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Russia: *reads chapter title* World War 3?

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Previously on To Fix a Shattered Heart:

"M-MAPLE!" Canada's voice came through the missing nation's phone sounding a mix between shock and embarrassment

"What is it Matt?" America asked in-between sipping up a slushy (that he had pulled out of nowhere just like the burger before)


Chapter 3: Kisses and arguments lead to World War 3?

Canada stared wide eyed at the scene before him. Italy had moved from sitting next to Russia, to straddling the larger nations lap with their lips locked in a deep kiss.

"Matt? Hey Matt? What the fuck happened? Why did you trail off like that?" Romano yelled through the phone, stopping the Canadian's staring a moment

"S-Sorry I just-" Matthew was cut off as an argument started over at the bench

"You guys need to get here, like, yesterday!" Matthew hurriedly said into the phone as he stood to make his way out of the bush, Kumajiro now in his arms and Gilbird on his head


Feliciano didn't understand why he had kissed Russia at first, but when he was suddenly pulled back by the last person he wanted to see, he knew why

"What the hell are you doing Feliciano?" Germany yell-asked with a glare

"What am I doing? How the hell is this any different from what you were doing before?" Italy yelled back angrily

"That was completely different!"

"How was it different?"

"It just is!"

Russia still sat there totally oblivious to the argument as he was still shocked Italy had kissed him

"B-Both of you stop it!" Canada yelled, having successfully dis-tangled himself from the bush

Canada "eep-ed" as the German and Italian turned their glares from each other and to him

"This doesn't concern you Canada" Germany said sternly

"Matt is my friend! He can take my side if he wants!" Italy growled

The Italian and German resumed glaring at each other

"This doesn't involve any other nations, friends or not!" Germany spoke first after their resumed glares

"Oh, so this doesn't involve the one I caught you making out with and telling them you loved them?" Italy Yelled pointing at France who had just arrived with America, England, Romano, Spain and Japan

"P-Papa?" Canada asked shocked

"Oh don't sound so shocked Matt and look, Francis has the gall to look ashamed" Italy sneered

No one spoke after that, looks were thrown around but nothing more… till…

"Whatever, I'm going home" Italy said walking off with a wave, opening a nation's pathway as he went

"Oi, wait fratello!" Romano yelled as he tried following his brother, but the pathway closed before he could get through

Romano glared at the ground before stomping back towards Germany and glaring at him

"You fucking stupid idiot, you have no Idea what kind of monster you've released" Romano turned to leave, but stopped and sucker punched Germany in the jaw before walking off with Spain following

The other nations there looked with wide eyes before breaking off into groups

Matthew and Arthur had gone over to check on the still unconscious Gilbert,

Kiku and Alfred had decided to see if they could snap Ivan out of his shock

While Ludwig and Francis just stood there thinking about everything that had occurred


Italy stood not on his door step, but on Hungary's.


"Coming~!" Hungary's voice drifted to the door

Hungary had been there when Italy's heart shattered before; she helped stop the darkness in him then

"Hello" Elizaveta Héderváry (Aka Hungary) answered the door happily, till she saw Italy's slightly tearstained face

"Oh, Ita have you been crying?" She asked pulling him into a hug

"Si" he mumbled against her bust

"…Ita, are you drunk?" She asked

"Si" he mumbled again

"I knew it, I could smell the vodka on you from the other side of my door" she laughed out lightly

"Can I stay here please? I don't want to go home" Italy asked, still leaning against Hungary

"Yes you can, now go up to the room you have here and sleep off that alcohol"

"Kay" Italy mumbled before making his way up the stairs a darkish look on his face

Elizaveta heard the scuffing upstairs as she closed her door

'Those tears and that dark look worry me. What happened at the meeting? …I need to make a call'

A bang and glass shattering was heard as she made her way to her phone, but she knew Feliciano wouldn't do something stupid to himself, so she decided to check on him after her call

"Hmm who was at the meeting that owes me one? …Oh Arthur!" She spoke to herself before dialling the Englishman's mobile number


"Arthur, Elizaveta here. I demand to know what happen to Ita at the meeting"

"Well, it's a bit of a story"

"I don't care! Tell me, and tell me NOW!"

Arthur proceeded to tell the Hungarian woman everything he knew about what happened


"…and that's everything" Arthur said

The sound of something breaking on the other end of the line made Arthur think that maybe, just maybe it was a bad idea to tell the Hungarian woman

"They'll pay..." Was darkly mumbled through the phone, and Arthur knew he was not hearing the usual kind Elizaveta Héderváry, no he was hearing the feared Countess Elizabeth Báthory that Hungary was once known as

"…they started a war that will end with me bathing in their blood" The line went dead after she spoke, and Arthur shuddered

"Who was that?" Alfred asked, he had given up trying to un-shock Russia and decided to help Arthur and Matthew with Gilbert

"Hungary… and I think I've just gone and made things a hundred times worse"

"Mmm? How?" America asked, mouth half stuffed with a mysteriously appearing hotdog

"I think I've just awoken the 'Blood Countess'"

America raised an eyebrow, not getting the reference

"Y-You did what?" Gilbert spoke up from the other side of Matthew (who had been enlightening Prussia on what happened)

"If what you just said was true, a broken Ita and the Blood Countess working together… West and France are doomed…"


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