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"Annabelle you have to catch the plane, it`s the last call for it" Annabelle's best friend Mya shook her awake. A few weeks ago she received a phone call from her brother Caleb Danvers.

Annabelle was sitting in her room chewing on her nails, her supervisor had told her that she was getting a phone call from her brother. What could he possibly want? She wondered. Not that she didn`t love him, she did, but in the last year she had grown apart from her family back home. Her mother, her brother, even her father though she never spoke of him. Annabelle waited nervously by the phone "One, two, three" She whispered, counting every second that passed by. The phone rang; Annabelle took it fast and pressed it to her ear.

"Hello" She hesitated, not sure if she would get an answer or not. She heard a few breath takes

"Hello Annabelle" a firm voice called her.

"Caleb" Her voice broke on his name. "What is it?" she asked him afraid of what the answer would be.

He had explained everything to her, about Chase, Sarah and to the last about her father. Annabelle wasn`t too shocked to hear about her father, she knew his time was ending soon as she was sent to a psychiatric center last summer, because her mother meant she had psychological problems. Annabelle hissed at the memory. She had been mad at her mother for a long time, but forgave her a few months later after she arrived at the psychological centre. Annabelle actually felt better coming there; it was there where she met her hyper best friend Mya. Caleb had begged Annabelle to come home and leave the psychological center.

"Annabelle, please hurry up, you`re going to miss the plane" Mya dragged her best friend to the plane, showing cuts on her arms. Annabelle was used to the scars and didn`t pay attention to them any longer. Annabelle gave her best friend one last hug before she stepped on to the plane.

"Be good, and you might be out soon too" She said and waved to Mya before she stepped on to the plane and sat down.

As Annabelle arrived at the airport she saw Caleb and his friends. She walked up to them and gave Caleb a hug.

"It`s good to see you again" Caleb said and smiled. Annabelle just smiled back not sure of what to say. Caleb went to get her bags. She took a step back and looked at the guys.

"Wow, you guys have grown hot" it plumbed out of her mouth before she could take it back.

"Well we are close to 18 and would soon be ascending" Reid said and put his hand over her shoulders.

"And so are you" Caleb said behind Annabelle with her bags. She turned around.

"You haven`t used to much have you?" He asked her concerned.

"Yeah, yeah not too much" She said back, stuck out her tongue at him and waited to go. Caleb eyed her for a second but let it go.

The ride home was quiet and awkward, except for a few moments when Reid said something that eased the tension.

"Oh, here she is, the only daughter of Ipswich" Annabelle`s mother hugged her, holding a smoke in one hand and a drink in the other.

"Had too much to drink much?" she said ironically to Caleb as her mother sat back down in her brown chair.

"Go on easy on her please, I don`t like it either but we all lost him." He said touching Annabelle`s shoulder.

"Not me, I lost him a long time ago" She said as she shrugged Caleb`s hand off her shoulder. He looked hurt. Caleb set Annabelle`s bags in her room and left annoyed with the boys to Nicky`s.

The next day Annabelle woke up with no one in sight, she at least thought until she saw Mrs. Danvers sitting in the chair with a drink, staring blankly at a young picture of Annabelle`s father. Annabelle decided in that moment to do something about it, she couldn`t stand watching her mother fade from her too like her father did.

Annabelle went over to the mother, took the drink out of her hand and tossed it in to the fireplace. It had a little explosion but it was fine.

"What is Annabelle?" She asked with a calm voice, probably too lazy to raise her voice Annabelle thought.

"You`ve got to stop drinking mom, you need help" Annabelle said and started to tear up.

"What do you expect me to do? I`ve lost your father" She yelled at her daughter.

"But you haven`t lost me or Caleb yet, but you will if you won`t stop drinking" she yelled back at her mom and started to cry.

"I don`t need to listen and take advice from a 17 year old girl" She slapped her daughter`s face across the cheek.

"Mom" Caleb shouted from the door and ran over to Annabelle to help her up, she was crying.

Evelyn Danvers realized what she had done. "Annabelle" She whispered and buried her face in her hand palms. "I need to go to a therapist"

"That is what I`ve been trying to tell you" Annabelle said angrily and left; slammed the door on the way out. Caleb decided to stay back with his mom.

Annabelle ran over to the big tree, her brownish hair shimmered in the sun and she sat down in her comforting spot and cried.

"Hey" Annabelle jumped at the voice and dried her tears quickly with her oversized sweater.

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