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This is kind of a Harem but not heavily and It won't come for quite awhile.

Chapter 1: Today's another normal day

In a city called New York City, the roads roaring with cars and horns going off. The people walking down the streets, all day long, every day. Somewhere among this city, a boy who lives a normal life, going to school and doing homework. That sort of stuff. In a school called Walton High School, he was walking down a corridor to attend his next lesson History.

He walked into his class room along with his classmates, as he took his seat his teacher came in. Mr. Philips "Alright settle down please" he took out a piece of paper and clicked his pen. "answer your names".

A few names later, the boy's name was called out "Joseph". Joseph cleared his throat "Here" Joseph was an average guy. He's 16 years old and has short dark brown hair and his eye's are green. He's mostly quiet around people. His grades are high and was doing well for himself, well, that's what the teachers think. Lately he's been miserable because of his family, his father is always on business trips but he loves his son and is happy for his grades. His mother is the opposite, she doesn't love him as much like his father, she tends to care more about his big sister. His sister whom he hates the most, she's a selfish, spoilt brat and cares little for Joe.

"Okay class, take out your books and turn to page 109" Mr. Philips said, snapping Joe out of his day dreaming. He got out his history book and turned to page 109.

The school day went by quickly, he walked back home. He entered his home and closed the door, not being greeted by his mother or sister. He saw his mother in the kitchen, smoking and watching TV and his sister talking to her friends on the phone, she is always on the phone and their phone bill is very high. Joe sighed and went upstairs to his room. Joe collapsed on the bed, exhausted from school, he rolled on his back and stared at the ceiling. Joe got up from his bed and went to his desk, he took a piece of paper and a pen a wrote to his father.

Dear Dad.

School was okay, just like normal, no troubles or anything like that. Just another normal day, Mum and Clare still take no notice of me. I hate it here Dad, I really do, I wished I could come with you. I can't stand it here without you. I wish I could just leave this place and me and you can go to another world. I hope I'll see you on your day off.

Love Joseph.

Joe went back to his bed. 'I'll post it when I go to school', Joe's eyes felt heavy, he slowly drifted off to sleep.

Joe was dreaming, quite an unusual dream in fact. Joe was in a dark room sitting on a chair, Joe looked around, nothing but pitch black. Suddenly a light turned on above him, Joe jumped in shock. A voice came out from the shadows, it wasn't rough but it wasn't soft. "Do you wish to go to another place?" the voice said, echoing.

Joe looked franticly around in search of the voice whereabouts but failed. Joe stuttered "W-what do y-you mean?".

"I want a simple answer yes or no" the voice said, raising his voice in annoyance.

Joe shrugged it off "Well...sure. Just a dream anyway" Joe said confidently, thinking he was only dreaming.

The voice chuckled "very well...I do hope you can swim" and with that said, Joe felt a force on his chest as if he was being pushed. Joe felt his clothes waving as if the wind was blowing very fast and he felt like he was falling. He turned his head around to see he was indeed falling...from the sky.

Joe panicked moving his head around to see the pitch black room was gone, Completely. Joe turned his body around only to see he was falling into a lake, he was getting closer by the second. Joe braced for impact.

Joe kept falling until he splashed into the lake, the feeling was more of a smash then a splash. He held his breath and began to swim to the surface. Joe's head emerged from the waters, gasping for air and coughing. He looked around him to see he was not in central park lake but a lake he never seen before. Joe swam to the grassy shore and heaved his body out of the cold water, he was soaking wet. "wh-where am I!" Joe yelled aloud, hoping someone would come but no one came, he walked up the hill and saw something that made his heart skip a beat. He was not in New York City. He nearly passed out from utter shock, but he managed to hold himself together, he tried to think deep down this was just a dream and he would wake up. I tried pinching himself but he didn't wake up, he even slapped himself and all he got out of that was a red cheek.

Joe decided to investigate the area to see if there were anybody in the area. He saw a dirt road leading to a town he never seen before, he speed walked to the town. While on his way to the town, he saw a red barn with a purple roof. Figuring it could save him the time and energy he went to the barn to see if the owner was there. Joe looked around the barn and saw hundreds or even thousands of apple trees, Joe never saw anything like this in his life, the owner must have made a fortune with this amount of apples.

He walked up to the open doors "Hello? Is anyone in here?" no reply, Joe sighed and decided to go to the city when he heard a gasp from behind.

Joe slowly turned his head around to see if it was the owner, Joe's eyes widened in surprise and shock.

It was a pony, a her coat colour was a brilliant amber yellow, her mane was a very light amber yellow and her eyes were green. She wore...'a cowboy's hat!' Joe thought, he slowly backed away from the pony in fear. The pony stepped back slowly as well, blinking at Joe as if the pony didn't know what he was. He had seen enough, he ran yelped and ran to the town as fast as he could.

'What was that? What was that? What was that thing!' Joe shouted in his head while still running to the town 'I've never, ever! Seen a pony like that! I need help, I got to find someone before I go insane!'

He found himself getting closer and closer to the town, Joe ran to what he thought was a town square but he stopped dead in his tracks. His felt like his heart stopped beating, his chest feeling cold and breathless, eyes widened, sweat constantly dripping from his face. There were more ponies, different sizes and colours, some with horns and others with various hairstyles and fashion. The whole square stared at Joseph, confused at first, others filled with fear. Joe looked around the square, it was nothing like he ever saw in his life. He heard whispers, Joe putted his hands on his head trying to contain the whole situation but failed. He passed out and collapsed, the ponies rushed to him and examined him.

"what is he! Has he come to harm us!" a pony shouted out. A pony pushed through the crowd of ponies, a lavender coated pony with a horn gasped at the unknown species.

Joe was sleeping like a rock until a noise from outside woke him up. He stirred and rubbed his eyes, he saw a white ceiling, Joe observed his surroundings 'I must be at a hospital? What happened to me?'. Joe sat up while putting a hand on his face, then it hit him. 'oh no...the ponies'

Suddenly the door opened, Joe glanced at the door and hoping this was all just a dream. A white pony with pink hair and light blue eyes, the pony was wearing a nurses hat, Joe saw a red cross on her side. The pony went up to Joe and looked at him. "How are you feeling?".

Joe gasped, his face turned white "Y-Y-you ca-can -t-talk!" he stuttered. The voice was female, Joe nearly passed out again but managed to resist.

The pony tilted her head sideways showing a confused face "Why of course I can talk, everypony can talk around here. You're not from here are you? What are you? Where did you come from?". Joe relaxed and calmed down for a moment 'maybe she could help me? She doesn't look like she would harm me' Joe thought but thinking he must keep his guard up.

"I'm a hu-" Joe was cut off by a knock on the door, the nurse walked over to the door and opened it "Twilight, perfect timing, he just woke up but he needs his rest so please don't be too long" the nurse said to someone. She walked out of the room but not without saying a few words to Joe "I'll be right back, please don't leave your room".

Joe nodded nervously "o-okay"

He saw a purple pony with a horn on it's head, a unicorn, but she had a very unique hair style that humans would have. Her mane was Dark blue, purple strips and a pink strip, she had violet coloured eyes. A creature was riding on her, to Joe it looked like...a dragon! A little purple scale and green spiked dragon with green eyes. The unicorn walked over to the side of Joe's bed and examined him a little.

"Hello, My Name is Twilight Sparkle and this is my friend Spike. We saw you collapsed on ground, I rushed over to see and you were out cold"

Joe looked down and fiddled with his fingers "W-where am I?" he said nervously.

"You're in Equestria, a land of magic with Ponies and Dragons. Co-Ruled by Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, right now you're in Ponyville"

Joe putted his hands on his head, taking in what he thought was a dream "Am...Am I really in this world? Is it a dream?" he asked Twilight. Twilight lowered her head and shook it.

"I'm so sorry, but I don't know how or why" she said sadly.

Joseph looked out of the window thinking about what will happen to him and what should he do. He saw Twilight looking at the clock and gasped "I'm sorry but Me and Spike have to go back home, but I'll come back to see you tomorrow with my friends. Bye!"

"See ya later dude!" The little dragon said before they left Joe. Joe chuckled a bit at spike, the accent reminds him of the kids in New York City trying to be cool. Joseph rested his head on the pillow.

'What the heck is going on?' he thought as his eye's felt heavy and he drifted off to sleep.

To continued

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