A/N: Inspired by The Parallel: Two Corpses. But with zombies. And Harry. With a cameo by Alice and friends.

Green eyes blinked open.

The man raised his head to stare around him. He was in an empty hospital room, blank white walls surrounding him. An IV stood next to him, a needle still inserted in his arm.

"What the hell?" he asked - or tried to. No sound came from his mouth. Instead, there was a groaning sound, more of an inarticulate moan than anything.

He stood up, pulling the hospital gown tight against his otherwise naked body, and removed the IV from his forearm. He moaned again as the needle slipped from his flesh. He pressed against the hole, applying pressure to clot the blood.

It was then that he noticed it - a pressure against his mind, something that was very massive and very, very hungry. As he thought about it, touched it with his mind, it calmed. It was still hungry, but it had gained some amount of control, and no longer roared and pounded against his mind.

He pressed against it again and gasped. Thousands of creatures were somehow linked to his mind. He could rifle through them, all of them spread across the city he was in, and he could - control? Was that it?

He could see out of their eyes, that was for certain. He could use their senses, but could he control their movements? It was worth a shot. He found one mind that was near some humans - he thought they were humans, because they didn't look as odd as the creatures he was controlling - and tried to gain their attention.

He was quickly on the receiving end of a bullet to the face.

He slapped his hand to his own face in sympathetic shock. Okay, so people didn't like the things he was controlling, that was okay. He'd just...he had no idea what he would do. First he needed to get out of the hospital.

He opened the door and entered the hallway. Blood splatters littered the white walls, and nearly covered up an insignia - four red triangles.

Umbrella Corporation, he remembered. They weren't particularly nice.

He found a door and walked through it. Several of his creatures were there, staring at him. He walked to the first one and gave it a hug.

It seemed the creature didn't quite know how to respond, but he guided it until it was tentatively returning the embrace.

The doors suddenly slammed open and four people entered, guns ready. He dove to the ground and watched as the creatures around him were shot in the head multiple times.

He ran to the window and escaped, falling to the ground before running away. "Crazy people," he tried to speak. "Killing my friends!"

All that came out was a moan, however. He really wished the speech impediment would go away soon. He did enjoy being able to communicate with others.

There was a large wall, presumably to quarantine the area. He didn't care, however. Walls did not stand up to his own determination, and a healthy bit of magic. He rammed into the concrete, shattering through it, and heard the moans of his friends as they followed him out.

He was free, and Voldemort would never know what hit him.