Kyouya X Tamaki

Okay future and past fans this is the first chapter of my new story. This one starts off where the last one ended, just with new characters. So if you haven't read the first one read Hikaru X Kaoru Romance.

Kyouya sat at a table in the host club typing on his computer. He'd just recently bought another company from his father but this one he placed under new management. A promising younger man who'd been working in the company for years. He was pleased with the decision and proud of himself. Of course his father wouldn't be. He shrugged the thought of.

"Mon ami! What are you doing? Come! Join the activities!" Kyouya stiffened and glanced up. The King was standing over him with his naïve and lovely smile. Kyouya's heart stumbled in his chest. Today he was dressed as an Egyptian Pharaoh. In one of his history classes he'd been studying Egypt and so had come up with another one of his crazy brilliant ideas for the club.

They were all dressed up in such costumes, all but Haruhi who refused to wear the outfit Tamaki had chosen for her. He couldn't blame her; it was quite more than a little revealing. She shocked the guests with her knowledge of such subjects so they were just as entertained as everyone else. Kyouya's own costume was that of a Priest. "I'll be right there. Just double checking the profit we've made today."

"Enough of that, come, the guests are lonely without their favorite host."

Kyouya sighed and pushed his glasses further up on his face. "Just a moment Tamaki."

"You work to hard mon ami." With that Tamaki twirled around and went on entertaining his "Princesses." Kyouya rolled his eyes. Scanning around the room he noticed Mori and Honey were doing their parts. Mori sat stoically never say anything, a mystery that girls found intriguing. Honey was his usual happy cute self. The twins, the twins were very different. They'd recently had a falling out, and their act at the club had suffered. But now, now everything with the two were better than ever. Even now Kaoru was gazing up into Hikaru's eyes. That look was filled with such love, it was hard to watch.

A pang of jealousy shot through Kyouya. When the first pangs had shot through him he hadn't recognized it for what it was, glancing back at Tamaki, he knew. He'd felt this so often he was sure he felt it in his sleep. The only reprieve he had was when he and Kaoru had gotten close. And though he wouldn't admit it again, (out loud) he missed him.

Standing he walked back to the guests. Standing by the girls that had requested him he smiled at them. One asked, "Wow this is such a great theme I wish you could do this every day."

"Well we'll have photos on our online site from today. And of course there is our monthly magazine which will be available for purchase at the end of the month. If you're interested you can sign up for our VIP membership then you are guaranteed a copy and of course there will be bonus magazines for holidays and special events."

"Oh I want to sign!"

"Me too," chimed another girl.

Kyouya thanked the girls for their support but was already counting how well the new VIP membership was going to help with the club's expenses. When club was over Kyouya went to the changing rooms and put his school uniform back on. Coming out he noticed that the only two in the room were himself and Tamaki. The King was still dressed in the ridiculous uniform and seemed quite comfortable.

"Have you noticed how different things have been since Haruhi has started us cleaning the club after activities? It's as if everyone takes more pride in the smallest things. Like this tea cup." He held it up to eye level examining it. "Not a chip or crack. It's like we're proud of them and understand their importance in the club."

Kyouya gave a half smile. "That's because when they get chipped or scratched it comes out of everyone's pockets. Something Haruhi can't have and something the rest of us don't want to have to deal with."

Tamaki shrugged. "That may be true but it's nice to see value in something that at one point none of us cared about." Tamaki flashed his winning smile and had Kyouya's heart pounding. Tamaki shocked Kyouya sometimes, even now after having known each other for so long. A lot of people thought of Tamaki as an idiot. Well, they were right. But there was much more to the king than most knew.

Kyouya began picking things up and setting them on a tray. "Hey Kyouya?"


"I have some ideas for our next trip."

"Oh? When are we taking this one?"

"I'm not sure, we need to know when the other hosts will have a few days off."

Kyouya looked up at the blond. "Then we won't be taking guests?"

Tamaki shook his head, still cleaning off a table. "No. I want to get away, just us for a few days. I think we can all use the break. Don't you?" Tamaki now raised his violet eyes to Kyouya's.

"Yeah, I guess we can. Where are you thinking about going?"

"Well Haruhi still doesn't have a passport so I was thinking that maybe we could go to another of your family's resorts. Just relax. Or maybe to one of our private homes on a beach somewhere. Although last time that wasn't the best idea. Then again, without guests I suppose there won't be anyone for her to rescue."

"Well we can decide all of that when we figure out everyone's schedules. I know Honey and Mori will be up for it. But I'm not sure about the twins."

Tamaki's head jerked up. "Why wouldn't they go?"

Kyouya shrugged. It seemed he was the only one who didn't realize what was going on with the younger boys. "No particular reason, it just seems that they've been spending a lot of time alone together."

"You don't think their bored of the Host Club do you?"

Tamaki seemed genuinely worried so Kyouya hurried to sooth him. "No I really don't think so. I think they just need the time. Things have been going really well with their Brotherly Love package and I think they deserve the time alone."

Tamaki smiled, his worries gone. "Yeah. I guess so. We all do spend most of our time with one another."

"No one is complaining."

"Except Haruhi. I think I really get on her nerves."

"Everyone gets on her nerves."

"Not the twins."

"Especially the twins. She's always yelling at them."

"She's always yelling at you too." Tamaki's face dropped and Kyouya could have broken a tea cup and used the sharp edge to cut out his tongue.

"I know she does. I really am beginning to think she doesn't see me as a father figure."

Kyouya resisted the urge to roll his eyes. "Don't feel bad, I don't think she sees me as the 'mother type' either."

Tamaki brightened again. "Really?"

"Really." With that they got back to work.

That night Kyouya sat at his table and wrote in his notebook. No one but himself had ever seen its contents and he fully intended to keep it that way. Everyone thought that he wrote numbers and figures in there, but they couldn't have been further from the truth. Let them think what they wanted; it wasn't any of their damn business. Briefly he thought about getting a journal with a lock but it was a passing thought. That would just get everyone even more curious.

Looking at a nearby clock Kyouya noted the time. It was getting late and he needed to go to bed soon. He finished the last sentence the closed the book for the night.

In his bedroom he changed from the school uniform he was wearing into a pair of pajama bottoms, his usual sleep attire. Laying down he closed his eyes, and prayed the dreams wouldn't come.