The doorway to the Toretto home was a port key to another dimension, a gateway to another world because Letty knew, that her home wouldn't be filled with inebriated teenagers shaking what their mother's gave them without a care in the world, because they weren't due back for another two days. Because no child of hers would ever, ever throw a house party while her and Dom were out of town, because her child was smarter than that. Her child didn't have a death wish. Sixteen years on earth was a good run for Alexandra Toretto. She learned to drive, got to go to her first dance, went to Disney World twice, it was a life well lived.

Dom blinked twice and took deep calming breath, he couldn't rage because he was holding his sleeping six year old son. So calmly he walked over to the stereo and cut the music off. Time stopped. "You have 5 seconds to get the hell out of my house." He told the room, in his most calming voice. It was like the house suddenly caught fire because 3 seconds later they had an empty house.

Dom didn't bother checking to make sure that the house was teenager free, because these kids were stupid not suicidal. His child on the other hand, he didn't dare go down that road, because all he saw was a black rage. So he let Letty handle the girl and he would put their son to bed.

Letty wasn't a rational person, she lived her life fast and loose for so long she didn't remember ever standing still. It wasn't until one January evening that she peed on a stick that her world stop. It wasn't her life anymore, she had to think of someone else other than herself. It was a major adjustment and there were times she wanted to throw in the towel. Letty wasn't a quitter, her mother was a quitter, spent more time with Jack and Jose than she did her. Letty was a rebel you tell her to go left she went right. Her mother was shit so Letty would be June freaking Cleaver. She did the car pools, the bake sales, PTA meetings, sleep overs, checking under beds for monsters, and learning how to french braid.

Letty grabbed a beer from a cooler in the corner and sat on the couch waiting for her child to walk the green mile. She frown when she looked at the label of the beer. "Coolers Light" kids had no taste. She drank it anyway because her throat was dry.

"Momma I can explain." A smile voice creaked behind her.

"Please do."

Alexandra took a deep breath and sat down on the coffee table so she could face her mother. She had past her father putting her brother to sleep. He didn't even acknowledge her when she called his name. By nature her father wasn't a quiet man, when he spoke you listen. His quiet to her was more deafening than him yelling at her. She waited a beat before going down stairs to face her mother.

Alexandra bit at her nails a habit that her parents had tried to break her out of. They tried tobacco sauce, pepper to her fingers and some weird lotion to stop the habit but nothing worked. She tasted copper. She had bitten her nail to the quick.

"Momma, it was just supposed to be a couple of people and..." Alexandra took a deep breath "it got out of hand." her voice was quiet and contrite. It was just supposed to be her a couple of her girlfriends, but word got out about an empty house with no parents and it turned into a full fledged party.

Letty drained the last of the beer and sat it on the table next to her daughter. "School, practice, garage. No tv, internet, cell phone, friends. You're on lockdown."

Alexandra tried not to cry, but a stray tear escaped and she wiped it away with the back of her hand. "For how long?"

Letty arched her eyebrow. "Clean up then go to bed."

Alexandra looked down at her shoes.

Letty didn't make it up two stairs before she turned around. It didn't matter how upset with her daughter she was, she couldn't leave without telling her kid that she loved her no matter what. Letty didn't get told that as a kid growing up. So she made it a point to let her kids know that they were first and foremost in her heart. Alexandra was still sitting on the coffee table, staring at her converse.


The girl looked up and Letty kneeled so they were eye to eye. "You know there is nothing you could do to make me and your dad stop loving you. You know that?"

The girl nodded and the Niagara Falls sprang from her eyes as she wrapped her arms around her mother's neck. Letty held on to her for a beat before pulling away and kissing her on the forehead. "Goodnight, baby girl."

"Night Momma."

Letty left her daughter to her cleaning and made her way upstairs. She checked on her boy who was sound asleep tucked in tight in his Batman covers. She prayed to whatever deity that would listen that Cassius would stay sweet and six forever because she couldn't take round two of the teenage years.

Dom was sitting on the edge of the bed with his head buried in his hands. Letty plopped down beside him laughing. "You know, that this is nothing compared to the shit we pulled when we were her age."

Dom laid back and looked at her. "Lett you've been in juvie twice for boosting cars and I was busy trying to screw the varsity cheerleading squad."

"Don't forget the track, softball, volleyball, and softball teams."

"Still bitter about that?"


Dom laughed. "Yeah well my Dad didn't appreciate all the panties thrown in the front yard."

Letty sat up. "That wasn't me." She said in mock innocence.

Dom pulled her back down so that their faces were flushed. "Still playin innocent."

Letty chuckled in response and leaned in to kiss him. "How many times do I have to tell you it was probably one of those debate team skanks who did a panty drop on your front lawn."

"Debate team skanks?"

Letty shrugged and kissed him again. "Point is that somehow we got a really good kids."

Dom ran his hands down her sides to the hem of her shirt. "Cause they took after their old man." He tried to raise her shirt but Letty pushed his hands away.

"Yeah always getting caught. 'Lett my Dad won't be back for another hour. I'll be quick' Do you know how embarrassing that shit was. I couldn't look your Dad in the eye for months after that. Then he would always announce himself whenever he walked into a room. 'Pants on, hands where I can see them. I'm walking in the room. I repeat I'm walking in the room.'"

Dom smiled. "Well you didn't have to sit through the three hour talk about responsibility and 'what it means to be a real man' Dad was so nervous, he kept making bad car metaphors."

"The Old Man did love his metaphors."

Dom stilled getting lost in the memory of his father.

Letty cupped his face. "Hey. You know he would of gotten a kick out of this."

"Yeah he would. He would of called it karma."

"He would of said the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree." Letty retorted.

Dom nodded and got up. "I'm gonna shower and forget that our little girl is on her way to becoming like her mother." He joked. Letty threw a pillow at his head.

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