Chapter 1: It's Time to Go Back, Part 1

Author's Note: So this is my first story. Just a thought I've had for a while that I've finally decided to write down. I'm going to appologize in advance if any of the characters seem OOC. In my defense this IS two years in the future so they will have hopefully matured a little. So enjoy the story!

Beep, beep, beep.

Takuya Kanbara paused the game he was currently playing and went in search of his phone. Now where did I put it? I think I left it in my coat…He went over to the closet and reached into his coat pocket. As his hand wrapped around his phone he heard the game start up. That's odd. It normally stays paused for at least 15 minutes. Unless…. His thoughts trailed off as realization hit him. He ran back to the TV to find his little brother playing the game.

"Shinya!" he yelled, tackling. "Get off! I was playing it!"

"Takuya," his mom called from the kitchen, "Let Shinya play a little. You've been on it for a couple of hours already."

"Fine," he sighed, turning to his phone to see why it had buzzed. He clicked open and looked at the screen. It read:

Do you want another chance to save the world?

Please reply:

Yes or No

Takuya's eyes widened. He read the message once, twice, three times in disbelief. He finally clicked Yes. A couple of seconds after he sent his reply another message came. This time it read:

You know what to do.

"Mom," he called, "I'm going out for a little bit."

He turned and ran out of the house. As he raced towards the station he wondered if his friends had gotten it too.

Koji Minamoto stared at a bouquet of flowers. He had been trying to find the perfect one for almost an hour. He finally decided that he liked this one but he needed a second opinion before he took finally decided.

"Hey Koichi, what do you think about this one?" he called to his twin.

Koichi Kimura looked away from the wilting flowers in front of him and went to join his brother. He studied the flowers for a bit before answering.

"I think they look perfect," Koichi answered softly. "Mom would love them."

"That's what I thought," Koji turned his attention to the store owner. "Excuse me, how much is this bouquet?"

He heard the man answer just as his phone went off. He figured he had enough money anyways so he went over to the cash register. As the owner rang up the bouquet he felt Koichi tap on his shoulder. Koji turned to see his twin staring wide-eyed at his phone.

"Something wrong?" he questioned.

"You may want to check your phone," he responded.

Curious he pulled out his phone and opened his new message. It was:

Do you want another chance to save the world?

Please reply:

Yes or No

Koji looked up at his brother, "Koichi should we say yes?"

Koichi just nodded in response and Koji quickly keyed his answer and got an answer almost immediately. It read:

You know what to do.

"Excuse me sir," Koichi said politely, "Is there any way for you to hold onto our purchase for a couple of hours? Something urgent came up and we can't really bring the flowers with us."

"Yeah," the owner answered, "I'll just put it in the back. Come for it when you're ready."

The twins thanked him and rushed out of the store.

"So we're going back," Koichi commented on their way to the station.

"Looks like it," Koji responded. "But we'll find out one we get there."

"Hey Yutaka give it back!" Tommy Himi yelled at his older brother, jumping for his hat that was dangling a little more than a foot above his head.

"No way!" Yutaka said grinning at Tommy, who knew that his brother was having fun with this.

"Please?" he asked after he stopped jumping. Tommy knew Yutaka hadn't expected that reaction and saw him lower his guard. He saw his chance and tackled his older brother, knocking him off his feet.

He snatched his hat back and ran to his room, ignoring the calls of his brother. Tommy collapsed on his bed smiling. Two years ago he wouldn't have even dreamed that he could have this much fun with Yutaka. But a lot had happened these last two years, mainly the Digiworld and all his new friends. The young boy closed his eyes and thought about the Digiworld. Will I ever be able to see them again? Bokomon, Neemon, Patamon, I wonder how they are doing. What about Kumamon and Korikakumon? I know they are spirits but-

Beep, beep, beep.

Tommy jumped as his phone signaled it had received a message. He had forgotten it was in his pocket. He pulled it out and read the message.

Do you want another chance to save the world?

Please reply:

Yes or No

Another chance? I'm being asked to come back? Tommy almost jumped for joy. He quickly pressed send without another thought and raced out the door.

"Yutaka I'm going out!" he said as he passed his brother who was reading on the couch. "I'll be back in time for dinner!"

He was out the door before his phone beeped again. He opened it up and read:

You know what to do.

Way ahead of you. I've been waiting for this. Tommy sprinted to the station unable to contain his excitement.

Zoe Orimoto stood on her porch and breathed in the smells of her backyard. She had just come back from visiting her old friends in Italy. It was fun catching up with them and visiting the sights. Now that she was back in Japan she couldn't stop thinking about Italy. It was the other way around a few days ago, she couldn't wait to come back home.

"Zoe," her mother called, "You need to go clean up your room."

"Alright," she called back. She took one last look around the yard and went back inside to go clean up her room.

She stopped in her doorway and looked about. Well let's get started. Truthfully her room wasn't that bad but it did need to be cleaned. After Zoe had put away everything from her trip she put her souvenirs out. After checking that she liked their final placement she straightened up and smacked her head on the shelf above, knocking something off. She rubbed her head and went to investigate what had fallen. It was a picture of her from two years ago with Takuya, Tommy, J.P., Koji and Koichi. She hadn't seen them in a while because of her trip and school.

Beep, beep, beep.

Zoe placed the picture back on the shelf and went over to her bed. She picked it up and opened the message. She had put her phone on a setting where it read the messages out loud. She closed her eyes and listened.

"Do you want another chance to save the world? Please reply: Yes or No" the computerized voice read.

Her eyes flew open and she grabbed the phone and read the exact thing that had just been said. She hadn't imagined it. It really had those words typed out. Finger trembling Zoe keyed in her answer and pressed send. A lifetime seemed to pass before she got an answer. She read the words as the voice read them out loud.

"You know what to do." The voice stated.

Zoe put her phone in her pocket and went down the stairs.

"Mom," she said, "I've finished cleaning. May I go out for a little bit?"

"Of course dear," her mom answered. "Make sure you're back in time for dinner."

Zoe nodded and left her house. It seemed strange that she was walking this time knowing what was going to happen. It gave her a different feeling. Last time she had been curious as well but this time she knew what she was in for.

J.P. Shibayama stood at the bus stop with his friend Conner. They had met through the school's magic club and had just gone to a magic show together.

"So what did you think about the appearing bunny?" J.P. asked.

"Well," Conner started, thinking a little more before he continued, "I think he must have had a latch or something built in the box. I mean I didn't see any trap doors or anything when I went up to inspect it."

"Well whatever he did, it was pretty cool," J.P. said as the bus pulled up to the stop. They both got on and sat down before they continued their conversation.

"I bet I can guess your favorite trick," Conner said, after they had discussed most of the unique tricks they had seen.

"Oh yeah?" J.P. asked. "And what was it?"

"The escaping the handcuffs."

"Why would you say that?" J.P. asked confused.

"Because it's the only trick that must have seemed like magic to you," Conner paused. "Seeing you still can't do it."

"Hey!" J.P. protested. "I can do it! I just have…a little…trouble…sometimes…"

Before Conner could say anything three beeps sounded from J.P.'s pocket.

"Huh, a text? Wonder who it's from…" J.P. said absentmindedly while he opened it. Conner leaned over to see the screen and read the message along with J.P.

Do you want another chance to save the world?

Please reply:

Yes or No

"What?" Conner asked. "That's a little weird. What's this about J.P.?"

"It's part of a game my friends and I play," J.P. said hurriedly.

"Really? Do you think I could join?" Conner asked interestedly.

"Umm I don't know," J.P. said while keying in a response. "I'd have to ask the leader."

"Ok! Well this is my stop!" Conner said while standing up. "Tell me what he says!"

As J.P. watched Conner get off the bus he heard his phone beep again. He pulled it open and read it.

You know what to do.

He got off the bus near the station and dialed home.


"Hey mom it's me."

"So how was the show?"

"It was amazing! He had tones of neat tricks! So Conner and I were feeling kinda hungry so we were gonna go grab a bite to eat. Is it ok if I come home a little later?"

"Thta's fine. Do you have money for food?"

"Yes mom."

"Alright. Have fun and say hi to Conner to me."

"Will do. Bye."


J.P. hung up the phone and headed towards the station, all fired for a new adventure.

Hopefully this didn't seem too long but I think this will be about the lenght of the others. Please comment! Constructive criticism is welcome (as well as compliments :D).