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Summary: She stayed through Zuko's side through it all. How many times will she have to jump through hoops just to see his happiness? Will he ever find it? Or does she has to keep fighting to get him to the right path? Zuko x OC R&R!

Chapter One:

Princess of the Sun Warrior Tribe Amaterasu

"What do you mean there are no more dragons?" asked the Prince of the Fire Nation, his face showing how displeased he was by the answer.

"Your brother killed the last one, Ozai." said the Chieftain of the Sun Warrior tribe. Nobody was suppose to know of their existence for this very reason but Ozai seemed to find out about Iroh's adventure. The Prince glared the man down and then looked at the little girl holding his hand. She must of been his daughter. Her skin was a caramel color, her eyes a bright amber that matched the sun's. She had her hair unbound but bear what looked like a headdress suited for the Princess but not like Iban feather headdress like her father's. He then looked up, facing the man once more. "What else can I do to become stronger? How can I become stronger than my brother?"

The Chieftain simply shrugged, "You'll have to do it the old - fashioned way," he simply put it, "training."

The young girl had her eyes on the prince, deciphering how she could feel about his presence. He seemed rather intimidating, "What has fought a dragon before my brother?" he asked but everyone remained silent. He knew that they knew and they were afraid of giving away their people.

"I did." the little girl answered, wondering why everyone didn't tell the man the truth.

Ozai looked in disbelief, "This child fought a dragon?" he emphasized child, showing how he couldn't believe it.

The princess narrowed her eyes, wondering why it was such a great shock. "The Dragon wanted me to!" she said, heated. Her father's grip on her hand became tighter, she began to wonder if what she did was a good thing at all.

The Prince of the Fire Nation was amused by this and then reached his hand out to her, "Would you like to come with me?" he asked her, a sly smirk on his face.

"To whe-" the girl was cut off by her father.

"You are not taking my daughter!" the Chieftain yelled, pulling his daughter close to him.

Ozai simply smirked, his voice unwavering from its calm tone. "You have no choice. Soldiers!" he commanded as a full out war broke through. Trying to protect his daughter, the Chieftain was pulled into battle and had to let his daughter go. Ozai seized this chance and grabbed her, heading towards the ship.

The eight-year old gazed around the hall of the palace, still holding her captor's hand. He had gave her food to eat, told her many great things about the Fire Nation. "Is this my new home?" she asked him.

"Why yes, Princess." he answered her. Knocking on a door, they waited until someone opened the door. A woman appeared and the princess's big, bright amber pupils stayed on her. The oman had half of her hair in a topknot, just like the man, and the other half unbound and down her back. She had beautiful golden eyes just like many Firebenders, but hers held a certain warmth. They were fixated on the child before looking up at Ozai. "This is Princess Amaterasu of the Sun Warrior tribe. She will be be a great Firebending master for Azula and teaching me what she had learned from the Dragons." Ozai explained to his wife, "Show her what it means to stay in this palace." he instructed Ursa before letting the girl's hand go and walking away.

"Goodbye Prince Ozai!" she waved at him, he kept walking with a slight wave of his hand as if telling her goodbye.

Ursa looked at Amaterasu, a small smile on her face. "You miss your family?" asked her, knowing the girl must of been feeling sad despite her being amused by her knew surroundings.

"I miss daddy," Amaterasu admitted, she tapped her chin, "but Prince Ozai said I'll have a new family now."

'What about your mother?" Ursa asked.

"My mother?" Amaterasu shook her head, "Don't have one anymore. She got really sick and daddy said she's in the sky now!' she explained.

The woman couldn't help but feel sympathetic for the child but the girl's enthusiasm was what kept her smiling. "Amaterasu is a beautiful, strong name." she rubbed atop of the girl's head, making the child smile beam. "My name is Ursa, but you can call me mommy is you like."

"Ursa is beautiful too!" Amaterasu pouted, "Mommy...?" she asked out of curiosity. Why would the woman want her to call her someone she wasn't.

"I'll be apart of your new family now. I'll be your new mommy." Ursa explained. "How about we go meet my children?" she asked, outstretching her hand to the child that gladly took it.

"Are they like me?" she asked, pointing to herself when she said 'me'.

The woman nodded her head, "Mhm. They are royalty just like you and small and cute as a Fire Lily just like you." she replied, swinging their arms in a gentle and playful manner.

"Zuko? Azula?" Ursa called out for them in the courtyard.

Zuko was to first to arrive and Azula following afterwards. "Who is she?" the young prince asked.

"This is Princess Amaterasu of the Sun Warrior tribe. She will be Azula's teacher." Ursa explained.

The children looked at her with great curiosity. Why did their father want her to be Azula's teacher? "But she's from a barbaric civilization..." Azula said in disbelief, not liking this one bit. Why was she chosen?

"Azula!" her mother scolded, "That isn't nice!"

Amaterasu narrowed her eyes at her, "Don't say that about my family!" she defended the Sun Warrior tribe.

"It's okay, Amaterasu." Ursa tried to calm her down, which worked successfully. "Why don't you all go play? I have something to do." with that said, she walked down the path and inside the palace.

Amaterasu watched Azula leave, leaving her alone with Zuko. "Aren't you going to go play with your sisteR?" she asked.

"She's crazy." Zuko said with his arms akimbo.

"Crazy?" the princess repeated, confused.

Zuko looked at her, suspicious. "All girls are crazy.'

"I'm not crazy..." the Sun princess frowned, "Let's play a game!" she tried to break the awkward silence, wanting to play a game.

"What game?" the prince asked her, interested.

"Onigokko." Amaterasu said, a smile on her face.

"Onigokko?" Zuko repeated.

Amaterasu nodded her head, "Mhm. One of us has to be the Oni! The Oni has to chase a person until they catch them and then that person is the Oni. The tree will be the Shrine, a base that the Oni can't get you as long as you are touching it." she explained.

"Sounds fun but which one of us is the Oni?" he asked her, excited about the game.

The princess smirked before walking up to him, quickly pressing her hand against his shoulder. "Your it!" she then sped off.

"Hey! You tricked me!" Zuko shouted, running after her.

The princess had a hard time hiding, it was unfamiliar territory after all. "You can't get me!" she teased in a sing - song voice.

"That game looks pretty fun." said a brunette, she looked at the Princess of the Fire Nation, who had her arms crossed.

"Yes, it does. How about we play?" Azula asked, looking at Mai who was watching Zuko.

"I'm going to get you!" Zuko said before tagging the girl's shoulder, "Now your it!" he panted from running hard.

Amaterasu fell to the ground, laughing despite being out of breath. "Yeah, you got me."

"C'mon! Let's keep going!" Zuko told her, excited about the game.

The Sun Warrior stood up, "Alright."

Azula and her friends came over, "We would like to play." she said, a smirk on her face.

Zuko knew his sister always placed dirty and he didn't like the look on her face, "Why?" he asked her.

"It looks fun, dum - dum!" his sister rolled her eyes, sighing at the same time.

"Alright," Amaterasu said, giving the girl another chance. "Whoever says not it last is it! Not it!"

Everyone screamed not it, the only one who said it last was Azula. "Looks like I'm it." it would seem she did this on purpose.

Zuko frowned as Amaterasu and the others ran from Azula, who was chasing after them. She ran after Amaterasu and then did a swift leg sweet, knocking the girl face first to the ground. Azula then tagged her, gently pressing her back. "You're it."

"Your playing dirty, Azula!" shouted the Sun Warrior princess as she sat up, rubbing her cheek.

The Prince walked over and held out his hand, letting her take it so he could help her up. "Azula always plays dirty."

Two days later...

Amaterasu was out on the training grounds with Ozai. Zuko, Azula, Ursa, Iroh, and Lu Ten had been watching in the stands. This was very same place where Agni Kai's took place as well as other events. The nine - year old looked around, not knowing they would be having an audience. When Ozai stood a few feet away, shirtless and wearing combat pants and no shoes, she looked down at her attire. She was wearing what looked like a knee - length, red kimono, dark red ribbon - like obi. She looked slightly dressed up. She took off her shoes and kicked them to the side. "The Dragon I faced was Long Wei."

"Long Wei? What did he teach you?" Ozai asked her in a calm matter.

Amaterasu smiled, "First, you must learn the Dancing Dragon."

"What is the "Dancing Dragon"?" he questioned, confused.

"It is the way the Sun Warrior bend. Our style of movement." she explained.

Ozai nodded, "I am ready."

The Princess released a sigh. She pushed her hand up, remembering he Dragon behind her angling upwards with her movement. Ozai followed suit. She made a crane posture before moving into another with her arms spread in a low arc above her shoulders. Amaterasu then got into another with her arms stretched forward and Ozai mirror her actions. She bent her torso tot he right with her fists outstretched. "That is the Dancing Dragon." she explained. "Your chi flow had sped now, making your bending stronger and able to exit out your feet and hands faster and stronger."

"Now what?" he asked.

Amaterasu closed her eyes and began to chant as a bright orange flame appeared in her open, right hand. "This flame is a simple replica of the Eternal flame. If you can do the Dancing Dragon and maintain the flame, keeping it spinning around you, making it stronger and then your bending will be better, stronger."

Ozai began to think this was simple but with each attempt, the flame died. Once the flame grew but then it went weak and died. The future Fire Lord became infuriated, "Enough for today."

Amaterasu (天照): Japanese name composed of the elements ama "heaven, sky" and terasu "to shine," hence "shining over heaven." In Japanese mythology, this is the name of a sun goddess who rules the heavens.

Onigokko: Is a Japanese game of tag.

Long Wei: Chinese name meaning Dragon Greatness.

Zuko is 9

Amaterasu is 8 and a half.

Azula is 7.