I do not own Burn Notice, I only wish that I did. Thanks to Matt Nix for some awesome characters to play with!

This series was inspired by the Pilot. and Michael's stay in the hospital. What was Fiona thinking before she kicked Michael awake? My passion in writing is to get into the character's heads, so there's often a lot thinking, but not always a lot of dialogue. Varies by chapter. Each chapter is named for the episode in which it occurs and/or the location it takes place.

Apologies for only having the A/N up. This story was actually started before its companion story (While Fiona Sleeps), but in working on it, I realized I hadn't worked out some key details of Fiona's backstory, so I removed the second chapter for reworking. Which means Michael got his turn to speak first. But fear not, as we all know, Fiona will get her say.