Light flashed off the sides of the two blades as they collided mid swing, the sound of metal scrapping against metal ringing throughout the courtyard. The powerful weapons started to edge to one side proving who had more power. Locked in combat the younger of the two knights began to lose ground. His golden armour flashed in the sun whilst the dark silver-black helmet of his opponents remained unchanged by the unyielding sun. Behind his visor were five up right grey quills and his sword resembled a spearhead. Unlike his opponent the knight seemed worried. Sweat ran down his neck and the muscles in his arms bulged with the strain of keeping the other's blade from his painfully exposed throat. The dark quills of his enemy were turned upwards and he showed no signs that he was in the middle of a fight as he lazily swung the blade to meet each of his young enemy's feeble attempts to gain the advantage. . .A flash of colour outside the arena distracted the young knight's attention for a moment and before he could turn around he was on the floor, his opponent's sword at his neck biting deep enough to draw a thin ribbon of blood which matted on the thick mane of the silver knight.

"Your defence was poor, your attack was weak and if this was a real fight you would be dead."Growled the elder knight as he removed his visor to reveal a pair of bright red eyes. They were cold and indifferent to plight of the young knight.
"s-sorry Sir Lancelot" the silver knight stammered backing away to escape further harm and that disappointed gaze whilst trying to conceal his wound lest he be scolded for his weakness. As the young hedgehog left he heard a voice
"Galahad aren't you forgetting this?" The knight Galahad turned around to see Sir Lancelot holding out his sword, the handle held out towards him whilst the elder clutched the blade.
"t-th-thank you" Galahad stammered as he took the sword and fled the arena.
Unfaltering crimson eyes watched the young knight leave, as ebony ears twitched at the sound of bells echoed through the air from the castle tower. It was the summons to a meeting with the king.

"This better be important" the hedgehog snarled. He was more in the mood for a decent challenge after the disappointing match against his student than the debate he was about to enter. Sparks shot from the knight's shoes as he spun gracefully on his heel and strode proudly through the castle grounds back towards the castle, passing the young knight taking a moment's rest on a bench. Lancelot scowled at the sign of weakness and his strides widened as he felt gold eyes on his back wanting for something he would never give. The bravest knight of the round table had one thing he was afraid to face and Sir Lancelot would never let that weakness be known regardless of what it cost him...

Soft tinted light filtered through the large stain glass window spilling out onto a table in the centre at of a large room. Sitting round the circular table was a collection of the greatest knights of the relem including Sir Lancelot who was deep in conversation with the only female knight, a pale purple cat whose hair and tail ran to a deep purple at their tips. She had calm amber-gold eyes which held a warmth that was unusual for a knight of the realm. Her rapier sat beside her bronze helmet on the table by her hands which seemed to tighten their grip on the wood as the other knight spoke.

"...completely useless" Lancelot yelled, showing the white tips of his fangs to highlight his displeasure. A lilac ear swivelled back at the ferocity in the tone.

"you're being unfair" the cat replied calmly trying to reason with Lancelot "he's still young... many people thought I would never make a good knight when I first started to train" the ebony hedgehog with ruby streaks sighed dismissively and the amber-gold eyes allowed themselves to fill with relief for a moment before concern crept back in "Has anyone seen my brother?"

Before anyone could reply the twin doors from the courtyard swung on their hinges as a green hawk whose only resemblance to his sister was the darkening green tips on his hair strode in, his twin blades swinging at his hips in time to his steps. Behind him came Galahad, now out of his armour, who was busy talking to an echidna that also had twin blades though his had two spikes on the side of each.

"You really did all those things Gawain?" Galahad said in awe, his golden eyes shimmering with excitement as he dreamed of his own adventures.

"Yeah" the echidna patted the other on the back as he grinned at the younger knight's hero worship "but don't worry as soon as your training is complete I'm sure you'll have lots of great adventures too, so don't give up no matter what he says" there was emphasis on the he and Galahad blushed.

"Is something wrong Gawain?" Lancelot spoke in an icy tone his eye narrowed to slits and his hand hovering over his blade in anticipation

"No Lancelot" Gawain hastily replied as he took his seat at the table with the others. His violet eyes were closed against the other knight and it was clear they did not like each other. Both pair of eyes followed the silver knight to his seat before they disengaged.

"Where is King Sonic?" the bird demanded as he paced the floor "I mean he calls an emergency meeting then comes in late..."

"Patience brother" the cat replied in her usual calm tone "he is the King, he probably got held up"

Suddenly the doors flew open to revel a blue hedgehog with emerald green eyes clutching a sword.

"Sorry I'm late" he said cheerily "but some people are incapable of following instructions"

"Fools" the sword muttered

"Now Caliburn be nice" the King scolded mockingly

"Sire you said that this was an emergency would you mind filling us in?" the lilac cat enquired lightly as her brother sat down next to her.

"Of course not Lady Percival" the cobalt hedgehog flashed a grin at the female knight "it appears that someone is spreading a plague through Camelot, this plague is not of the normal kind it seems to involve some form of magic" There was a pause as the king waited for the news to sink in before continuing "Lancelot?"

"Yes Sire?" the dark knight bowed stiffly

"I want you to locate the source of this plague and, if necessary, destroy it" replied the King

"Of course sire" Lancelot smiled coldly as he made his way to the door

"Oh Lancelot" the King added as a afterthought "take Galahad with you"

Bolts of rage flashed through the crimson eyes like spears "as you wish sire" he growled whilst trying not to tremble with rage. Sitting nearest his mentor, Galahad cringed and shook at the anger the elder was showing and reluctantly rose to follow. As the door crept shut behind the pair Galahad caught the end of the gathering

"The rest of you go and protect the boarders; I want no-one in or out until this is over" came the King's voice

"Of course Sire" the knight's answered in perfect unison.

A few hours later Galahad stood by his horse waiting for Sir Lancelot. Rustling trees made the knight twist round as the horse whinnied as it sensed his alarm

"Listen Galahad if I had any say in the matter you would be staying here" melting from the shadows Lancelot arrived" However the king's decision is final so I'm stuck with you. Understand that if you get in the way I will leave you behind without a second thought, got that?" the dark knight leant over his pupil forcing him to meet his fiery gaze.

"y-y-yes Sir Lancelot" stammered the young knight in his fear

"good then let's go" Nimbly Lancelot mounted his horse placing him in an even greater position of power. Galahad slowly followed suit.