Letty loved nights like this quiet, cool, stars shinning brightly. The team was watching a movie in the living room. Some action movie with Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, or Jean-Claude Van Damme. The same old story the helpless girlfriend gets kidnapped by the bad guys and Willis Schwarzenegger Van Damme rips the world apart to find her. Complete and utter bullshit. Why did the women had to be helpless pawns and of course somewhere in the story she looses her shirt. The only thing Letty liked about those movies is when shit blew up. But this movie the boys were watching was testosterone infused bullshit made to stroke the male ego. Plus they had Mexican for dinner left Vince with a serious case of gas. So she left to get some fresh air.

She took a sip of her Corona. God she hated Corona but because Dom loved it, and it was the only thing always stocked in the house. She preferred Presidente it was the beer her grandfather drank. Letty spent her summers in the Dominican Republic with her grandparents. Her grandfather was a day laborer in the sugarcane fields but when the sun went down he go and tinker away in his little garage on his other baby his Plymouth Road Runner. Letty would sit and watch him work during the cool nights of Monte Cristi the night stars and a little lamp that flickered was their only light. He would teach Letty the finer points of mechanics telling her the ins and outs of the car. When they would break her grandmother would bring her grandfather a Presidente and her a glass of cool fruit juice. She loved those summers with her grandparents the way her grandmother doted on her, singing her to sleep, brushing her hair. Her grandfather's soft voice teaching her the difference between disc and drum brakes.

Letty heard the back door open and Dom walked out. He sat down beside her placing a six pack of Presidente. He kissed her on the temple. "Here ya big baby."

Letty smiled gently and opened a bottle. She tipped it back, the cool liquid hit her throat was a welcome reprieve from her perched throat. She removed the bottle from her lips and placed it down.

"You coming back in?" Dom asked.

"I'm good." She said taking his hand in hers.

Dom kissed her palm. "Nice night."

"Yeah reminds me of summers in the Dominican when I was a kid."

"You never talk about your grandparents anymore."

Letty laid her head on Dom's shoulder. "They would of loved you. Papa probably would of even let you drive Catalina."

"Your granddad named his car after your grandmother." Dom chucked.

"Yeah." Letty took another sip of her beer. "You two are alike that way." she said smiling. "My grandmother bought him that car. Her cousin Benny had bought it for parts from this American. But when she saw it all rusty and beat up she knew that he would love it. So she got another job without telling him to pay for it. And on their first wedding anniversary she gave it to him." Letty took a long sip of her beer. Reliving the nights with her grandparents. "They were the real deal, ya know."

Dom rubbed her knee. "Yeah, I know."

Dom tried to reach for one of Letty's beers but she swatted it away. "Go get your own."

"Letty." Dom whined. "It's all the way in the house."

Letty took another sip finishing off her beer. "Not my problem." She grabbed another one opening it taking a long sip.

"You really not gonna give me one?"

"Dom there's a whole cooler of Corona's in the house." Letty pointed out grinning.

"Letty." He drew out. "But I'm comfy out here with you." He said pulling her on to his lap. They made out until the need to breath.

Dom smiled tucking Letty's hair behind her ear. "You know what I think?" He asked huskily.

"You're still not getting my beer."

Dom laughed. "Wouldn't think of it." He kissed her again. "I was thinking maybe we should take a trip."


"Yeah, just you and me Monte Cristi."

Letty kissed him. "I like that idea. But Dom."

"Yeah Letty."

"You still ain't getting my beer." Letty said giving him a peck on the lips and climbing off his lap. Dom watched her go into the house. He loved nights like this, quiet, cool, stars shinning brightly. The small moments he got to spend with his girl.

"Hey Dom." Letty called out. "You coming?" She asked taking another sip of her beer.

Dom just looked at her standing in the doorway wearing that cocky ass grin that he lives to see. The way the moonlight reflected off her dark hair she couldn't be more beautiful. She took another sip of her Presidente beer that he drove thirty minutes to find when she got up in a huff during the movie. He would go through hell and back for her if it meant she kept looking at him like she was now, a mixture of love, lust, and a hell of a lot of mischievousness that only Letty possessed.

Dom got up slowly. "Yeah I'm coming."