AUTHOR'S NOTE: This idea is based on the end of (Episode 2x06 – Audrey Parker's Day Off) No Complaints if something isn't Cannon. Cannon is too overrated anyway. I accept all reviews: The Good, Bad and (Justified) Flames. The song is Broken by Lifehouse

The broken clock is a comfort

It helps me sleep tonight

Maybe it can stop tomorrow

From stealing all my time

Audrey stood on the back porch of the Grey Gull, leaning against the building. She felt numb, drained both physically and emotionally. The 'Groundhog Day' cycle that she had experienced was finally over but, not without a price. Two lives had been lost. It left her feeling completely and utterly broken.

She let the tears roll down her face, not bothering to wipe them away. If anyone was to look out the doorway, they wouldn't see her anyway. However, she was aware that he was there standing in the doorway. Giving her space to mourn her loss but, also keeping everyone else from going onto the back deck. However, she was also aware when someone else had joined him.

"Let me through, she needs me!"

"You will never be what she needs, no matter how much you try. Leave her alone, and maybe I'll let you know if she wants to see you."

"I should be with her after what happened."

"What part of 'Leave Audrey the Hell alone' don't you understand? You can stop staring at me, because your affliction obviously isn't working on me."

"This is ridiculous."

"Look, you can leave now or I won't hesitate to literally kick your ass out of here. Make your choice, before I chose option two for you."

The conversation ended, one set of footsteps walking away and the other towards her. A small smile graced Audrey's beautiful face, when she saw him. Duke had become more like the brother she never had, then a friend. He was the only person that she had left in Haven, who loved her and that she could depend on.

Audrey immediately fell into his arms, when she saw him. Duke wished that he could tell her that everything was going to be okay, but now wasn't the time. Maybe, someday the emotional wounds that she was feeling today would heal. But, then again there is just too much that time cannot erase.

She needed to start the healing process. The first step was to have a complete breakdown. Duke had no idea how long they stay like that, him gently swaying her back and forth while she cried. But, he wouldn't let go until she pulled away from him.

"Thank you." She said weakly, when she felt that she could speak again.

"He was the last thing you needed right now," he replied. "What you do need right now is sleep."

"After everything that's happened, I don't think I can sleep."

"Audrey, I say this with love, you look like Hell."

"What a coincidence," she replied, trying to sound sarcastic but failing miserably. "Because that's the way I feel."

"I can't even begin to imagine what you're going through," Duke said, cupping her face in his hands forcing her to look at him wiping her tears away with his thumbs. "Or, everything you experienced on your day off."

"But, before you can even begin the healing process you need sleep." He said, almost sounding as if he was begging her. The desperate, almost lost look in his eyes is what made her give into his request.

"Okay, I'll try for you." She said, pulling away from him.

Duke wrapped one arm around her shoulders, as her led her up the stairs and into her apartment. He helped her take her coat off, and took off her shoes. Then, he covered her up with the blanket at the bottom of the bed. He was about to move away from the bed, to the couch. But, she grabbed his hand stopping him.

"You're all I have left in this Hell hole now," She said, as her eyes started to close. "I'm not going to let some tattooed bastard take you away from me."

"I got your back and you got mine," Duke said a small smile on his face, as he bent down and kissed her on the forehead. "It's us against Haven."

"Us against Haven." Audrey repeated, rolling on her side away from him.

I'm falling apart

I'm barely breathing

With a broken heart

That's still beating

Duke sat on the couch, waiting until her breath even so he knew that she was asleep. Then, he walked outside onto the deck. The sun had just finished setting, and the moon was bright amongst a sea of stars. Suddenly, anger filled Duke.

"I hope that the powers that be are happy up there," He said angrily, looking up at the night sky. "Is this your idea of a joke?"

"Are you testing her? Or, are you just that sick and twisted that you enjoy seeing her fall apart."

"It's bad enough that she thinks her sole purpose in Haven, is to save the troubled." He continued. "And, you took away the one person that helps her cope with it all."

Suddenly, a huge gust of warm wind pinned Duke up against the building. It took him a minute to realize what was happening, or rather who it was holding him there. "Nathan?" He was a little shocked, but not surprised.

"Shut up Duke, and listen to me."

"Listen to you? You're the one who decided to walk into the light," Duke interrupted him. "She doesn't need me Nathan, she needs you."

"Do you think I wanted to leave her?" Nathan asked, anger and sadness clearly showing in his voice.

"Then, you should have fought harder to stay." Duke replied, and immediately the pressure on his body increased.

"I never fought so hard for anything in my life, but my time was up. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Audrey."

"What am I suppose to do, Nathan? You were the only one that, could keep her from drowning in depression."

"You need to Man up now, Duke." Nathan replied. "There are people in Haven that, aren't happy that Audrey is here."

"She is going to need your help with the Troubles. You're the only person, that I can depend on the see her through this."

"You need to protect her," He finished. "It's your destiny, so don't screw up."

"So, I don't get to choose my own fate after all." Duke said.

"Not when it comes to Audrey," Nathan replied seriously, pulling back and releasing Duke. "Keep my world safe, Duke."

"And, thank you for keeping Chris away from her."

"No problem." Duke replied. "You don't get all 'Man Crush' around him, when one friend dies and you're worried about how it affects another friend."

"It's funny," Nathan said. "We couldn't admit that we're friends, when I was still alive."

"Just because were admitting that we're friends doesn't mean that, I'm not going to kick your ass the moment I get up there."

Nathan let out a small laugh, and somehow Duke knew he was smiling. "I look forward to you trying to kick my ass, sixty or seventy years from now."

Meanwhile, Audrey's sleep was anything but peaceful. The events of that day ran through her mind, like an endless loop. As if there was some detail she had missed. Anything that would show what she could've done, to prevent the accident from happening. If only she had figured it out sooner. If only she didn't ask Nathan to help solve the case. He wouldn't have been downtown at that time.

But, it was no use thinking about 'If only' now. The Troubled person responsible for her 'Groundhog Day' experience had died as well. Anson Shumway had been hit and killed, by the same hit and run driver as Nathan. Both accidents had happened within minutes of each other. The driver had been an old man, who confused the accelerator with the brakes. Her 'Groundhog Day' had finally ended, there were no more resets.


"It's all clear, remember to keep your eyes peeled." Audrey said talking to Nathan on her cell phone, while surveying the street as she walked down the sidewalk. "The accident happened right after the church bells at noon."

"Not making many friends," Nathan replied, looking around his surrounding as well. "But, it's pretty quite around here."

"Then maybe it's not going to happen today." She said, with a small sigh and sounding hopeful.

But, before Nathan could reply a beige sedan came tearing down the street and hit him. Audrey felt fear fill her as she ran towards him. She felt a little relived when she saw him stand up, that is until he was fully facing her.

"I'm okay."

"Nathan." Audrey said, fear showing on her face and in her voice now. Nathan followed her eyes and saw what she was looking at. A big piece of the wooden barricade had lodged itself into the lower left side of his abdomen. He started to fall to the ground, but she caught him and slowly laid him on the ground.

"Can someone call 911," she yelled. "We have an officer down!"

"Beige Sedan…Male…Older…Medium build…I didn't get a plate number." He said, struggling for air with each word. Audrey stared down at him. Even though he had been hit, he still managed to get all that information.

"This is kind of strange." He said, glancing down at the chunk of wood that was impaled in him.

"I'm not going to let you die okay, do you understand me?"

The tears that she had been holding back beginning to fall. Even though Audrey knew that she would get a reset, it was pure Hell to watch Nathan die. Especially, when it made her finally realize just how much he meant to her. He was more than just her partner and best friend.

"Stop it! Do you understand? I'm going to fix this."

"Doesn't hurt, the only thing I feel is you." And, it was at that moment that Audrey knew she had lost him. She had unknowingly granted his dying wish though. Nathan had felt her touch one last time.

"No! Audrey screamed, her tears falling harder. No, No, No!"


In the pain

There is healing

In your name

I find meaning

"Nathan!" They both heard Audrey scream in her sleep.

Suddenly, the huge gust of wind turned into a gentle breeze making its way over to the bed. However, what Duke saw next surprised him. And, he had to blink his eyes a few times to keep his composure and not tear up at the sight before him. Nathan was himself again, as if he never died. Duke quickly left Audrey's apartment. Not only to give the ill fated star crossed lovers time alone, but just in case Nathan saw the look on his face.

Audrey's eyes were still closed, fresh tears falling down her face. However, her sense of touch and smell were very awake. She felt two strong arms wrap around her, and the smell of Pancakes, Lilies and Lilacs, and something uniquely Nathan surrounding her. His touch and smell helped calm her down.

"It's going to be okay, I'm here." Nathan said soothingly, shifting her in his arms so her head was lying on his chest.

"Nathan, I had the most horrible dream…" Audrey said tiredly, eyes still closed but he interrupted her.

"Shhh, go back to sleep." He said, wiping away any of her remaining tears. "You're exhausted."

"Stay with me." She said, snuggling into him. She was holding onto him, as if her life depended on it.

"Always." He replied, struggling to control his emotions.

It took all he had just to say that one word. He wanted to wake her up and give her a mind blowing kiss. But, if he did it would only serve as a cold reminder to them that he was dead. They would never have a chance to share a life together.

So, he settled for tightening his arms around her, kissing her on the head. When he died, his affliction died with him. But, all Nathan cared about was the feeling and touch of the woman he loved in his arms.

So I'm holding on

I'm holding on

I'm holding on

I'm barely holding on to you

AUTHOR'S NOTE #2: Okay, this was going to be a long one shot, but I'm breaking it up into two maybe three chapters instead. The song lyrics will be explained at the end of the last chapter.