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This story is a bit taboo. This outtake is borderline taboo. It is Valentine's Day, afterall. We need something a little citrus-y. :D Also, this outtake occurs the night before the first chapter, so this is a little lead up to how things started. Edward and Bella are still new into their sneaking around, but you'll figure it out. :D


Outtake Four – Dinner … Edward …


She asked me to dinner. I said yes in a second.

I know she thinks it's for her, but it's not. It's for you. I know you'll be here, I can see you, maybe touch you. I need it. It's been days since I last had you.

Four fucking days.

It's hard to stay away from you for even two minutes, much less four days.

We sit around the table, him sitting in the head seat. Like he's a king. Like he rules more than just what's in this house. Like he's the last word to everything ever.

I hate him.

I sit across from you, watch you. You keep your eyes down, not drawing attention. Leah leans into me, whispering silly things. I nod, say yes or no when I need to. Nothing more, I'm too distracted. By you.

"So Edward, you ready for school to start? You're playing football again, aren't you?" he asks. Leah smiles, happy he's interested in me.

I could care less, except that your hand flinches, your fork hits the plate.

I know what you think of me in my football uniform. I saw you watching me practice, remember how you helped me peel off my uniform later that afternoon. I'm sure my cleat prints are still in the dirt of the field. It was only four days ago.

"Yeah, I'm playing. The team looks good this year, I think we should do pretty well."

"I know the cheerleaders are excited to cheer you guys on, you'll be so great," she says, kissing my cheek.

Your eyes close. You hate it. It makes me smile, inside. You're jealous.

My foot reaches out, finds your leg. Leah hates that I wear flip flop sandals. I like it, at least today I do. My bare toes inch up your leg, under your skirt, and you shiver. You stop eating. Let out a long, deep breath.

"Bella? Everything alright?" he asks. Like he cares. As if he gives one flying fuck about you. Please, he's such a liar.

"Yes, fine," you mumble, chewing another bite of meatloaf.

My foot goes higher, farther, deeper and closer. Your thighs shift apart, let me in. I can feel the heat of you, I slump down just a tad, pushing until I feel damp, wet panties. My toes are some happy motherfuckers. It's all I can do to not grin, smile, groan in delight. You feel good.

Your left hand grabs the table cloth, and I watch as you struggle to keep a straight face. I'm getting to you, I love it.

My toes wiggle, teasing you. I'm not interested in food anymore, but you made it. I'll take anything from you that I can get. I shovel it in fast, needing to be done.

You squirm, sigh, cough to cover it up.

"Are you getting sick, Bella?" he asks.

"No, um, I'm just not too hungry. I think I'll go get dessert ready."

You stand and leave, not so steady on your feet. I did that, I nearly got you off while your family sat around the table with you. If only you'd stayed, I'd have finished the job.

"Come on, help me pick out some clothes for school next week," Leah says, pulling me from the table when we're done. Everyone leaves their dishes there, for you to pick up. So selfish. Inconsiderate. They don't know what they have in you. But I do.

Leah shows me shirt after shirt, skirt after skirt. Her door is open, the way he says it needs to be. Not that I want to touch her here or anywhere else, anyway. I haven't done more than kiss her in weeks, not since I had you the first time.

"Edward, what do you think about this one, baby?" she asks, holding up a very short, very tight skirt. I'm assuming she bought it at Hooker's R Us, but I could be wrong. It could have been Slut-Mart or Skank World.

"I think your father would shoot you dead before he'd let you out of the house in that," I say, laughing.

"Maybe I'll just wear it for you, then," she whispers, crawling onto my lap and kissing me, shoving her tongue down my throat.

I let her have me for a few seconds, then pull back, pushing her off my lap. Her bottom lip pouts, I know she's mad.

"I gotta go call my mom quick, I'll be right back."

"Just use your cell phone," she says, pulling my arm.

"No, she wants proof I'm at your house. I'll just run downstairs. I'll be right back."

I need to see you, this is as good an excuse as any.

He's in his study, the door's closed but I can hear him on the phone. He's talking sweetly to someone, I can tell. Sick hypocrite. The little kids are in bed, I saw you run them down the hall to their rooms. The others are watching tv, not paying any attention. Not like they usually do.

You're in the kitchen, washing dishes. Like always. I sneak up behind you, running my finger down your arm.

You startle at my touch, then relax and breath again.

"I need to see you, be with you," I whisper in your ear, letting my tongue flick out and lick you.

"I can't, I almost got caught the other day."

"Bella, I can't go this long without you. I'm almost willing to whip it out and fuck you from behind right here. Find a way."

You shake at my words, looking back at me.

"I'll take a walk. Go to the field, where the old barn is. I'll meet you there in an hour."

"Don't wear any panties, you know how I like that."

You giggle, leaning into my chest.

"I already took them off. Someone made them all wet."

"Fuck, baby," I moan. I can't stop my hand from falling to your hip, running down your thigh, inching under your skirt and moving quickly back up. Bare, slick, wet, hot. "Damn it, Bella."

"Maybe half an hour. We have church in the morning, I wouldn't want to make you late for your altar boy duties."

I take my hand out of you, out of your skirt, and bring it to my lips. You watch as I suck my fingers clean, taking you in.

"So good."

You smile. "It'll be even better later, I promise. Now go, I gotta finish this so I can go for my walk. Tell Leah you're going home, and then meet me."

I lean in, kiss your neck. I want so much to tell you that I love you, that you're the only woman for me, but I can't. I won't scare you, freak you out. I'll wait, be patient. My time will come, our time will come.

Until then, we'll keep sneaking around, going to that field where your dad's old barn is. The farm you grew up on, the one that's been abandoned since your parents moved away years and years ago.

"Soon." Your skin pebbles at my whispered word, my breath fanning over your neck.

I hurry back to Leah, tell her I'm needed at home. She's sad, disappointed, but she'll see me at church in the morning, and really, how much trouble can I get into just on my way home?

With any luck, she'll never know.


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