerful the boy's invisible aura was. It was getting stronger, building up around the boy.

Both boys jumped and turned around when they heard the clatter of garbage cans toppling over each other. "Perseus Jackson…" An eerie voice rasped.

'Perseus' groaned and pulled his hair. "Just when I thought I could have a peaceful day." He glared at Harry. "Why did you have to do that weird magic-y stick thing! Now my scent is stronger and I've got that thing after me!" He pointed to where the noise came from.

That was when the strange creature decided to crawl up the wall towards them. Harry adjusted his glasses. The monster was around as big as a table, with eight long hairy legs.

"An Acromantula," He breathed. Out of the corner of his eye, Harry saw the boy subtly take out his pen. What good would a cheap pen do him?

"A child of Arachne." Perseus stared coldly at the monster. Arachne? Possibly a relative of Aragog, maybe?

"Where's your little friend? My appetite wants to be satisfied with a child of Athena!" It demanded.

"Not here." Perseus growled.

The giant spider's many eyes twinkled. "No matter. A son of Poseidon would be just as satisfying."

And then everything happened at once. The Acromantula jumped off the wall and began to attack Percy just as the Death Eater had woken up.

Harry raised his wand, prepared for the catastrophe unfolding right before his eyes.

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