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No One
~By Shimegami-chan

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It was a sunny day in Shinjuku, and Kenta Kitagawa had risen early as usual to take advantage of his free weekend. It was the first chace he'd had to really rest since the deafeat of the D-Reaper and their adventures in the Digital World.

MarineAngemon watched his partner grab a towel and fresh clothes and head into the bathroom, holding the door open for the Digimon. "Did you want to take a bath?"

The sleepy Digimon was sprawled on a fuzzy blanket, eating a peice of chocolate. He shook his head. "Pa po pe po pa po pa pi, pe pa~!" ("After my chocolate, Kentaaa!.")

"Okay," Kenta laughed, closing the door.

MarineAngemon happily munched on the treat that he had gotten from Juri, snuggling into the blanket. Mornings were cold; and he was tired. If Kenta hadn't gotten up so early to go out with Hirokazu he wouldn't be awake now at all. The little pink Digimon yawned contentedly.

Suddenly, the phone rang.

It jingled twice before MarineAngemon shrilled to his partner, "Pe pa pe pu pa po pi pa puuu!" ("Kenta, the phone is ringing!")

"I'm in the bath!" Kenta replied. The two of them were alone in the house, as the rest of the Kitagawa family was out getting that day's groceries.

Floating over to the phone, MarineAngemon easily picked up the receiver and set it on the table. "Pi pa pa pa pe pu." ("Kitagawa desu.")

"Hello?" The person on the other end sounded confused. "Kenta?"

"Pe pa pa pa pu pe pu pe pu. Po pe pa?" ("Kenta's in the bath. Who's this?")


Giggling with glee, MarineAngemon recognized the voice at last. "Pi po pa pu pa! Pe pa a pa pu pa pu po pi pa pu. Po pa pi po pe pu pa pi pa puuu! Pa!!" ("Hi! Kenta's in the bath, so call back later. Bye!") Feeling proud of himself, the little Digimon hung up the phone.

"MarineAngemon, is that you? Wai--" click.

MarineAngemon floated back to the chair and his chocolate. After a brief moment Kenta's voice emerged from the bathroom. "MarineAngemon? Who was on the phone?"

"Pa pi po!" ("No one!")

On the other end of the line, Hirokazu stared at the phone and wondered what had just happened.


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