Chapter 1

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Lily Evans, seventh year, sat in the last compartment of the Hogwarts Express.

In general, she was pretty. Beautiful, in fact. She was wearing a plain white turtleneck sweater, and a long, black skirt, as she had obviously just come from some other sort of formal occasion, from which she hadn't had time to change aside from her top. Her auburn hair was pulled back in a low ponytail, and she was bent over a book of some sort.

As always.

James Potter had, of course, noticed Lily Evans' beauty. It was hard not to, as she had only been another eleven year old kid with braided pigtails and braces on September first when she first arrived at the school. Now, though, her braces were gone, and her smile was much better for it. Not that James had ever been on the receiving end of her smile. Not now, not ever, he figured.

James Potter was a good kid, with a few flaws here and there. Heir of the Potter family fortune, he was very commonly the talk of the girls of the school. Tall and handsome, quite a good Chaser for the Gryffindor House Quidditch Team, also the team captain.

The two of them immensely disliked each other for various reasons that would take too much time to list, so we'll just say that they immensely disliked each other.

They were also, however, extremely alike.

Lily was a top student, possibly the only one able to rival James' grades. She was also muggle born, meaning she wasn't from a wizarding family. That, by no means, stopped her talent in classes. She was the best at Charms, the best at Astronomy. She aced Ancient Runes, was probably the only one not to fall asleep during History of Magic, and excelled in Potions. The only subject she wasn't one of the top students at was Transfiguration, where she was still maintaining an above average level.

James, too, was a top student, and also excelled in every subject, particularly at Transfiguration. The only class he had trouble with was, oddly enough, Lily's best subject, Charms. The two were tied in first on nearly every subject, as a constant, on-going battle to achieve the better grade. One would get ahead for a while, gloat, brag, and such, but it wasn't long before the other would catch up. James was also a pureblood, from a wizarding family.

However, while James was quite good with the females of the school, and left quite a trail of broken hearts behind him, Lily was the exact opposite. She had never quite understood boys, from why they ate so much, to why they chose to act the way they did. Of course, as she was one of the most beautiful and popular girls, a few brave boys would attempt to ask her out.

They were seen at the hospital a few days later, suffering various injuries.

Needless to say, neither James nor Lily were on the best of terms with each other.


"You should change, y'know."

Lily looked up, finding the person who had addressed her.


"You should change into uniform," James rephrased.

"Uniformis," she said simply, pointing her wand at herself.

Her turtleneck was instantly replaced with the school uniform, a dark blue pleated skirt, a dark blue sweater with the Hogwarts crest embroidered on it, over a white blouse.

"You were saying?"

James frowned. Being the horrible Charms student he was, he couldn't have even tried to attempt that, as he would have ended up looking extremely disorganized.

"Uh," James cleared his throat, "Just thought that I should remind you, as I am Head Boy."

Lily stared.

He couldn't help but feel a bit smug; his mother had been quite proud when the letter had arrived, and since then, he'd been dying to tell someone the news. Even if it was Lily Evans, it was still someone.

"Please repeat that," she said, as if unable to comprehend to such an idea.

Which was reasonable, as James and his friends were quite the troublemakers, and pranksters known throughout the school.

"I said," James said clearly, as if he was talking to a small child, "that I am Head Boy."

"That can't be possible," Lily replied.

"Why not?"

"Because I'm Head Girl."


"… And it gives me great pleasure to announce this year's Head Boy and Girl, Mr. James Potter, and Miss Lily Evans!" Dumbledore said, as the students in the Great Hall applauded.

"I would like to say that I can guarantee a nice, quiet, pleasant, all together quaint school year," James said to the students. "But… as most of you know me, my friends, and our reputation, that's not very likely."

With that brief statement, many of the girls swooned and cheered, while Lily stood and took his place.

"I'm Lily Evans, for you all that don't know me. And a note to all you first years, don't worry, Potter was joking… I hope. Anyway, I'm not giving you any campaign promises, but I'll definitely come to the best of my abilities to give you all a great year… Even with an idiot like James Potter for a Head Boy."

A few murmurs of laughter followed, accompanied by applause.


"Lily, you lucky witch! You never told me you were Head Girl!" Lily's best friend, Evelyn McDaniels exclaimed.

"What I wouldn't give to be in your position!" her other friend, Bella, squealed. Quite the romantic. "Hours and hours with James Potter!"

"I hope to spend the least amount of required time with him," Lily said stiffly.

"Boy, is he dreamy…"

"Excuse me while I continue my process of indigestion privately," Lily said, disgustedly.


"James, you lucky guy! You get to work with dear ol' Lily!" Sirius Black said to his friend.

"Yippee," James said bitterly.

"She's hot, get that in your over intelligent mind, James," Sirius said, knocking at James' forehead.

"I feel sick."

"She is hot, you know," Sirius persisted.

"I honestly thought you had better taste than that, Sirius," James frowned.

"Than what?" Lily asked, rounding the stairs that led from the Seventh year girl's dormitories to the Gryffindor Common Room. "I'm going to the library, by the way. I've got to brush up my Transfiguration."

"Transfiguration is one of the easiest subjects on Earth," James scoffed.

"Charms isn't exactly restricted to rocket scientists, either," Lily shot back.

"You… You just aren't worth the breath, Evans."

"Like you are?"

"Most definitely."

"Don't count on it."


James Potter infuriated her.

Lily sighed, seeking her usual refuge in the library from her stress, and, of course, James Potter. The library was one place he would not be found in, except for a while during fifth year, researching on animagi for unknown reasons, and for the final exams of the year.

She was on good terms with Madame Pince, the taut lipped, middle aged, strict librarian.

"Hey, cutie," a sandy haired Ravenclaw said.

Lily jerked up from her book. "Come closer and I'll snap your neck," she said invitingly.

"Sure you will."

Lily stood up. "Don't say you weren't warned." She twisted his arm around to the back of his back, so that it was stuck there in a bizarre way even after she let go.


"Crybaby," Lily muttered as he ran out to the nurse.

"Getting a head start on your homework already?" Evelyn asked, plopping down next to Lily.

"No. It's just that this year should be harder than ever, and I don't want to be left behind everyone else."

Evelyn laughed, immediately shushed by Madame Pince. "Lily, if you're behind, then we have the minds of slugs. C'mon, Lily, have some fun, for once."

Lily drew a mock gasp of horror. "Fun? What is this horrid word, fun? I'm too busy being busy, and besides, who needs fun, when you've got being snooty and snobbish?"

Evelyn giggled, then was shooed out of the library.


"The constellations of Ursa Major and Ursa Minor?"

"A bear, professor."

"Excellent. And the name of the dog constellation?"


Sirius jerked up from his midmorning snooze. "Wha…?"

Lily frowned in disapproval.

"I was talking, Mr. Black, about the dog constellation, Sirius," Professor Sinistra said. "Your namesake, I presume. However, the questions I have asked you are commonly known to muggle children at the age of seven. You, I remind, are seventeen. Tell me, what is the technical term for the North Star?"


"Northern lights. Technical terms for them?"


"How many constellations make up the night sky known to muggles?"


"I had hoped that you would have improved since the last time I'd seen you," Sinistra said.

"Ask Lily," Sirius mumbled sleepily, before dozing off again.


"Phobia Charms, what are they?"

Lily's hand shot up. "They form an unbalance at the brain's nerve center, used to intimidate opponents during wizarding duels."

"Excellent, Miss Evans," Professor Flitwick beamed at his prize student. "I will allow you to demonstrate a duel with the student of your choice, using Phobia Charms only."

Lily smiled, getting up to the front of the class. "How about… James Potter?"

James stood up and walked to the center, opposing Lily.

"On the count of three," Professor Flitwick announced, as the students watched. "One, two, three! Duel!"

"Enlargio!" Lily shouted.

Prepared to sprout horns, James breathed a sigh of relief, then saw a seven-foot tall spider.

"Too unobservant, Evans, I'm not afraid of spiders," he smirked.

Lily rolled her eyes. "Hmm. Too cocky. Phobis Arachnid!"


"That was very good, Miss Evans!"

The professor waved his wand, and the spider disappeared.

James straightened. "Phobis Claustria!"

Lily glanced around. "In case you haven't noticed, Potter, claustrophobia wouldn't bother me, as we're out in the open."

"Flamitis!" James muttered.

Lily's hair burst into flames. "Sandinone," she pointed at her hair, which immediately ceased flaming. "Wingardium Leviosa!" Lily smirked as James rose higher towards the ceiling. "Something we learned in first year. To my memory, you were passing a note to Sirius Black when the counter curse was explained. "Phobis Acro!"


"As usual, Miss Evans, excellent use of the Acrophobia Charm!"

Lily smiled, and brought James down.

Though the look in her green eyes showed she would have loved to leave him there.


"Owl Post," Lily announced the next morning at breakfast.

Other than her usual copy of the Daily Prophet, a wizarding newspaper which she had subscribed to, she had no mail.

Next to her, James was busily unwrapping his daily package of sweets and tricks, sent by owl from the house-elves.

Muttering something that sounded like, "Immature," Lily stalked to the Prefects' bathroom.


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