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Summary: In her third year, Chiffon had a dream that completely changed her life. And even weirder, it seemed to have something to do with the new Limiter named Aoi Kazuya... How would the two find friendship and love in the turbulent time to come?


Chapter 1

Gasp. Gasp.

She awoke in a cold sweat but she doesn't remember exactly why. All she could recall was a pair of fearful black eyes staring at her from darkness and a long, terrified scream that seemed to have erupted from herself. The Pandora sighed wearily. She had been in that dream for quite several nights lately, and it always managed to leave her restless and uneasy for the whole day after.

Looking at the clock on the bedside table, she sighed again, this time of exasperation: 4.12AM. Crap.

"Well, I guess I won't get anymore sleep now." Chiffon Fairchild grumbled uncharacteristically and dragged herself out of the bed. If she couldn't sleep, she might as well be preparing for a new day instead of lying idly for more than 2 hours in bed. Well, at least that's the plan. Sleeping just 3-4 hours a night had finally taken its toll on her; the much-appreciated naps just couldn't make up for it. Sitting on the bed to put on her shoes, she wasn't able to resist the softness of the mattress, the fluffiness of the blanket… She tried futilely to sit up once more before succumbing to a dreamless slumber.


Kazuya Aoi rubbed his still sleepy eyes when walking down from the airplane. Last night was terrible for him, with all his airsickness issue and that continual dream haunting him to death. Come to think of it, he never remembered what he dreamed about, or why it bothered him so much. All he knew was that it made him tense and unable to concentrate the whole morning until something else came up to occupy his mind. Deep in thought, Kazuya didn't know he was leaning against the academy gate for support, or that there were two women eyeing him curiously.


When Chiffon agreed to accompany the Principal to greet the new Limiter student, she never once thought that this meeting would be something unusual; just the same protocol: introducing herself, guiding the newcomer around the school, answering various questions, and often keeping in touch afterwards. Then if they happened to bump into each other later, she would always recognize the other and be the first to say hi. That's why she was loved by all; no one could possibly hate the friendly, childish, funny President. Not to mention quite attractive.

But when she first saw Kazuya, whose name was mentioned by Sister Margaret beforehand, she felt this strange feeling in her stomach; not exactly pleasant, but not by any means unpleasant either. Blaming it for a missed breakfast, she continued her walk towards the entrance. Upon reaching it, they discovered that he was dozing off, leaning by the metal gate. Chiffon blushed when she realized she was staring; Kazuya looked really handsome, but cute and shy all the while. The feeling she'd been having swelled up almost immediately, and she shook her head violently in an attempt to abandon it. This didn't go unnoticed by the older woman beside her; she smiled knowingly, then coughed to wake the boy up.


Hearing someone gently cough, Kazuya snapped his head up to be face-to-face with a middle-aged woman, who he remembered was Sister Margaret, the Headmistress of West Genetics academy.

"Oh I'm really sorry sensei. I wasn't paying attention." He quickly apologized, silently chastising himself for being so daft.

"It's fine Kazuya Aoi. Welcome to West Genetics. As you may have known, I'm Sister Margaret, the academy's principal." They shook hands. "And this is the Student Body Council President, Chiffon Fairchild."

Not until then did Kazuya notice the girl standing beside the Headmistress. She was really pretty, Kazuya noticed, with her short brown hair and a lovely face.

The nun continued. "I have to go now. I hope you'll have a great time studying here."

"Thanks sensei." With that she walked away.

Turning his attention back to Chiffon, Kazuya smiled shyly. "Hello Fairchild-senpai. It's very nice to meet you." He bowed a little, then straightened up so that they were facing each other.


Chiffon did a sharp intake of breath when Kazuya opened his eyes.

A pair of fearful black eyes staring at her from darkness and a long, terrified scream that seemed to have erupted from herself…

It couldn't be. His eyes were exactly like the ones in her dreams! But why could something like that happen? She didn't even know him before, and she was dreaming about his eyes?

Her train of terrifying thoughts was interrupted by hearing the Principal's introduction. Pushing whatever she was thinking to the back of her mind, she focused on doing her job.


"Hello Kazuya-san. Please call me Chiffon. I'm the school's first-ranked 3rd year student, so I was made Council President. I hope we can be friends." The President smiled brightly, chasing the awkward moments away.

Pleasantly surprised with the girl's friendliness, Kazuya replied. "Of course, I'd like it very much senpai."

"You're really nice Kazuya-san. Come on, I'll show you around." Chiffon skipped inside the open gate. Kazuya hurried after her, glad to not be a complete stranger at a new place.


"And there's the training compound. Here's where Pandoras and Limiters test their skills with stimulated NOVA opponents." Chiffon pointed at the massive arena. "And of course, with each other, but only during the Carnival."

Chiffon was right; the academy was indeed very huge. They spent all afternoon walking around the other day, and still could not cover one fifth of the school ground. She could only show him the whole dormitory area before it was dinnertime, so they agreed to meet each other the next day. And the next. Now they were meeting again the fourth time, and neither felt boring or awkward; they enjoyed each other's company too much for that.

"Wow..." Kazuya exclaimed. "Why do people need that much space to compete each other?"

"Well, the nature of these battles is massively devastating, so it's just fitted that the battlefield is required to be huge." Chiffon answered nonchalantly. She'd answered this question many times before, since a lot of new students didn't believe it until they'd seen for themselves.

Kazuya opened his mouth to ask another question, but before any sound came out, the massive wall in front of them exploded, throwing them both off their feet.

"Wha… What happened?" Kazuya asked, still dazed by the sound. He never noticed being helped to his feet by the already recovered Chiffon.

"I'm not sure…" She trailed off, immediately knowing the answer after seeing a woman figure with blonde hair.

"Oh, I remember now. Today is the Carnival of the Second years. So… Enjoy…?"

Kazuya looked over to the sheepish-looking Chiffon with a "Now you tell me" look.


Satellizer was nearly swept away by Genessa's attack. Had it not for her ability to quickly regain control of the situation, that smug redhead would have almost win. Narrowing her eyes to see through the dense smoke, she could barely make out four deadly chains with pointed ends heading her way with extreme speed. No problems though, Genessa might as well attack with eight of them and they still wouldn't do an ounce of good, the blonde vaguely thought when she quickly parried, yes, parriedthe attack. Turning her newly materialized Nova Blood sideways, Satellizer stopped the chains dead in their tracks, then crushedthem with brute force. Her opponent was stunned; dread filling her face. She smirked inwardly, knowing Genessa would have to stay in the hospital for a long while after this.


"Senpai, who is that? She is really powerful, don't you think?" Kazuya asked in awe after seeing the blonde Pandora defeat her aggressive opponent with ease. He wasn't quite used to seeing blood, but he was so impressed to mind that.

"She was Satellizer , the 1st-ranked Second Year in our academy. You observed well Kazuya-san. She is very strong, that's why she stays undefeated for a long time. Not just undefeated, mind you, she didn't even get touched. You know, here we call her 'The Untouchable Queen'". Chiffon imformed Kazuya, eyeing Satellizer with admiration.

"Hey senpai, you're first-ranked too, and in your third year no less. You must be much better than her." Kazuya smiled playfully.

She flushed bright red at his compliment. Half-heartedly ignoring the excited fluttering in her stomach, she replied. "Thanks Kazuya-san. Well, maybe someday I'll find out about that."


Later that day…

Someone knocked on the door, making her jump a little. Recognizing the familiar sound pattern, she relaxed.

"Come in!" She said in her usual cheerful tone.

The door opened, revealing a beautiful blonde girl in a red dress with golden accent.

"Good evening Chiffon-senpai. Can I come in?" The girl said, smiling just a little.

"Of course Satella-san. Good evening to you too." Chiffon stood up from the recliner to greet her friend. "So, how did the Carnival go?"

"Don't play dumb senpai. You saw me fight. I saw you too."

"Well, I just thought you would like to tell me about it."

"I think I did well. That Genessa almost had me once, but she was too… inexperienced to accomplish that."

"Satella, I know you have respect for the girl, why don't you two stop fighting all the time and try to be friends?"

Satellizer sighed. They'd talked about this before. "But she's so arrogant! Even though she never wins, she always talks to me like I'm an underachiever or something." Stopping a moment to breathe, she concluded. "We will never be friends."

"I don't know, but she seems nice enough around Arthur." A good listener and observer as she was, Chiffon always took time learning more about people in order to see through their masks. Genessa Roland was no exception; she could be very sweet and friendly, but for some reason, not to Satellizer.

"Of course she is. They're a couple." She said haltingly. Chiffon could easily see the jealousy behind the way her friend talked. "Anyways, who's the guy going with you this morning?"

"Ah, he's Kazuya Aoi, the new Limiter student." The older Pandora replied, not really feeling up to talk about boys at the moment.

"I didn't have time to take a good look, but you two certainly seemed friendly with each other." Satellizer smirked. "Maybe you'll find a Limiter after all."

She knew she had hit the jackpot; it was ingenious to tease Chiffon about her Limiter issue. Despite being very friendly and open to everyone, Chiffon had little more experience in romance than a child did; Satellizer sometimes heard Limiters talking about Chiffon being too childish and naïve to be someone to have a relationship with. That was why she was stuck with temporary Limiters every battle, and even though she hated it, there's nothing she could do.

"Satella!" Chiffon exclaimed indignantly, feeling her face burning up. "We've just met!"

"Yeah, I can see right through that."

Too vexed to retort, Chiffon chose to huff and turned away.

"Come on, don't be mad at me." The blonde playfully whined. "Oh, it's late already. I'm heading back to my room. Goodbye senpai!"

Chiffon turned around to give her a parting smile. "Bye Satella-san."


Later Days!