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Chapter 1: Tears, Vodka and Mobiles

Feliciano Vargas (Italy) sat on a bench a few blocks away from where the current world meeting was supposed to be taking place. Tears were sliding down his cheeks 'How could he? He told me he loved me and then he goes and makes out with someone else!' his thoughts cried out in agony.

He had been making his way to the meeting room early -for once- and upon opening the door he saw his lover Ludwig (Germany) -'Former lover more like it!' he thought bitterly- in a passionate lip lock with Francis (France), Italy's first impression of what he saw was that his perverted big brother was forcing himself on Germany, but when their lips parted there were murmurs of "Je t'aime" (French – I love you) and "Ich liebe dich auch" (German – I love you too).

At that Italy had ran, out side the meeting place bumped in to someone –he couldn't remember who right now- before running again, and right now he didn't care about the meeting, not one bit!Germany had been the one to repair the damage Holy Roman Empire had left in the Italian's heart, now that heart was in a million pieces and only someone with the patience of a saint or someone who truly loved him would be able to repair it.


At hearing his name he turned to see a tall man with beige blond hair wearing a long beige military coat (America had somehow conned everyone into wearing their WWII uniforms to the meeting). The man had a paper bag in his arms with three clear tall glass bottles in it.

"Russia? Oh, are you coming back from the shops?" Italy asked while trying to keep the sadness and pain out of his voice.

It was useless because Russia wasn't an idiot, and could clearly see the Italian's puffy red eyes and the tear streaks down his cheeks indicating that he had been crying, but seeing as how Italy didn't want to talk about it, Russia chose to pretend he hadn't seen… for the moment.

"Да, I had drunk all the vodka I brought with me so I had to get more."

"I see..." Italy mumbled looking down at his lap completely expecting the northern European nation to continue towards the meeting place like he hadn't even seen him
Italy hadn't expected the lager nation to sit next to him, adjusting the bag he had to sit in the space between them.

"Did something happen?" Russia asked, breaking the small silence that had formed between them.

"Ve~ it's nothing..." Italy said with an obviously fake and strained smile.

Russia could tell that was a lie, something was obviously wrong with the Italian and for some reason he truly wanted to know why…

*ring ring ring*

Russia pulled his mobile out of his pocket; flipping it open, not bothering to look at the caller ID.

"Hel-" before he could even say hello to the person who called him, said person cut him off.

"Hey Russia have you seen Italy? His brother Romano is here and has been yelling around that he's gone missing!" America yelled.

Russia turned his head to look at the 'missing' Italian and he saw that Italy had obviously heard America's loudness and his face now held a bit of shame, Russia guessed that Italy hadn't told his brother where he was going before what ever happened to him happened.

Russia directed his phone towards the smaller nation and mouthed 'Do you want to talk?'

With a small nod Italy took the mobile with a slightly shaky hand and held it up to his ear.

"America, its Italy"

"Italy! Are you ok? Your brother is worried sick!"

"Yes I'm fine America and please tell fratello to stop worrying"

Italy then heard his brother demanding for the phone, threatening to castrate the North American nation with a rusty fork if he didn't hand the mobile over.

"Feliciano! Are you alright? Wait… Why the hell are you with Russia?"

"Ve~ Romano I'm fine really, Russia and I ran into each other on his way back to the meeting place"

"Well I need to talk with you and the meeting is about to start! So hurry and come back!"

"I-I'm not going back today"


"I'm just not, fratello!"

Italy immediately closed the phone, cutting off the call and ending the conversation.

He held it in his hand for a moment expecting it to ring.

*ring ring ring*

And ring it did, so Italy quickly handed it back to Russia who pocketed it having decided to ignore it too.

"You're not going back?" Italy asked after a brief pause.

"Nyet, I don't feel like going back right now" Russia replied pulling one of the bottles out of the paper bag and taking a swig of the clear liquid inside.

They sat in silence after that, the only sounds they both heard were nature, traffic and Russia's mobile going off every now and then...

Meanwhile at the meeting place...

"Why the hell aren't they picking up!" Romano yelled, almost throwing America's phone across the room in the process.

"Romano-san maybe Italy-kun and Russia-san are just sitting somewhere chatting about food?" Japan asked calmly, even though he didn't believe what he had said, he knew that there was something wrong with the young Italian nation, especially with what happened when he(Japan) had arrived at the meeting place earlier…


"I don't know why I come early, everyone else usually comes a little late" Japan mumbled opening the door into the building, only to crash into someone, who landed on top of him as they fell.

"I-Italy-kun?" Japan stuttered with a blush when he realized who was on top of him, though the blush lessened when tears hit his face.

"N-Nihon?" Italy whispered tearing up even more.

'Ok something is definitely wrong, he only calls me "Nihon" when he's truly scared or upset' Japan thought worriedly, forgetting the suggestive situation they were in.

"Italy-kun did something happen?"

"I-I was coming in e-early… the meeting room… and I saw… WHY?" Italy tried to explain, but his voice kept breaking up and more tears fell.

"Italy-kun, come inside with me and we'll-"

"NO! I'M NOT GOING BACK IN THERE!" Italy yelled standing up and running off…

(End Flashback)

When Japan had actually walked into the meeting room, after fixing himself up and ridding his mind of how he kind of enjoyed Italy on top of him –witch took about 10 minutes- all he saw was Germany, France, England and America sitting at their seats mindlessly chatting, he had been about to ask the four other nations what happened to Italy when Romano burst in –with Spain following- yelling that his brother was missing.

Sighing lightly and returning to the present, Japan fiddled with Italy's mobile, –it had fallen out of the young Italian's pocket when they had crashed into each other- the 'black Mokona' and 'white Mokona' phone charms that Japan had given Italy clinking together every now and then.

"ARG! WHY THE HELL ISN'T THAT DAMN VODKA BASTARD ANSWERING HIS FUCKING MOBILE?" Romano yelled roughly throwing the mobile he had been using at its owner.

"Woah man, watch the phone" America said, catching his phone and cradling it slightly.

"You git! Worry less about your phone and more about the fact that Italy is out there somewhere, alone, with Russia" England mumbled while glairing at his former colony.

America had been about to make a smart comment back when he heard someone mumbling.

"Though… I guess talking with that vodka bastard did calm him down…" Romano mumbled absentmindedly to himself.

"What are you talking about Romano?" France asked.

Romano's head snapped up.

"Damn did I say that out loud?" Romano muttered then began fidgeting with the hem of his shirt "You see Feliciano and I can kinda feel each others emotions at times. So when I felt severe depression through our connection thing, I got kinda worried and sorta overreacted when I couldn't find him at our hotel room"

"So, he never was actually missing?" America asked with a slight sulk realizing he's not going to get to be the big hero today.

"N-no" Romano mumbled.

"So through this connection thing you two have, you can tell he's calm now?" England asked with a raised bushy eyebrow.

"Yeah, he's somewhat calm now" Romano said with a slight nod.

"I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing considering who he's with" America stated coming out of his sulk.

"Well as long as he's not depressed as hell, then its go-" Romano got cut off.

*THE AWESOME ME IS CALLING ANSWER YOUR PHONE WEST!*Prussia's voice suddenly yelled out of nowhere startling everyone.

Germany face-palmed while pulling his mobile out of his pocket and instantly put it on loud speaker as he answered, it was just Prussia after all.

"West you're totally not going to believe what Matt and the awesome me are looking at!" Prussia whisper-yelled in to the phone, not even giving Germany enough time to say 'Hello'.

Though everyone's thoughts where similar in thinking 'Who is Matt? … OH, Canada hahaha'.

"Gilbert I'm not really interested in-" Germany was cut off by Prussia.

"Feliciano is freaking sitting on a park bench with Russia!" Prussia whisper-yelled again.

"Gilbert I d-don't think we should be spying" Canada's quiet voice came through the speaker.

"Shhh Matt or they'll hear us you don't want Russia chasing us do- HOLY GALLOPING LLAMAS!" after Prussia's yell there was muffling and the sound of leaves rustling.

"And you told me to be quiet" everyone in the meeting room heard Canada mumble.

"Hey Matt what happened?" Romano asked his sorta best friend.

"Hm? Oh, Russia offered Feli some of his drink"

"What's so bad about that?" Japan asked, speaking for the first time in a while.

"Nothing, except the fact that the drink is Vodka and Feli downed half of the bottle"

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