Sleeping alone didn't work well for Kurt. He practically begged for Blaine to be able to stay the night, since he seemed to be the only one who could help after a nightmare, or stop them altogether. Burt and Carole were willing to try anything, but Blaine's dad automatically said no. However, his mom said absolutely. She was the one having to get up in the middle of the night because Blaine was screaming (often Kurt's name), and have to help him through his nightmare. She told this to her husband and, even though he refused to talk to her since, Blaine was allowed to stay with Kurt.

No one really worried about them doing anything inappropriate as both of them were still healing both physically and mentally. Plus, Kurt wouldn't let anyone see him without a shirt, hating the scars the were ever present on his body.

The most they do is cuddle and kiss. During the night, they sleep as close as possible to one another. Arms tangled around each other, feeling safe as long as they were attached somehow.

They always face each other, that way, when they wake up, they automatically know they're not alone.

It often kept the nightmares away, but not always. Sometimes Blaine wakes up, Kurt's name on his lips, his heart pounding, and sweat making his clothes cling to him. Kurt helps him through those nights. And, other nights, it's Kurt who needs the help…

"No… Please, no… No! No! No!" Kurt shoved the covers off of him as he popped up from his restless sleep. Blaine was up just as fast, scooting closer to Kurt and placing a hand around him, moving him so Blaine could hold him in his arms.

"He was holding me down," Kurt said, breathless, with his arms wrapped tightly around Blaine and his head on his shoulder, "stabbing me over and over, and I could feel it. I could feel it."

Blaine was gently rocking him now. "It's okay. I'm here. It's okay."

Kurt tried not to cry, but tears slowly began to escape and, before he knew it, he was sobbing. "When's it gonna stop, Blaine? When's it gonna stop?"

Blaine took a deep breath and kissed the top of Kurt's head. "I don't know, Kurt. I wish I did, but… I just don't know."

Three weeks passed and Kurt was getting ready for his first day back at school. He was physically ready to return a week and a half earlier, but Burt refused to let him go back until the rumors died down some more. He, however, didn't understand that Kurt going back would simply make them restart again. It wasn't something anyone thought about until it was too late…

Kurt walked down the hallway, Blaine by his side, trying to ignore the fact that every person he walked by was staring at him. Blaine had already been back at school for over a week now, and he didn't seem to notice the stares, so Kurt thought maybe he was just imagining things.

Then, he and Blaine had to split up for class. That's when the questions started. People would randomly come up to him, usually in groups, crowding his space and asking things that were none of their business.

"How many times did he stab you?"

"What did it feel like?"

"Do you wish you would have been the one to kill him?"

"Were you the one to kill him?"

"Did your dad kill him?"

"Can I see the scars?"

By the time third period rolled around, he was hiding in the last stall of the boys bathroom, shaking.

When Mike texted Blaine that Kurt wasn't in fourth period, Blaine quickly left his class and began looking. The school was big though, so he texted everyone in the New Directions to look around as well.

It was Puck who texted him back first, with something other than "looking." He told him to come to the boys bathroom on the second floor- quick.

When Blaine got there, Puck was standing outside of the stall. "I saw his shoes. He won't talk to me or let me in."

Blaine nodded, then took a step forward and knocked on the door. "Kurt? Kurt, will you let me in?"

There was a few seconds of complete silence, then the single sound of the stall door unlocking.

Blaine glanced at Puck before turning back to the door and slowly opening it, making sure it didn't knock into Kurt, who was curled up on the ground with his arms tight around his knees.

Blaine stepped in the stall and closed the door back. He stared down at Kurt for a moment and, when Kurt didn't look up from the ground, he sat opposite him, placing his arms around his knees as well.

"Kurt, what happened?"

Kurt suddenly looked up at him, as though he just noticed his presence. "I can't handle the questions," He said with wide, red eyes, shaking his head. "It's bringing back too much. I can't handle it yet."

"I'm so sorry, Kurt," Blaine replied, wishing he knew what he could do to fix this. All he could offer right now was to hold Kurt. "Come here," He said gently, opening his arms and fixing his legs so Kurt could sit in-between them.

Kurt moved over to him, happy to lean against his chest and have Blaine's arms around him. "I just wanna go home," He said, his voice tired.

"Okay. Let's just wait until the bell rings, then we'll go."

Just then, Puck, who Blaine thought had already left out, cleared his throat. "Um, sorry, I- I didn't mean to listen, but I wasn't sure if I should leave," He said through the door. "Kurt, if you give me and the rest of the glee club fifteen minutes, I promise no one will bug you again. We did it for Blaine the day before he came back, we just didn't think we'd need to do it again."

"D- Do what?" Kurt asked cautiously.

"Just give us fifteen minutes," He repeated. "If you still wanna go home, you can, but I swear they won't bug you anymore. They've never bothered you, have they, Blaine?"

Blaine's eyebrows were furrowed. "No… No, they haven't."

"Great. Okay, remember, fifteen minutes."

Before either of them could get in another word, they heard the bathroom door open and close, then they were alone.

"What did they do?" Kurt asked, turning his head to look up at Blaine.

Blaine shrugged and shook his head, "Not sure I wanna know."

The first time they became more physical than simply making out on Kurt's bed was a little over three months after the attack. They were still sleeping together three nights a week, although they still never did anything but cuddle and kiss then. Both of them were too worried about getting caught.

But, on this night, Blaine had come over to study. Finn was hanging out with Puck, and Burt and Carole were on a date.

Sometime after studying for Chemistry, and before studying for English, Blaine and Kurt were on Kurt's bed.

Blaine's shirt was already off, and they were working on getting Kurt's off as well.

Kurt was still very self-conscious about the scars, but right now, in this moment, it was the last thing on his mind…

That is, until the shirt was actually off.

At first, he didn't notice. They sat up halfway so he could pull the shirt the rest of the way off, then lied back down and returned to their previous activities of making out. Then, Blaine stopped kissing his lips and started making his way down his neck, chest, then down his stomach and near his side- His side!

No, no, no, no!

"Stop!" Kurt yelled suddenly.

Blaine immediately stopped. "What?" He asked nervously, pushing himself up. He was on his hands and knees, still on top of Kurt, but no longer touching him.

"I- I- I need my shirt."

Blaine's eyes darted around the room. He was so confused. "Why?"

Kurt was beginning to panic. His chest was heaving as he looked frantically around the room, trying to see where his shirt was at.

"I just- I just need it."

Blaine moved over so he was now sitting beside Kurt. Kurt sat up quickly, then went to get up, but Blaine grabbed ahold of his wrist to keep him down.

"Kurt," He said, looking right into his eyes. "Just tell me what's wrong. Please."

Kurt said nothing. He looked away from Blaine and stared down at his comforter.

It was then that Blaine noticed Kurt's free hand was covering over his side… over the scars.

"Kurt… Kurt, look at me."

Kurt slowly looked over at Blaine.

"Give me your other hand."

Kurt shook his head. "No."

Blaine scooted a little closer to him. "Do you trust me, Kurt?"

"Yes. Always," Kurt replied without hesitation.

"And you know I wouldn't lie to you?"


"Okay. Then will you please lie back down and give me your other hand?"

Kurt took a deep breath, letting it out slowly, all the while looking right into Blaine's eyes.

After another deep breath, he began moving and Blaine let go of his wrist so he could lie back down. They never broke eye contact. Not until after Kurt had laid all the way back down, given both of his hands to Blaine, and Blaine had moved so he was straddling him again.

Blaine intertwined their fingers, just holding hands with him for a moment. Then, he gently let go, placing Kurt's arms down, slightly away from his body.

He leaned down and kissed Kurt on the lips, which instantly seemed to relax both of them.

After a few seconds passed, Blaine moved to his jaw, neck, chest, then stopped when he reached Kurt's side.

Kurt sucked in a breath as he watched Blaine. He was so nervous, but Blaine had asked if he trusted him, and Kurt did trust him.

Blaine looked at the scars, then gently traced his finger over one of them. He bent down and kissed it. "You." He said, then paused to kiss the next one. "Are." Kiss. "So." Kiss. "Beautiful."

Once he had kissed all four scars, he looked at Kurt, who was looking back at him with tears filled in his eyes.

Blaine moved back up so he was hovering over Kurt's face. "And I love you so, so much. Nothing will ever change that… You believe me, right?"

Kurt lifted up his hand and placed it on Blaine's cheek, rubbing his thumb over it gently. "Yes," He whispered as a tears fell from his eye, not fully trusting his voice. "Always."

They didn't go any further than that on that night. They spent the rest of the evening wrapped in each others arms, staring into one anothers eyes between kisses and confessions about the little things they loved so much about each other.

Another month passed and Kurt and Blaine were walking down the school hallway, laughing over the memory of Finn tripping over the couch the night before.

"Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson, to the principal's office, please."

They both stopped as they heard their names over the intercom. They looked at each other, both with eyebrows furrowed in question, then turned and headed back toward the principal's office.

The secretary had them go right in, and both Kurt and Blaine were surprised to see not just Principal Figgin's, but Sue, and Kurt's dad in there as well.

"Sue has some information that she wanted to share with us," Figgin's explained. "You two can have a seat."

They both sat down, looking extremely confused.

"We tried contacting your parents too, Blaine," Figgin's continued, "but your mother was out and your father said he could not make it."

Blaine rolled his eyes. "Of course not."

"Can someone please tell me what I'm doin' here?" Burt asked, becoming impatient.

"I called this meeting," Sue began, "because I needed to come clean about something."

"And what's that?" Burt questioned when she didn't continue.

"The photo. The one that was posted on the bulletin board. The one that caused everything to happen. Becky Jackson took it. I had told her to spy on the Coach Beiste for the day, the reasons of which are personal, and so she spent the entire day hiding in the boys locker room. She took the photo of the kiss when it happened. I didn't know about it or I would have done something right then.

"I watched that Dave kid shove some kids into a locker one day and, angered by the fact nothing would be done about it even if I told, I vented to Becky about how someone needed to teach that kid a lesson.

"She took the photo that she had, and posted it on the bulletin board. I didn't know she had done it until two weeks ago. Please don't take anything out on her. It was my fault. I take full responsibility."

"Well, someone better take responsibility!" Burt exclaimed as he stood up, angered. "That photo almost took my kid's and my kid's boyfriend's lives! Ho-"

"Dad, stop," Kurt said, and Burt stopped speaking immediately. Everyone looked over at the two boys, who just sat there, emotionless. "It doesn't matter."

"It doesn't- Kurt! How could you say that?" Burt asked.

"Blaine and I have talked about this before. The only person to blame for what happened is Dave, and he's dead. It's time to just move on."

Blaine nodded. "Kurt's right. We can't waste our time blaming anyone else for what happened. It's over, we're alive, and that's all that matters."

Ten years later, and Kurt and Blaine are in their New York apartment. However, their not enjoying the view out of their window; Instead lying in bed with their shirts off, and working on getting the rest of their clothes off as well.

Blaine is kissing his way down Kurt's chest, then stops when he gets to the scars that no cream ever helped to fade away. He rubs his finger gently over the first one before leaning down and kissing it. "You." Kiss. "Are." Kiss. "So." Kiss. "Beautiful."

He moves back up to hover over Kurt's face and looks him right in the eyes. "And I love you so, so much. Nothing will ever change that… You believe me, right?"

It might have seemed like such a cheesy thing to say now. The question would seem so childish to many, but not to Kurt. He'd been hearing it for ten years now, and it still brought tears to his eyes.

Kurt raises his hand to Blaine's cheek, rubbing his thumb over it gently. He whispers his reply because, even after all these years, he still doesn't trust his voice after the question.

"Yes. Always."

The End!

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