He walked past the bulletin board, not giving it much notice. He didn't even turn his head, just letting his peripheral vision get a little look in.

However, something caught his eye. He froze for a moment, then, as he told himself it was probably nothing, he took a few steps back. He slowly turned and looked straight at the bulletin board. What he saw made him gasp, then stop breathing altogether.

He stared at the picture for a moment, his eyes wide. He wasn't sure how long he stared at the photo, but the next thing he heard were the sounds of boys and girls laughing beside him. The sound pulled him out of his trance and he looked around. At least twenty kids were surrounding him, all staring at the photo. Some were taking pictures of it with their phones and others were sending texts about it.

Without allowing them one more second to laugh, point, photograph, or just look at the picture, he tore it down. He crumbled it up in his hands and carried it off with him as he speed-walked down the hall.

The kids who had been so interested in the picture were yelling things at him as he walked away. He had no idea what they were saying, and he didn't want to know, he just wanted to get away.

He saw all the other kids staring, pointing and laughing at him, and giving him kissy faces as he hurried to try and get away from it all.

'No, no, no, no, no. This is not happening,' He kept telling himself. He hoped that each time he would blink, when his eyes reopened they would show a different picture. He'd be at home, in his bed, just waking up. Or he'd be in English Lit. with the teacher banging on his desk for him to wake up. Or maybe in gym, waking up after passing out while trying to climb a rope. He'd be somewhere else, somewhere safe, somewhere not here, somewhere where this wasn't really happening… Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. He was very much awake, he was very much lucid, he was very much dead meat.

His heart pounded harder and harder with each step towards the exit door. He wanted out of the building… He needed out of the building. It would be safe there. He could go home, run to his room, slam the door shut and not come out until after graduation.

'He hasn't done anything in months, he's changed, he wouldn't start back now,' He thought, then reality set in. 'He changed because someone else pressured him to, you idiot! He changed so no one would find out about this! Now they all know. Not one or two people; all of them! You're screwed!'

He was nearing the door. So, so close. He could feel the freedom… the release of worry (if only for the rest of the day)… He was almost there. Then someone suddenly grabbed his right arm and pulled him into the janitor's closet.

The door slammed behind him and he was forcefully pushed up against it. "You," The voice scowled deeply.

"Don't put the blame on me, Karofsky. You know I didn't do this."

"No one else would do it, gay boy."

"Oh, don't call me names like that. There's no one even here to listen!" Kurt wasn't sure how he stepped into survival mode so quickly, but there was really no other choice. Do or die. "And why would I ever put this picture anywhere? How would I have gotten it taken? I'm in it!"

"You had someone do it!"

"I didn't know you were gonna kiss me!"

"I don't care how you did it, but I know that this is your fault. You better be glad that there are witnesses in the hallway cause I swear, the next time I find you alone, you're dead."

Hiding the fear that was filling quickly inside of him, Kurt took a deep breath. "You better wait until the bell rings to leave. You wouldn't want someone thinking you're coming out of the metaphorical closet."

Kurt turned and jerked the door open, hoping Dave wouldn't stop him before he could get all the way out.

His heart pounded as he left out of the closet and ran for the exit door.

As he rushed home, what Dave had last said to him replayed over and over in his mind. Dave had threatened to kill him again… but, this time, Kurt knew he meant it.

This is set sometime during season 3 (I guess). Blaine goes to McKinley, that's really the only thing to say it's set in season three (I'm guessing he joins McKinley in season 3).

This is my first Glee fanfic. I've only been a fan for about two weeks now, but I've seen every episode- most of them more than once. I'm trying to keep the characters as in-character as possible, but if I stray, feel free to let me know how I could make it better.

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