The atmosphere of the room is pregnant with tension. There is a matchbook, several magazines strewn about, the remote control to the television, and a half empty bottle of Corona with condensation beading down it with white ring of water pooling around the bottle lie on the coffee table separating them. Dom sits on the edge of the couch, elbows on his knees, face buried in his hands. Letty leans against the fireplace, arms crossed, a protective measure to preserve her heart from the things that can't be unsaid, from words with pointy edges flung like darts at it each other meant to hurt, to maim.

It's the end they both feel it, but to afraid to say it because the thought of not being in each other's lives is frightening and neither of them are used to given into fear. So they do what they know best. They fight, they fight until their throats are raw, heads throb, faces flushed, and tears threatening to shed.

Letty is the first to move, because it she stays there rooted to the ground she'll break. She moves towards the door, flinging it open. The cool night air prickles her skin, it offers a reprieve from the heat of the house. Before she makes her break, he grabs her wrist stopping her. She tries to fight, to break loose because it she can't stay any longer, she doesn't have he strength. He has broken her into so many pieces she sure she'll never be right again.

He pulls her flush to him and takes hold her her. Because he knows if he looses his hold, he'll lose her forever and he can't. He doesn't know how to be without her in his life. He doesn't remember a time when she wasn't there even in the background, during a time she was just the bratty neighbor girl from down the street. He buries his face in her hair, the familiar scent of her shampoo, tea tree lavender mint, it's a strange combination Dom thinks, mint and lavender but somehow it works for her. Because, Letty is a strange combination with her hard edges and waif-likeness.

They're in a tug of war, a push and pull, neither willing to let go, but still needing space. They stand there together in their familiar dance, waiting for the song of their love to end but it doesn't, it's just skips over the same heartache because of the multiple scratches.

Letty puts her hand on his arm to anchor herself, trying to grasp at the memories that they shared, looking for that moment in time where she felt something, before she was too broken. But it's too late, they been playing house in the ruins of their relationship for years, and now there is nothing but dust.

So, they let go because it's to late and the pain is numbing. They are broken and can't be fix. Dom lifts his head and looks her in the eye, he can see the pain behind her whiskey eyes and he hates himself because he is the cause of it. He mans up and does what he should of done a long time ago he lets her go. Letty in no rush to loose the feel of him on her finger tips, trails her hand slowly down his arm until she reaches his hand. She brings his hand up and kisses the inside of his palm, lingering for a moment before she lets go for the last time. She wraps her arms around her waist, to ward off the cold night air and the emptiness that she now feels and makes her way to her car. She doesn't look back, only forward.

Dom watches her leave standing in the doorway until he can no longer see her lights, he closes the door. He leans his back to it, and looks at his hand, it still tingles from where Letty kissed it, and it's the last thing he feels before he completely breaks.

I was in a melancholy kind of mood and was listening to James Morrison Broken Strings ft. Nelly Furtado on repeat. So this is what came out of that. I don't know how exactly how I feel about it but thanks for reading anyway.

Also more thanks for the love on the last chapter, I think that it was most people's favorite. Which is pretty cool cause I wrote it on a whim in like a hour.