This is going to be very short but I wanted to answer some unfinished questions. This happens years down the road, way after high school and the Host Club. I hope this also does the rest of the story justice. Thank you for reading and the wonderful reviews. Please keep them coming!


Kyouya sat at the bar nursing a drink. His long time lover sat to his left while his best friend sat to his right. It had taken months of begging and pleading, something he wasn't proud of, but Masashi had finally forgiven him and even now was with his own lover who sat on Masashi's other side. At first things had been awkward when his lover and friend had met, all of them knowing what Kyouya had used Masashi for.

They sat and laughed about old times. Tamaki and Kyouya shared a house, they'd created stupid reasons for living together. Kyouya had inherited his father's company having outdone both of his brothers in college studying medicine with a minor in business. He graduated top of his classes. He'd started a company of his own and within five years it had rivaled that of his father's. Tamaki had finally gained the approval of his grandmother in turn gaining the approval of his father. Tamaki stood to inherit after his father passed.

They'd both found out long ago that they didn't need the approval of their families. And with his sister and brothers having produced several heirs there was no pressure on him to get married and have children. Something he never planned to do as he had everything he wanted. Masashi was cut off in mid sentence as he welcomed his lover to the bar, his lover having gotten there late.

Kyouya looked into the glowing brown eyes of his friend, then turned to the loving violet eyes of his lover. They'd fought and made up and fought again. They made love as often as possible and then some. Their love ran so deep that they no longer needed words to express it but they were said everyday more than once. They'd vaulted over every hurtle that was put in their path together. They'd been together this long and looking into those beautiful eyes he knew they'd be together forever.