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For anyone who is not aware, this is my first fan fiction and the first fanfic that I would be posting. I always loved the Chrome Shelled Regios series, and what gets me wanting to go more into it is to see if Layfon will actually end up with Felli. (Yeah, I'm a Layfon x Felli supporter. So what if I am XD) anyway, I never had any confidence in writing fan fiction, so this is a huge leap for me. What inspired me to write this fanfic are the cute, funny Omake scenes in the Missing Mail manga series where Felli finds a new game like Tokimeki Regios 2 (a parody of a dating sim) or Regios Hunter G (a parody of Monster Hunters). So I am proud to present to you Courageous Soul Regios Slayer. Enjoy ;)

(P.S. the XXX means that the start of a new scene in the chapter.)

(Spoiler Alert: If you read the fan translations of the novels, then you know that Naruki is now part of the 17th Platoon.)



Felli Found a Game

Felli Loss is very annoyed at how today turned out. The 17th Platoon went to the wilderness area of Zuellni to spend most of their Academic Vacation Week break in a five-day training camp to prepare for an upcoming platoon match against their next opponents, the 11th Platoon, which will take place three days after the break. She expected that she and the team would be in a quiet and secluded part of the wilderness with only a small lodge where they would stay in during their training, a perfect place to be alone with Layfon when the opportunity arises. Her platoon captain would be her only obstacle. However, she found a number of unexpected surprises when she and her team reached the lodge.

#1, the small lodge is actually a vacation house.

#2, her despicable big brother Kalian along with his 'lapdog' Vanze Haldey were waiting for them at the house, saying that Kalian needed a little R&R from work.

#3, Naruki's annoying friends are there as well. That annoying reporter girl Mifi Rotten claims that she is doing a story about the 17th Platoon's thoughts about the next match.

#4, 5th Platoon leader Gorneo Luckens and his 'pet monkey' were in the wilderness training the day before and Kalian have the nerve to invite them to stay.

Felli's day became a living hell in a matter of hours. The training was brutal due to the 'extra sparring partners' they apparently have. However, the worst part is that she did not get to spend a single moment with Layfon, as he is ether antagonized by her despicable brother, accusing him for attempting to seduce his only sister, or spending time with one of the other girls, which pisses her off to no bounds. She swears that Kalian plan the whole thing just to distance her from Layfon as much as possible.


Felli is sitting alone on the sofa in the living room, hoping to have a moment to organize her thoughts. However, Sharnid and Harley are watching an old classic action movie that they are apparently fans of, which made it hard for the poor girl to get a chance to think. She could move to the kitchen, but then she has to deal with the 'annoying trio' as they talk about typical girl stuff while cleaning the dishes used for dinner. Moreover, she cannot stand that Mayshen Torinden, as she will forever resent her for attempting to win Layfon over with her oh-so-delicious food. Poor Felli felt like she is trap in an annoying hell orchestrated by that conniving son-of-a-bitch called her brother.

"Hey, Felli", a familiar voice rang through the said girl's ears. She turned around the direction of the voice, only to be surprised that it was Layfon, walking towards her.

"Oh, Fon-Fon", Felli responded in her usual tone. "Where have you been?"

"President wanted me and Captain to see us," Layfon said, chuckling a little. "I think it was regarding our Platoon's budget or why he was here in the first place. I was dozing off a few times, so I couldn't get the gist of it."

"That's because you worked yourself too much during training idiot", Felli said in her usual cold manner. "You shouldn't push yourself, especially when you feel like you're tired."

Layfon then sigh, knowing than any excuse he would make up would rebound back to him, yet there was no doubt that he had one hell of a training session. "Ok, I won't do it again, I promise."

"Good", Felli manages to say before Layfon sat down next to her. The two became silent for a while, occasionally glancing towards the movie Sharnid and Harley are watching.

"You know", Layfon started to speak. "I saw a lot of stars from one of the upstairs windows a little while ago. The night sky looks so amazing now since you don't get to see any stars back home."

What Layfon said now peaks Felli's interest, making her pay more attention to what he will say next.

"So, I was thinking about going for a walk outside to stargaze", Layfon continued. "It's been a long time since I saw any stars, and since I found you here, I think you should come with me too, since it would be more fun when with others."

At that moment, Felli started to blush and her heartbeat raced off like a wild horse running towards the sunset. Layfon practically asked her out to go see the stars, and even thou the whole thing sounded like a typical cliché used in far too much romance stories, this could be her only chance to spend any alone time with him.

"It sounds like a good idea", Felli finally spoke while keeping her composure as best as she can. "It's better than staying cramped in this house."

"Awesome", Layfon spoke with happiness. His soft and friendly smile made Felli blush a little more. "If you want, we could go now."

"Yes, let's go now", Felli responded, a hint of eagerness in her voice.

The two then got up from the sofa and began to walk to the front door. Suddenly, Layfon stopped.

"That reminds me," Layfon incoherently said, turning towards Sharnid and Harley. "Hey, Sharnid, Harley, me and Felli are going out to stargaze. You guy want to come too?"

Felli is now shocked and angered at what Layfon said, so angry that she wanted to push him to the floor and stomp on his shin a hundred times. She always hated the fact that his kindness is like a double-edge sword and now fears that her time alone with him would never happen.

"Sorry Layfon", Harley sadly replied. "But I got this awesome new videogame I want to play after the move. I haven't got the chance to play it at home because of school."

"Sorry dude, I'm out too", Sharnid said. "I'm tired as hell after what Captain put us through. Besides, it has been a long time since I watch this move. It is a hell of a classic."

"If you two say so", Layfon said to the two, a hint of disappointment in his voice. "If Captain or anyone else is looking for us, let them know."

"Got it", Sharnid responded, not really paying attention.

Layfon then turns towards Felli.

"Well, shall we?"

Felli just nodded her head and the two walked to the front door to leave.

"Man, I'm still jealous of him", Harley said to Sharnid, a sigh of annoyance left his mouth.

"I guess all girls dig the thick-headed types", Sharnid jokingly suggested.


Felli felt like this is the best moment in her life. Here she was, deep in the wilderness stargazing on a nearby clearing, alone with Layfon, with no one else around. She always felt at peace whenever she is with Layfon, but this moment felt so right. Felli was resting on Layfon's shoulder with her eyes closed, tired from connecting the countless stars to make pictures of everyone's faces. Layfon kindly asked Felli if she would want to go back, but she said that she wanted to stay like this just a bit longer. Therefore, the two of them sat, together at each other's side, and Layfon sees Felli's beautiful smile, a rare occurrence that only he is able to see, and on more than one occasion no less. After what felt like a peaceful eternity, the two then got up from the grassy ground and started to walk towards the vacation house, knowing that their Captain would become angry if they stayed out longer. Along their way home to the house, Felli accidently kicked something, only to discover it was…


"Where is it?" Harley began to panic when he discovered that his new game was not in his bag. He desperately searched for it through the entire house but had no luck. Even with the combined help of Mifi, Mayshen, and Naruki, the poor boy still could not find his game. Sharnid, oblivious to what is going on, enters the living room after raiding the fridge for a late-night snack, not knowing that Harley is in a desperate search.

"Hey Harley, why are you so out of breath?" Sharnid asked Harley.

"Not now Sharnid!" Harley angrily responded.

"Sheash, what's his problem?"

"His game went missing", said Mifi in a concerned tone. "He searched the entire house for it."

Then Sharnid began to think for a moment.

"Oh, that game", Sharnid finally spoke. "Yeah, I saw it on our bedroom floor, so I took it with me when we left for the training ground, you know, to read the box and manual on the way there. It was actually a good read now that I think about it."

Now the room went to complete silence with everyone staring at Sharnid.

"What?" Sharnid asked, not liking the awkward situation.

"Please tell me that you still have it", Harley asked, trying his best not to punch Sharnid in the face.


"Where have you two been?" Nina Antalk was angry as hell. After taking a hot shower, she went to Layfon's room so she can lecture him further about his poor performance during training. However, she discovered that he was not in his room and began searching for him all over the house, soon realizing that Felli was missing as well. When she asked Sharnid and Harley if they saw the two, they told her that the two left the house a while ago. When Layfon and Felli return to the house, their captain was waiting for them at the front porch. "Do you know how seriously worried I was when I found out that the two of you went out on this hour of night?"

"We were out stargazing in a clearing nearby", Felli spoke in her usual cold manner. "There is nothing wrong with that, right?"

"Well you should have told someone that you were going to go on a late night stole before you left the house", Nina angrily responded, a slight blush on her face that hinted a bit off jealousy towards the white haired girl for spending such alone time with the timid boy she also cares for.

"Well, before we left, I asked Sharnid and Harley if they wanted to come with us", Layfon responded. "They said no so we told them to tell you where we went."

Nina then realizes that Sharnid and Harley forgot to tell her that little detail. Not only is she embarrassed, but is now very angry and ready to beat down those two movie junkies for not paying attention. "Wait till I get my hands on those-"

"Calm down Ms. Antalk." Kalian Loss came out of the front door and stood beside Nina, taking everyone by surprise. "It's only natural for kids their age to be taken easily by wanderlust. But…"

Kalian then rushes towards Layfon and grabbed him tight by the collar of his uniform. "You got some nerve taking my dear little sister deep into the woods where you can be all alone with her."

"Mr. President", Layfon began to plea to Felli's now enraged big brother, afraid of what he might do. "Felli and I just went stargazing! Were just friends, I swear-"

"Nice try Wolfstein!"

"Please Mr. President, Stop!" A frightened Nina began to plea to the enraged Kalian, afraid that he might hurt Layfon. "I know you are protective of your sister, but Layfon would never-"

"Ms. Antalk", Kalian interrupted. "Your subordinate has crossed a dangerous boundary. It is only best that I make sure that he-"

Suddenly, an enraged Felli delivered a devastating kick to Kalian's shin, causing him to scream in agony and let go of the scared shitless Layfon. He then dropped to the floor, holding onto his now throbbing shin in pain. Nina is now frightened of Felli, remembering what she did to Kalian the last time her big brother pissed her off.

"Why did you do it my dear Felli?" Kalian pitifully asked, crying in agony for what his precious little sister did to him.

"What Fon-Fon and I do alone is none of your business." Felli responded coldly.

Kalian now went into shock, not believing what his sister told him. His brain then started to play a nightmare scenario where his precious little sister happily announces to him that she is pregnant with Layfon's baby and is moving away with him to live in another Regios far, far, away.

"Felli…" Nina was shocked and blushing bright red at what Felli said, but then sees a puff of smoke popped out of poor Kalian's head before he fainted in front of her.

"Ah, Mr. President," Nina yelped when she witnessed Kalian fainted.

"Uh, Felli," said the now blushing Layfon, making Felli turn to him. "I think what you said kinda went too far."

Felli then blush bright red in embarrassment and quickly kicked Layfon's shin, making him scream in agony.


"What do you mean you lost it", Harley screamed in anger. Apparently, Sharnid claims that he put Harley's game in his bag before they started training. However, when he went to his room to get the game from the bag, he saw that it was not there. Now Harley is ringing the carless boy by the color of his shirt, angry that his friend lost the game that he was so eager to play.

"Calm down Harley," Sharnid plead, laughing nervously while his friend is ringing him, feeling a bit dizzy.

"I was looking forward to play it for a long time", Harley angrily replied. "I worked hard to buy it and I haven't played it because of school. And since were on vacation, I was excited about rocking it out all night with my best friends."

"I don't know about all night…" Sharnid attempted to calm Harley down, which is obvious that he was failing hard. "But I bet you brought other games with you."

"You're not helping!"

Mifi, Mayshen, and Naruki helplessly stood as Harley began ringing a now scared Sharnid. Vanze, Gorneo, and Shena annoyingly looked at the spectacle while Shante laughs, amused at seeing the two friends fighting. Layfon, Felli, Nina, and Kalian then entered the living room, oblivious to what is going on.

"Hey Mifi, what's going on", a tired and emotionally drained Layfon asked.

"Oh, Lay-ton, your back", Mifi said cheerfully as she, Mayshen, and Naruki walked towards him. "So where have you been? We were a little worried since we didn't see you anywhere."

"Fon-Fon and I were out stargazing", Felli suddenly stated coldly, shocking the trio. The poor heartbroken Mayshen began chewing on her handkerchief, trying her best not to cry.

"Oh my, really", Mifi asked in sly excitement, her reporter instincts began kicking in. "So where the two of you alone? Did anything happen between the two of you?"

Both Layfon and Felli began to blush bright red.

"Why didn't you ask us if we wanted to come with you Lay-Ton", Mayshen tearfully asked.

"Well, I kina wanted to go on a whim", Layfon quickly responded. "But when I saw Felli on my way out, I asked her if she wanted to come with me, you know, since it's more fun when you're not alone."

Not wanting to get involved in Layfon's 'affair' any further, an emotionally drained Nina sat down next to Shena in one of the couches, oblivious of the argument between Harley and Sharnid. Kalian, who felt drained in every fiber of his being, goes to the up the stairs with Vanze's help so he can go to sleep in his room. Harley and Sharnid surprisingly stopped their supposed argument, seeing the girls surrounding Layfon.

"How does he do that", Harley asked Sharnid, a hint of annoyance and jealousy in his voice.

"He's probably too good for his own good", Sharnid jokingly suggested.

Suddenly, Harley turned his attention towards Felli.

"Um, Felli", Harley began to ask. "What is that you're holding?"

"Oh", Felli responded as she almost forgot what she was holding.

"I found this while Fon-Fon and I were on our way back."

Suddenly, Harley snatched the thing from Felli's hands, tears of joy pouring out of his eyes like waterfalls.

"Oh my god, it's my game!" Harley screamed with joy. He then gives Felli a big bear hug, surprising everyone. "Oh thank you Felli, your one of the best friends a guy could have!"

"Uh, Harley", Layfon asked politely.

Suddenly, Harley realized that he is hugging Felli too tightly, causing her to faint from lack of oxygen. Harley yelped and let go of poor Felli with Layfon luckily catching her.

"I am so sorry Felli, please forgive me!" Harley apologized.

Felli began to regain her breath.

"Don't worry, its fine", Felli manages to say after Layfon helped her up.


In the time of the Ancients, the decedents of the Angels of heaven tasked in defending the Earth from the sins of evil lived on countless flying kingdoms that ruled the skies, the Regios Kingdoms. However, due to greed and lust for power, the kingdoms wages war with one another for dominance of the skies until only one Regios remains, the peaceful Kingdom of Glendan. With the great sky kingdoms becoming an old faded legend, the Kingdom of Glendan flies peacefully in the skies, isolated from the ever-changing Earth. However, unbeknownst to the kingdom's people, Glendan will soon face its end in the hands of a child who will grow up to become a Sky Slayer, powerful warriors who were descendants of Devils, gifted with the power to destroy the heart of the Regios…

Courageous Soul




"The introduction is very impressive." Kalian, who miraculously recovered from his anxiety-filled state from the past events, commented on the game's introduction sequence. "I really like how the creators based the game's world and mythos on real world Regios. I wonder if it will mention our fair Zuellni."

"I heard that this game had great reviews," Mifi commented cheerfully. "Some of the guys from works said that it is one of the few RPG's that is able to re-inspire the genre."

"I read the reviews as well", said Harley, enthusiasm filled in his voice. "They say that it is homage to classic RPG's made when Earth was once pure and unpolluted."

Everyone seemed to be enjoying Harley's new game. Well, not everyone, as Vanze, Gorneo, Shena, and Nina does not get how a generic game makes anyone exited. Felli however barely paid attention to the game as she thinks back to the moment she had with Layfon when they were stargazing not so long ago. She knew that she may never get to have another moment like this for the rest of the training camp, but she is satisfies that she was able to have at least one moment with him. Her train of thought suddenly stopped when Layfon sat next to her on the sofa.

"It looks like everyone is enjoying themselves", Layfon said.

"Don't tell me you're interested in that game as well," Felli asked.

"It's hard not to", Layfon responded. "Kinda makes you wonder what the story is like. You never know if it's good."

"I suppose so…" That was what Felli was able to say before Harley pushed the start button on his Game Slave Station controller to start the game. As Harley is about to start a new game, Felli wondered if she should go to her room and sleep, but she decided not to and instead attempt to watch Harley play his unbearable new game just for the sake of sitting next to Layfon, the boy who she wants to give her heart too.

In the end, Felli is glad at how today turned out.

The story will now begin.


Well I assume that I probably put more fluff than I should, but then again, most fanfics I read in many years tend to have. However, as you already know, since this is the prolog, be expected to see many of the characters to be in the game's story (which means that this is a story with in a story, or is it an AU story?) Anyways, I hope that I make the characters stay in character as best as I can (thou, its best to expect a bit of OOC just in case). I hope your comments and reviews will help me improve and I hope you continue to read it until the very end. Thank you for reading, Chapter 1 is coming soon.

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