A/N: So, this is my first fanfic and I guess it turned out okay... I hope.

I know, it's short and I soooo wanna write more but I guess you could just call this a tester. Just seeing how I handle something like this :) In fact, I'm currently attempting to write a longer story with ACTUAL chapters about, of course, Todd and Viola. Anyway, enough of my ranting or I'll end up making the A/N longer than my story :O Enjoy!

The wind blew through the window, gently caressing my face. It felt good. To be awake, to be back. My body was completely numb, as though something heavy was resting on top of me. I slowly turned my head, wincing a little at the stiffness. That's when I saw her.

Viola was asleep, her knees brought up to her chest. Her head resting on the back of the rather uncomfortable looking chair. Her arms were wrapped tightly around my ma's book.

Had she been reading that to me?

I felt my eyes become suddenly wet and I have to wipe away the tears quickly. I looked closely at her beautiful face. There were dark circles under her eyes which made me feel a bit guilty at even thinking of waking her up.

I couldn't help but feel comforted at her peaceful, sleeping face. The way it looked like she was having the time of her life in her dreams. Then a thought struck me.

Am I in those dreams with her? If so, am I awake and smiling so happily with her by my side?


Am I dying all over again, in her arms? Is she living that nightmare again all alone?

At times like this, I really wish she had Noise. Because whenever she is asleep, I can't read her, can I?

I can't help her to escape from memories she would rather not relive.

"Viola" I whisper quietly as I watch her. Not even realising I said it.

Her eyes flicker open. For a minute or so, she just looks at me. Not moving and not saying anything.

Just watching me.

I could see her sleepy brain trying to comprehend what is in front of her. Or maybe, she still thinks that she is dreaming.

I laugh. I can't help it. Her befuddled, confused look makes her look as innocent as a toddler.

Next thing I know, her arms are wrapped tightly around my neck. Pulling me towards her. I can feel a sharp pain shoot up my neck from the too quick movement. But I ignore it. Because she's here.

I can feel her warmth seeping into me. Her smell surrounding me. Her touch encasing me.

She pulls away and looks into my eyes and I look into hers. We both smile. At the same time we say,

"It's you."

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