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Summary: She stayed through Zuko's side through it all. How many times will she have to jump through hoops just to see his happiness? Will he ever find it? Or does she has to keep fighting to get him to the right path? Zuko x OC R&R!

Book 3: Fire

Avatar Aang and The New World

At the end of a corridor inside the coronation building, Zuko is in his new Fire Lord outfit walking towards Aang in orange sitting beside the door. Aang was meditating as he was wearing his new monk robes and necklace similar to Monk Gyatso's. Zuko had stopped in front of the curtains and addressed him. "I can't believe a year ago my purpose in life was hunting you down, and now..."

Aang smiled, "And now we're friends.

"Yeah... we are friends."

"I can't believe a year ago," he stands up and faces Zuko, "I was still frozen in a block of ice. The World's so different now."

The Fire Lord placed his hand on Aang's shoulder, "And it's gonna be even more different, when we build it together." The two hug and separate and Zuko parts the curtains and walks through them. In the crowd in front of the coronation platform. They have been arrange into four groups: Swamp benders, earth benders, Water Tribe warriors and Fire Nation citizens. They bow in respect as Zuko raises his arm to the crowd, "Please, the real hero," he moved aside to reveal Aang walking towards him, "is the Avatar."

The Duke and Toph were sitting on Pispsqueak and Hippo's shoulders respectfully as all four of them cheer. Katara, Sokka, Hakoda, and Suki were there as well. Amaterasu was standing among the Fire Sages, dressed in a formal gown.

"Today, this war is finally over." Haru, Tyro, Teo and The Mechanist as they smile and the Fire Nation citizens behind them cheer, "I promised," Zuko then became serious as he spoke, "my Uncle that I would restore the honor of the Fire Nation, and I will. The road ahead of us is challenging. A hundred years of fighting has left the world scarred and divided." Aang turned his head towards Zuko, "But with the Avatar's help, we can get it back," Zuko looked Amaterasu and then at his friend Aang who both gives him smiles, "on the right path, and begin a new era of love and peace."

The Fire Sages holding the Fire Lord diadem in his hand walked towards Zuko as he kneels down. "All hail," The Fire Sage said as he places the diadem into Zuko's topknot, "Fire Lord Zuko!" The crowd cheers and Zuko lifts his head up as the Fire Sage dismisses himself, keeping his head bowed.

Everyone had came to Ba Sing Se and to Iroh's tea shop. Iroh played the Sungi horn as Zuko served tea in his tea shop outfit. Toph rested her feet on the table in her new Earth Kingdom outfit as she accepts a cup from Zuko. Aang sat in front of the table manipulating a ball of air up and down as Momo tries to grab it, still in his new monk robes.

Sokka was writing something with a calligraphy brush and Suki and Amaterasu were playing a game of Pai Sho with Katara watching, all of them wearing Earth Kingdom outfits. Zuko had walked towards them and they all grabbed a cup of tea from the tray. "Zuko, stop moving!" Sokka yelled, causing all of them to look at him in surprised. "I'm trying to capture the moment." He then looks serious, "I wanted," his face softens and then he carries on with his work, "to do a painting, so we always remember the good times together." He sticks his tongue out as his sister walks over.

"That's very thoughtful of you Sokka." She looked down and her expression changes into a deadpanned look, "Wait!" The drawing was rather crude. Katara had "floppy ears." Toph looks like her wanted poster, Zuko had spiky anime-like hair, and Amaterasu had peace sign pose while winking with excessively long hair, "Why did you give me Momo ears?"

"Those are your hair loopies." Sokka explained as everyone began to walk towards Sokka to check out his drawing. Suki and Sokka look at the painting, unamused.

"At least you don't look like a boarcupine." Zuko told the waterbender. Further to the right of the drawing, Sokka is depicted thrusting his sword into the air behind Suki, "My hair's not that spiky!"

"I look like a kid." Amaterasu pouted as Suki, in the drawing, is firebending with her free hand while her other hand is holding a fan. In the background, there's a drawing of Appa with Aang seated on his head. Further to the right, there's a drawing of a big and tall Iroh clutching his large belly.

"And why did you paint me firebending?" Suki asked.

"I thought it looked more exciting that way." Momo then jumped on the table and made some rather annoyed noises. "Oh, you" Everyone looked at Momo, "think you can do a better job, Momo?"

Aang smiles and gets up to got to the table as Iroh is already at the table while Toph is still walking towards it. "Hey," Iroh pointed at the painting, "my belly's not that big anymore." Aang patted Appa's snout, "I've really trimmed down."

"Well, I think you all look perfect!" Toph teased, her arms raised in the air as everyone laughed.

Zuko then got everyone's attention, "I also have an announcement to make."

"What is it, nephew?" Iroh asked, worried just like everyone else.

Zuko had let out a long sigh. "I've been doing a lot of thinking lately and I had sent a gift to the Sun Warrior tribe."

"What did you send them?" Amaterasu asked in confusion, her head slowly tilting the side.

Zuko continued on, "It was ship. They could use it if they wanted to travel outside the civilization if they wanted to."

"But it was suppose to be secret!" Amaterasu glared, "How could you do that?"

"Your father was fine with it, telling me there was some things he wanted to discuss and how he was happy to have a way to see you occasionally. More importantly, he agreed to the decision of expanding their name."

Amaterasu's mouth opened agape, "Really? That's great!"

She hugged Zuko tightly, but he pulled her apart and held onto her hand. "He also said yes that I can marry you." The Princess had became still and her eyes had gone wide, wider than everyone elses. Tears had built up in the corner of her eyes as a pearl ring had been slipped onto her finger.

"Say yes! Say yes!" Suki cheered.

"You know you want to, Teen Queen!" Toph chimed in with a grin.

Amaterasu couldn't help but smile, but no words could escape her. Zuko held onto her hand firmly, "I want you to become Fire Lady and help with restoring peace. I want you to help the Fire Nation know about their origin of all Firebending, I believe that you can help strengthen us and because I don't want to be just your boyfriend anymore."

"This is really... the happiest day of my life." Amaterasu manage to say as tears just kept rolling down, "I really couldn't be more happier than I am right now. I... I just..." She shook her head and wiped her tears, "can't imagine myself being with anyone but you Zuko for the rest of my life." She finally answered as Iroh pulled them and group embrace.

"I have a son and a daughter now." Iroh said as they both smiled at him, "Now, I don't want to be a grandpa yet! Alright."

Zuko and Amaterasu both blushed, looking away from each other. "Not yet, Uncle. Not yet." Zuko answered before taking his fiancee's hand once Iroh had released his hold on them.

"So, when's the day you both plan to get married?" Suki asked excited, Katara joining in too.

Amaterasu looked at them both before shrugging her shoulders,"We just got engaged." She laughed at their behavior. "But... somewhere in the summer solstice, right?" Amaterasu looked over at Zuko as he nodded his head.

"Its a season we won't have to worry too much about, but there's nothing wrong with Spring." Zuko suggested as Amaterasu's eyes grown wide.

"Under a cherry tree!" She threw her arms in the air, "I want to get married under the grand Cherry tree!"

Zuko blinked twice, "But what abo-"

"I thought we were changing the world, not keeping it in the same motion." Amaterasu cut in, a pout on her face.

The Fire Lord pinched the bridge of his nose, "That's as far as peace and war is concerned, but tradition is totally different."

"I. Want. It. Under. The. Cherry. Tree." She said through gritted teeth, "I refused to get married like all the other old people before us. I don't want to be just like them."

Zuko sighed, "Well..."

Amaterasu then jumped on him, her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist with her cheek pressed against his. "I knew I would have my way."

Zuko cheeks became red again as he glared at her from the corner of his eyes, "You have it a little too much."

"That's because you love me." She cooed, rubbing her cheek against his up and down and side to side.

The Fire Lord had let out a sigh, "You can't be Fire Lady and act like this."

"And why not?" She asked, pulling her face away from his.

His molten gold eyes peered into her mahogany ones, "You can't be serious?"

Amaterasu stuck her tongue out at him, "Maybe!"

"Ammy!" He said as she jumped off him and ran away, he chased after her.

"They really are perfect for each other." Katara said as Suki smiled.

"I can't wait until I get my betrothal necklace, right Sokka?" Suki teased, nudging Katara's side.

Sokka had shaken his thoughts and then looked at her, "Oh yeah. Mhm." He said as he slapped the table, "Where are my fire gummies?"

The Kyoshi warrior gave him a dumbfound expression as Katara laughed, "That's Sokka for you."

It was night in the Fire Nation, the Gaang staying in the palace before departure. Everyone had been dreading leaving each other because of the fact that they would rarely see each other anymore. Aang had been dreading it the most it seemed, wanting to extend their vacation more and more but even though everyone had knew the end of their adventures were almost over, they continued on with their denial along with him. Zuko had been dreading to go to sleep, especially in the room that had once belonged to his father. Everything that had belonged to Ozai had been burned to ashes.

Amaterasu had walked into his room in her scarlet sleepwear which was a long, strapless silk gown with many fire lilies embroidered in black lace. Zuko had turned in her direction and then looked away, embarrassed. "What? Its ugly isn't it?"

"No, its not that but what are you doing here?" He said, keeping his eyes towards the window, "Your supposed to sleep in-"

"I know, I know. I don't sleep in here until we're married, but I am so use to sleeping near you that it doesn't feel comfortable." Amaterasu folded her arms, "It feels... weird being in here really."

The Prince had finally turned back to her, trying to remain focused on her face. It was odd seeing her in clothes like that since she was usually in her fighting gear and even though she tended to show her stomach most of the time. He had gotten use to to that but now he could see her small shoulders, her slender arms, and even some cleavage. "You want to sleep in here, don't you?" He finally asked her and she grinned.

"I thought you would never ask!" Amaterasu had climbed into the large, lush bed and laid her head on one bigger pillow out of the many pillows on the bed. Zuko felt entirely nervous about the whole situation. Was he the only one? Had she not realized that they weren't children anymore? Hesitantly, he had laid down and turned his back to her. Amaterasu had looked at him, wondering why he had his back turned. "Zuko, what's wrong?"

"Nothing." He answered quickly, not even bothering to turn to face her. She reached for him, the tip of her fingers sliding across his back as she attempted to grab his shoulder and move him but all did was make him freeze and move away from her. The future Fire Lady had frown, sadly, and then turned around with her back facing his.

She had wondered if she should ask, but then she felt worried about it again. Amaterasu had tempted to roll to her other side to confront him about his actions, but the warmth that engulfed her had made her stop. She felt his arms around her stomach and his chest pressed against her back. Amaterasu's face had flushed a shade of pink but she had felt more than comfortable, she felt like she was supposed to sleep like this. "I should have known how awkward it is now. We're not kids anymore..." Amaterasu said softly, slowly turning so that she could see his face. His eyes were closed, but he wasn't' asleep.

"It doesn't matter because we promised we will always stay with each other and this counts." He hoped that was enough to make her feel a little less guilty and judging by the way she had brought a hand to his unmarked face, she was more than happy. He opened one eye to look at her and she had slowly closed her eyes and drifted off into a deep sleep. He closed his eye and had fallen asleep himself. It was the best sleep that they both had in a long time.

Amaterasu (天照): Japanese name composed of the elements ama "heaven, sky" and terasu "to shine," hence "shining over heaven." In Japanese mythology, this is the name of a sun goddess who rules the heavens.

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