Shadow War

So, this is my first Fanfic. The description text on some of the Duel Masters cards looked quite interesting (mostly the Darkness and Water ones), so I thought I might 'expand' the in game universe a bit.

I do not own the Duel Masters TCG, OCG, Anime, Manga, or Comic

''In the depths of the land of darkness lies the source of the Demon Command's power'' - Reso Pacos, Clear Sky Guardian

Chapter 1 - The Shadow Falls

In a darkened room, deep within the citadel of shadow, a grovelling fiend knelt before his master. The imperious figure of Ballom, the Master of Death, loomed over the pathetic minion.

''My lord'' said the fiend ''our forces are ready to move into the Fiona Woods at your command''

''Excellent'' boomed the dark overlord ''tell General Trox to begin his assault immediately''

''It will be done great master'' said the fiend. After saying this, he shuffled off into the shadows. Ballom turned to a cave opening behind him. The cavern seemed to give off an aura of malice. Ballom waved his hand and shouted ''Demon Command, I awake you from your slumber!" A hulking beast made of bleached bones lumbered out from within the cavern. ''Zorvaz'' said Ballom ''you will make an excellent soldier''. The beast roared in approval and stamped its skeletal foot.

Meanwhile, on the borders of the Fiona Woods, Trox prepared his forces to attack the Nature Civilisation. Hordes of shambling zombies formed up alongside monstrous chimeras and sinister gargoyles. Trox stood at the head of his mighty army, brandishing a huge axe as he roared commands to his minions. Trox yelled the order to attack. The tide of foul beasts rolled over the plains and into the edge of the woods. A group of hedrians armed with steamrollers charged on ahead of the horde and smashed into the trees, flattening them utterly. Before long, the Nature forces arrived to fight back. Trox grinned in anticipation of a good fight. The leader of the woodland forces was a hulking beast folk with the face of a snarling wolf. Around him was a pack of fierce boar warriors wielding huge clubs. Immediately the forces of darkness set upon the beast folk, a cluster of mindless zombies and ghouls rushing forward to attack the new arrivals. A cloud of insect like brain jackers buzzed amongst the Nature forces and attacked them with envenomed fangs and stings. When the living dead reached the beast folk, they tore into them with their arms flailing. The beast folk fought back with their clubs but were quickly overwhelmed by the ravenous zombies. The wolfman who lead the beast folk crushed a ghoul with his axe, but three more leapt on him from behind and he disappeared beneath a pile of thrashing creatures.

Thousands of miles above the conflict, the city of Light floated in the sky. Flights of guardians soared through the air around the golden battlements. Within the tallest spire of the citadel lay the central command chamber. The Angel Command Council floated around a holographic image of the battle below them. ''Direct intervention may be necessary'' spoke Syforce, the Aurora Elemental. ''We cannot allow ourselves to become involved in the petty struggles of the lesser civilisations'' said Ethel, the Sea Star Elemental. ''I object'' interrupted Haunasa, the Radiance Elemental ''any victory for the forces of Darkness is a step towards the ultimate defeat''. ''We should send the guardians to fight on the side of Nature'' responded Syforce. ''Agreed'' said Haunasa ''a force of guardians shall be dispatched to eliminate any threat to the world's balance''.

In the Fiona Woods, the fight was going badly for the defenders. The mighty Demon Command, Zorvaz the Bonecrusher, had been unleashed onto the battlefield and was flattening huge areas of forest and all defenders within with its scorching breath. It was all but immune to the weapons of the beast folk who desperately tried to defeat it. In the thick of the melee, Trox towered over all other combatants, cackling madly as he mauled enemies with his giant axe. Without warning, the sky lit up with fiery trails as the guardians descended to smite the forces of evil. ''Leave now fools'' roared Trox ''this is not your battle''. ''Foul beast, you and your kind should return to the pits that spawned you'' replied the lead guardian as it fired a shining beam of light that vaporised a group of zombies. The forces of Darkness threw themselves upon the new enemy, some shouting furious battle cries and others simply roaring incoherently. The guardians fought back with blasts of energy and hacked at the creatures of evil with swords of pure light.

Deep beneath the stormy seas of the Far Ocean, the city of the Cyber Lords glimmered with inner light. Vigilant cyber clusters patrolled the murky depths surrounding the subterranean fortress. In the central tower the Cyber Lords plotted their assault on the surface world. ''War is coming'' said Marionmancer ''we must be ready for an attack on the Firelands''. Tropico nodded in agreement ''we must prepare our forces'' he said ''the forces of Fire will put up a fight against our invasion''. ''The stained glass program is ready for deployment'' replied Marionmancer ''those savages will not stand a chance against our later cyber virus developments''. As he said this, millions of stained glass programs were being written in the nearby cyber-works. The liquid people connected themselves to the systems of the cyber-works to download new weapon programs. War was indeed coming, and the Firelands would be the first target of the Water legions.

In his dark fortress, Ballom chuckled as his master plan unfolded. The intervention of the Angel Command was unexpected, but it would merely delay his plans. His puppet the cyber lord Marionmancer had persuaded the forces of Water to assault the Firelands, distracting two of his enemies with each other. Soon general Trox would overwhelm the defenders of the Fiona Woods and Darkness would have a foothold outside of the Lands of Shadow. Ballom turned to the vast cave behind his throne once again. ''I require another minion'' he spoke ''Dark Titan, rise up!" A behemoth made of obsidian and shadows emerged from the cavern and gave a thunderous roar. ''Go my favoured minion'' ordered Ballom ''stride across the land and ruin all who fall under your dark gaze". Soon, thought Ballom, the Fiona Woods will be just another part of my dark empire.