"I swear to GOD, this better be the last time you knock me up Cullen!" she screamed through her push.

I turned my head and chuckled.

I knew she became a different person when going through childbirth.

"Almost there love, just give the doctor a couple more good pushes," I cooed at her as she tried to mangle my hand.

Nine months ago had been our anniversary trip to South Padre Island…in Texas.

We didn't want to leave the country in case something happened with one of the kids and we had to cut our trip short, so we stayed in the States.

A familiar tiny cry burst out into the room.

"And looks like you've got another boy!" congratulated the doctor.

I sat patiently holding Bella's hand.

Anxiously waiting for the nurses to clean him up and bring him over.

"Are you sure about the name love?" I asked her.

"Yes. We are so much stronger now because of that time in our lives. I don't want to forget," she said with a yawn. "And considering where he was created, I think it's fitting," she giggled.

The nurse placed my son in my arms and I leaned in closer to my wife so we could both dote on him together.

Looking into his blue eyes, we both softly said our hellos.

"Welcome to the world Jasper, mommy and daddy love you."

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