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Chapter One - Laugh … Bella …


Hymns waft through the air, a choir singing their praises.

He sits on the stand, looking out over his congregation. His flock.

He's a good leader, shepherd. Responsible. True.

I should be happy with him. Everyone thinks I am, that's what they say. That's what they see.

I glance down the row next to me, shushing my youngest, making him still and silent. That's when I see her face, the way she's watching something.

It's you.

At the front of the room, you stand alongside the other altar boys, so caught up in your duty. The way he is.

Her face blushes with adoration, longing, love. Or what she thinks is love. I know better. She's only 17, she doesn't know enough yet.

She catches your eye.

I catch my breath.

You caught my heart, and you don't even know it.


Squirming in my seat, I feel the hard bench beneath me. I wish it was you hard beneath me.

Your eyes sweep past me, pausing to lock on my face. I look down.

It's wrong, but I can't stop.

When services end, she goes to you, leans into you.

Your arm is around her shoulders, as you laugh with her and the others near you. I want to be near you, to laugh with you. Instead I stand with him.

I never laugh with him, not anymore.

Smiling, I keep up the charade for one more week. Gossipy old women walk past, satisfied that things are good, right, perfect as they think they should be.

Perfect isn't this.

Perfect is you.

Perfect is you with me, and no one else knowing.

Perfect is what I dream of, what I want most. What I long for.

Perfect was last night at my father's old barn, with you buried inside of me while I screamed.

I don't worship in a church, I worship in a field, with you all around me.

You are perfection, and I'm blinded by you.


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