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Chapter 12

Tim looked at Nick with horror in his eyes. He looked different. He seemed to have dyed his previously brown hair black, he was wearing glasses, and he'd grown a beard and mustache. That, combined with the neat clothes he was wearing, almost made him unrecognizable.

But Tim immediately knew it was Nick.

He looked at Nick's eyes. He could recognize those eyes everywhere.

He felt himself start shaking with fear.

What was going on? Why was Nick pretending to be some psychiatrist?

He took a step backwards, not knowing what Nick was planning to do.

When Nick kept standing in place looking at him and Tony with a smile, he felt the panic start rising.

With his gaze glued to Nick, he took a another step backwards while mumbling: "no, no, no,...," in fear.

He could hear Tony saying something to him, but because he was so fixated on Nick, he didn't really recognize what Tony was saying.

His hand was still clutched in Tony's hand.

Suddenly, Nick took a step towards him.

To someone who didn't know Nick like Tim did, Nick almost looked actually concerned. But Tim could see the hidden smirk behind his seemingly concerned face.

Nick wasn't concerned, he was only pretending to be so he wouldn't look suspicious in front of Tony.

"Are you okay, sir?" Nick asked, taking another step forward.

Nick was now only a few feet away from Tim, which made him panic even more.

He took a few more steps backwards, pulling Tony with him. His breathing slowly but surely becoming faster and faster.

He could still hear Tony saying something, but he still didn't really recognize what he was saying.

Finally Tim couldn't take it anymore.

He let go of Tony's hand, turned around, and quickly ran away.

He didn't know where exactly he was going. The only thing that mattered to him was getting as far away from Nick as possible.

He could now hear Tony calling his name. Telling him to stop.

But he didn't. He kept running. He needed to get away.

He ran through a hallway and saw a door. He didn't question where the door would lead him to, he just quickly ran inside.

When he was inside, he quickly closed the door and leaned against it, trying to get his breathing under control.

He slowly slid down the door to the ground, still leaning against the door, and wrapped his arms around his knees.

Suddenly the door opened a little, but because he was leaning against it, it could only open a little bit.

Thinking that it was Nick trying to open the door, he panicked and started pushing against the door.

"Tim?" he suddenly heard.

He recognized the voice as Tony's.

He relaxed a little, now knowing that it wasn't Nick who was trying to get the door to open.

"Tim, could you let me in?" he heard Tony ask.

For a split second he thought that Tony might be mad at him because he ran away. But this time his trust won out against his fears and he leaned forward so Tony could open the door and slip in.

When Tony was inside he quickly leaned back against the door, scared that Nick might've followed Tony.

Tony sat down next to Tim on the floor.

After a few moments, Tony broke the silence.

"Are you okay?" Tony asked softly.

Tim stared down at his knees and nodded.

"What happened?" Tony asked. "Why'd you panic so much?"

Tim opened his mouth to tell Tony that it was Nick and that they should call the team to come and arrest Nick, but suddenly he felt conflicted.

He wanted to tell Tony, so Tony could help him. But telling Tony also meant that he was again dragging Tony with him into a mess he started.

So he closed his mouth and gazed down at his knees, thinking about what he should tell Tony.

He felt like there were two different voices in his head, fighting over what he should do.

*Tell him!* the first voice said.

*Don't you see how concerned Tony looks? He wants to help you! Just tell him that that's Nick and he'll keep him away from you!*

But the other voice quickly started talking in his head too.

*Of course not! Why would Tony want to help you? You're the one who started this in the first place. Stop asking Tony to help you with everything! You can't do anything on your own, can you? You're pathetic. Besides, why would you even tell Tony that it's Nick? Nick shouldn't get in trouble for something you've caused. You're the one who got him kidnapped in the first place. You deserved everything he did to you. You're the one who should go to jail. I bet that if you told Tony what you did, all those years ago, that he would hate you. He'd be disgusted by what you had done. You're the one causing all this trouble. Don't try to blame it on Nick!*

Tim suddenly saw a drop landing on his knee.

He brought his hand up to his face and noticed the wet tracks that were on his cheeks.

Tears of frustration of not knowing what to do had gone unnoticed as they started streaming down his face.

He knew that the second voice was right. He couldn't tell Tony that that was Nick. This was all his fault and not Nick's.

But he was so scared. How could he not tell Tony?

"Tim?" Tony interrupted him out of his thoughts.

"Talk to me. What did just happen?"

"Nothing," Tim replied with a soft voice.

"That was not nothing," Tony said.

Tim knew that Tony was not going to let this go. He knew that something was up. He wasn't getting out of this unless he said something.

He needed to make a decision on what to do.

He looked at Tony. He tried searching for anger or resentfulness in Tony's eyes, but he couldn't find any. The only thing he saw was honest concern.

Tony really wanted to help him.

*Yeah of course he's not mad now,* started the second voice again.

*He doesn't know what you've done yet. You think he'll still want to help you after he finds out? And don't think he won't find out. He'll find out the minute you try to explain to him why Nick is so mad at you.*

Tim now knew what to do. He really couldn't tell Tony. Even though it felt selfish not to tell Tony, he really didn't want to lose him.

He kept his gaze towards his knees, knowing that he wouldn't be able to lie to Tony while looking at his face.

"I.. I..," he started softly, quickly trying to think of an excuse.

"I.. uh had a flashback..?" he said, while wiping the tears away.

He winced at the clear doubt in his voice.

"Tim…," Tony started, but was interrupted when there was a knock on the door.

Tim froze in his place, knowing immediately who it was.

"Is everything okay in there?" they heard Nick, in a seemingly concerned voice, ask.

Tim quickly pushed himself even firmer against the door, in fear that Nick would try to come in.

"No, no, no,…" Tim started in fear.

He started shaking in fear again.

"Is it Dr. Wiedemann? Tony asked, sounding very concerned, "I don't understand. Are you afraid of him?"

Tim slowly lifted his head and looked up at Tony and saw the honest confusion on his face. He felt guilty for making Tony so confused, but he knew that he just couldn't tell him.

"Do you need me to come in and help?" they heard Nick ask.

That's when Tim just freaked.

"No, no, no!" he yelled.

For the first time he noticed that he and Tony were in a toilet. In front of them were a couple of toilet stalls.

He quickly stood up and ran into one of the toilet stalls. With shaky hand he quickly locked the door and sat down on the toilet, trying to get his breathing under control.

"Tim? What are you doing? You're really scaring me here," he heard Tony say.

"N-noting, I just didn't uhm… I needed to go," he said, still sounding a bit shaky.

"That's-" Tony started, but was interrupted when suddenly the sound of the door to the toilet was heard opening.

"Dr. Wiedemann," he heard Tony say.

"Gentlemen, is everything okay?" he heard Nick ask.

"Yeah, we're fine. Could you just give us a minute?" Tony asked.

"Of course," Nick said.

When he heard the door of the toilets close, Tim let go of a breath he didn't even know he had been holding.

"Tim, please open the door," Tony asked, "You know I can't help you like this."

Tim knew that Tony was right. Besides, he couldn't stay in there forever.

He needed to get out and somehow get Tony to understand that he didn't want this psychiatrist without revealing too much.

He slowly stood up, flushed the toilet so Tony wouldn't know that he was lying, and opened the door. He stepped out of the stall and took a quick glance at the door which Nick had just walked through.

He knew that if they were going to walk out of the building to Tony's car that they would have to walk past Nick again.

That thought made him shiver in fear again.

He looked at Tony and saw that Tony was still just as confused as he was a few minutes ago.

Tony also seemed to be standing a bit awkwardly. Like he didn't really know what to do.

Tim felt pang of guilt go through him, knowing that he was the cause of all that.

Tony wanted to help him, but he just wasn't letting him.

He wasn't being honest with Tony about everything, which made it really hard for Tony to know how to help him.

But even though he felt guilty about doing that, he still was determined not to tell Tony about Nick. No matter how selfish it might sound, he just didn't want to lose Tony's friendship.

"Are you okay?" Tony asked again.

"Yeah,… uhm.. s-sure."

Tim wanted to kick himself for sounding so shaky.

"Tim, c'mon, What's going on? Is it the Doctor? I mean… if you don't feel comfortable with him, we can search for a different one."

Tim sighed in relief. Tony had understood what he wanted, without him even saying it.

"Yeah… I don't feel… uhm… comfortable with him," he replied.

"Why didn't you just say so? We'll just go and tell them that we've changed our mind," Tony said, looking relieved that he finally knew what to do.

"C'mon," he said, walking towards the door.

Tim froze. He knew that Nick would probably still be standing outside that door.

But Nick couldn't do anything to him, right? Tony was with him. Nick wouldn't try anything with Tony around.

He slowly walked over to Tony, who was now waiting for him next to the door.

Together they walked out of the toilets.

Just like Tim thought, Nick was waiting for them outside of the toilets.

"Is everything okay?" Nick asked when he saw them walk out.

Tim didn't know how to answer that, but luckily Tony picked up on his discomfort and answered for him.

"Everything's fine. We've just changed our minds. We would like to search for another psychiatrist. This isn't what we want."

For a second there was a flash of anger in Nicks eyes, but he quickly composed himself and with a smile on his face replied, "Well that's a shame. If you don't mind my asking, is there a reason this isn't what you want?"

"It's just not what we're looking for," Tony replied.

Tim saw Nick's hand clenching and unclenching at his side, probably trying to keep himself from lashing out in anger at them.

"If that's what you really want, I'll go tell Miss Griggs to cancel the appointment."

"Thank you," Tony replied.

Together they walked back to the entrance of the building. Tony and Tim were walking behind Nick.

When they arrived at the entrance, Nick walked over to Miss Griggs, who was still sitting behind her desk, to tell her to cancel their appointment.

Tim looked closely at her, still wondering why she seemed vaguely familiar.

And that's when it finally hit him.

The reason why she seemed so familiar was because he had known her.

She was Nick's mother.

He didn't know why he didn't recognize her earlier.

Maybe because he hadn't expected to see her.

Because the last time he'd seen her was twenty years ago.

She didn't look like she'd changed much.

She looked older, obviously, but other than that she looked the same as she'd always looked.

He wondered why she hadn't tried to change her appearance like Nick.

He figured it probably was because she'd thought that he didn't remember her.

When he and Nick had been friends, they would always try to avoid his mom.

It was because she had hated him. He didn't know why, but from the moment he had met her, she'd hated him. She had been quick to tell him that she didn't want him in her house.

Tim never understood why, but he guessed that some people just aren't nice. They don't always have a reason.

Tim was brought out of his thoughts, when Tony suddenly told him that their appointment was cancelled and that they were good to go.

When they arrived home, Tim, tired from the day's events, walked over to his shared guest-bedroom with Tony.

After everything that happened that day, the only thing he wanted to do was lie down and rest a bit.

He didn't want to sleep, he just wanted to lie down a bit.

He was still afraid of nightmares, and he wasn't about to ask Tony to lie down with him because he was afraid.

Just when he was going to lie down, Tony walked into the room.

"You're going to sleep?" he asked.

"No, I'm just going to lie down a bit," he replied.

"Oh, okay," Tony replied.

Tony stayed standing in the doorway, seeming conflicted about walking away or saying something more.

After a few moments of silence, Tim decided to ask Tony if there was something wrong, but that was when Tony started talking.

"I just wanted to say that… whatever happened back there… you can always talk to me about it. You know that, right?"

Tim cringed, knowing that Tony didn't buy his story about having a flashback.

"Yeah, I know," Tim replied.

Tim guiltily lowered his gaze to his feet, feeling guilty about lying to Tony. But he knew that he just couldn't tell Tony anything. It had to stay a secret.

"Okay. I'll come get you when Gibbs is home. He said he was picking up some pizza on his way over here," Tony said with a smile, "I thought Gibbs only lived on steaks and coffee. Guess I was wrong."

Although Tony was smiling and even attempting at some humor, Tim could see the disappointment in his eyes.

Tim bit his lip and nodded an okay to Tony before turning around to climb into the bed.

"Oh, wait!" Tony suddenly said.

"I forgot something. Dr. Wiedemann gave me something for you. I'll go get it."

And with that Tony walked out of the room.

Tim felt his heartbeat start speeding up.

Nick gave him something? That can't be good.

But Tim quickly tried to calm himself. He didn't have reason to start panicking. He didn't even know what it was that Nick had given him.

Tony walked back inside the room, holding up a big brown envelope.

"He said that this was some information and tips for you. He said he felt bad that you didn't feel comfortable with him, so he gave me this so you could read it."

Tony stuck out his hand offering Tim the envelope.

Tim hesitated a moment before carefully picking up the envelope from Tony's hand.

"Thanks," Tim said.

Tony smiled at Tim before walking out of the room again.

Tim stared at the envelope in his hands.

Did he want to open this?

He felt conflicted.

He didn't want to open the envelope, scared about the contents of it. But on the other hand, he didn't really know why he should be afraid. It's not like that there could be a bomb in it.


Tim shook his head. He was starting to get paranoid.

He decided to just open the letter before his paranoid thoughts got the best of him.

He ripped open the top of the envelope and carefully pulled out the paper that was inside the envelope.

He started reading what was on the paper.

You didn't think you could get rid of me that easily?

Suddenly Tim remembered why he should've been afraid of the contents of the envelope. Because he when he pulled out the other papers in the envelope and saw what was on them, his eyes widened his horror and he felt his heart almost skip a beat.