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Chapter 14: Welcome home

-Earth, USA, New York City.

Gregory Brooklyn is inside his house after a long business trip in South Korea, however it is not welcome back home Greg was expecting. Two patrol officers stood in front on Greg's door step, they asked him where his son Joseph Brooklyn was, having a long absence with no reply from his home. The police officers asked if they could come in for questioning, they went inside and Gregory shouted with rage "CINDY!".

Cindy, Greg's wife came rushing to what who it was, she stops and stares at the sight of her husband, she felt happy until the look of rage is on Greg's face and the two patrol officers besides him. "Greg, honey? What's happened?" Cindy asks.

"I was hoping you would tell me that" Gregory growls softly at his wife.

Cindy shakes from his voice, never had see seen or heard him so angry before, she didn't understand what Greg meant though. Clare, their daughter came downstairs looking frightened "m-mom? Dad! You're back!...why are the police here?".

Officer Derek Martin stood in "your son and brother Joseph Brooklyn has been has been reported missing for a week by his school, they have tried many attempts on contacting you but you have replied. The school contacted us and we're here to investigate."

Clare and Cindy stares at each confused then back at Greg, Cindy couldn't find the right words for him "Gregory...I...well...".

"Yes?" Greg pressed her verbally.

"Look darling, I'm sorry-" Cindy tried apologising until Greg shouts at her.

"Sorry? Joe has been missing for a week! What did you do? Nothing! You just sat here at this house smoking properly while watching the damn TV! He's our son for gods sake!".

Cindy backs away slightly, shocked from her husbands outburst but glares angrily "it's always Joe this and Joe that! Joe is the only you ever care about and give attention! What about me and Clare!" she shouted back.

"Because he doesn't get any attention from you two! You don't act like a mother to him and never support him struggling with school! Clare! You hardly view Joseph as a brother and more of an enemy, same with your mother, you don't support or love him!" Greg yells like never before, finally getting his anger out once and for all.

"Clare, when I met you at university while I was 18 and you were 20. Me and you worked together in as a janitors for part time jobs, we started to know more about each other until one day we fell in love. You then told your ex-boyfriend got you pregnant and left you with Clare, I came into your lives and loved you both as a husband and father. I got a job that pays well but meaning I have to work long hours to days to weeks. Before I left on a business trip a few years ago, you became pregnant with our son, Joseph. When I visited you at the hospital, you had a look in your eyes, hatred. WHY WAS THAT!?" Gregory yells, not caring about the two police officers in the room about their lives.

Clare is now crying and grinding her teeth together "Because I didn't want another child! All I wanted was you and Clare, no one else!".

Greg is now speechless, nearly on the verge of breaking down, he couldn't believe what his wife yelled. She only wanted his and her daughters love, expressing Joe would take Greg's attention away. Gregory moved backwards, heading upstairs to Joe's room. "Mr. Brooklyn, may I accompany you?" officer Jaden Westwood asked.

"Gladly officer" Greg showed Jaden to his sons room.

"Derek, could you write all this down and keep watch over those two?" Jaden shouted down.

Officer Derek Martin grumbles angrily and pulled out a notebook "Sure...why do I get the boring work?".

Gregory and Jaden went into Joe's room, the father sighs sadly, the room hasn't seemed to change for the past few years. A simple room, blue painted walls, a two posters of a space rocket and the solar system. Joseph had a simple single bed, bookcase and a work desk. Jaden started with some small talk "was your son doing well at school?".

Greg walks over to Joe's desk, placing a hand on it "Yes, very well, but he gets bullied for his knowledge and shyness and-" he stopped mid way when a letter came into his sights.

Jaden stares at Greg questioningly "sir? Is some wrong?".

"Its a letter that Joe was writing for me, his hand writing, It says...Dear Dad.'" Greg starts.

"School was okay, just like normal, no troubles or anything like that. Just another normal day, mom and Clare still take no notice of me. I hate it here dad, I really do. I wish I could've come with you, I can't stand it here without you. If I could just leave place this with you and go to another world. I hope to see you on your day off.

Love Joseph."

Officer Jaden blinked repeatedly "Another world? Maybe he...ran away?".

Gregory held onto Joe's letter tightly, thinking about something he wasn't prepared on telling anyone. The policeman didn't take another second to waste, he rushed back downstairs "this is officer Westwood, Patrol, we haven't found Joseph Brooklyn at his home. His father came back from a business trip in South Korea, we found a letter that may have suggest Joseph Brooklyn may have ran away. Requesting the NYPD's support".

"Copy that, informing to NYPD police officers that Joseph Brooklyn is missing and will keep a look out." said a woman at HQ.

"Roger that, me and patrol officer Martin will start looking. Out."

Greg looks away from the letter and out of the window in thought, he puts the letter into his pocket and went downstairs "Officers, may I join you?" Greg asked.

The two policemen looked at each, mentally debating if they should "Okay Mr. Brooklyn, any ideas where he could be?" said Jaden.

"One place, a sweet shop who happens to be a good friend of mine and Joe, he also works for him. His name is Jay."

Equestria, Unknown, Seaside.

Joseph Brooklyn, a human wakes up to the sound waves crashing on top of its own sea, seagulls symbolising the beach. Joe slowly opens his eyes, expecting Princess Celestia's sun blinding his vision but it didn't come. Joseph was now fully open, he looks at the sky, its still a little bit dark but some small evidence of orange light appeared far away into the distance. The human sees a small dragon in his white Chaj suit, earning the title 'Master' like Joe did as well.

Joseph shifts his body up, taking in their location, its where Spirit dropped them off and sent them off to Xenthur, a beach. Spike also begins to stir in his sleep, eventually waking up with a long yawn "Mornin' Dude...whew, I feel waaaay better, totally tired from yesterday".

Spike looks around "Joe, are we here? Are we home?".

Joseph smiles when Spike said 'home' "Technically yes, we're in Equestria."

Spike jumps out of his friend's lap and onto the sand, grinning widely "WOOHOO! HOME SWEEET HOME!" the dragon yells with glee.

Joe continues smiling warmly, it did feel good to be back in Equestria, they'll feel even better when they return to Ponyville. Joseph was about to step out when something caught his eye, he sees two medium and small canvas bags at the back of their boat. Picking them up, Joe looks inside them, they both have their Gala suits Rarity made. In Joe's bag, two scrolls showing they passed and approved as masters 'How did they get here?' Joe thought.

"Spike! They gave us two bags with our clothes and two scrolls in our bags" Joe said, catching his friend's attention.

Joseph climbs out of the boat and walks towards Spike "That's nice of them, isn't it?".

"Yeah, pretty, bet Rarity is gonna love our suits and bags" Spike jokes, letting out a laugh.

Joe laughs full heartedly, imagining the element of generosity's reaction "I can see it now!".

The duo puts their bags on, Joseph also found a simple map guiding back to Ponyville "okay, we have a map so we can go home" he lowers his arm so Spike can see it as well.

"Let's get going!" the gem dragon yells enthusiastically then taking his bag from Joe.

Joseph puts his bag on as well "okay, just go up that hill and we should see a path".

Spike and Joe walks across the sand, taking in their last air of the sea, Joe thought he would eventually come back one day. They see a long dirt path leading to a some more hills, having no choice for an alternative short cut, the human and dragon follow their map.

"Hey Joe, I wanna ask you a question" Spike pipes up, starting a conversation before getting bored to hay.

"Of course Spike, what is it?" Joe smiles.

"Did ya...think about Twi and the others? Y'know?" the gem dragon brought a topic that puts Joe on edge.

Joseph's eyes goes wide, a repeated question from Spike, he thinks and chooses his words wisely "I've been thinking about, in fact...I'm intrigued by it. The more I start to think about them, the more close I feel. They all helped me through my life, I began caring about them as friends."

Spike goes quiet for a second then asking another question "do you love them?".

Joe gasps and blushes mad red "w-well...I...I do love them, as friends at first, however..."

"However?" Spike pushes verbally.

"I'm starting to have a crush on them, I really do love them Spike but...I still don't know, still need to think about a human being with a pony and to see...I need to think a bit more" Joe sighs depressingly, he does love them but he could not imagine a human and pony being together.

Spike pokes Joe's leg with a sharp claw "Rarity is mine dude" he said half joking and half serious.

Joseph laughs "don't worry Spike, I promise to let you shine!".

Spike and Joe laugh together like brothers as they continue walking down the dirt path " poked me with your claw" Joe whined.

Spike's jaw drops "you're kidding!? You only just realised!?".

The duo's journey home took some time, Celestia's sun has finally risen from the hills, still giving an orange glow on Equestria. Joe and Spike talked about their past lives in more detail, Joe explained many different things about Earth which made Spike like a school kid. Spike shares about his past life being hatched and being with Twilight.

Joseph and Spike walks up a hill and stops, taking in a marvellous sight, Ponyville could be seen in the distance, they weren't too far away but had some quite a bit more walking to do. Their eyes sparkle, they felt relaxed at the sight of their home. Joe looks at Spike and nods happily, both continue walking down the path.

Suddenly, Joe and Spike senses something is wrong, they look at each other "did you feel that?" Joe asks.

"Sure did, looks at its coming from the left" Spike points and went a bit pale.

Joseph sees this a gets a bit worried "Spike? You okay?".

Spike lowers his hand while staring at a familiar location "Joe, remember this place?" he asks.

Joe takes a look ahead, his mind realising what this place is "this is where me, you and Rarity went to collect gems until those diamond dogs caught her."

It takes a moment for him to realise what's going on " way".

Spike nods uneasily "yeah...Rarity comes here every so often on her own sometimes. No doubt those diamond dogs wanna get revenge."

Joe's heart beat quickens with fear "then let's go save her!".

Spike holds his clawed hand in front of the human, asking to stop "Joe please wait...can I...go on my own?".

Joseph made a puzzled expression, not taking Spike seriously "Spike, don't be silly! We need to-".

"Please...I wanna help her this time, since I couldn't last time" Spike begs, lowering his head down with shame.

'Spike is still upset about not being able to do anything last time for Rarity...I shouldn't let him go alone but Spike really wants to make up for this. Actually, he defeated Kernot, so some diamond shouldn't be able to stop him' Joe thought.

Joe closes his eyes and reopens them "okay Spike, but be careful."

Spike nods firmly "I will, you can bet on Derpy's muffins I will" the gem dragon dashes off to the diamond dog's territory.

Rarity is back out on the diamond dog's property collect some gems for her work, she felt certain that the dogs wouldn't come after her again thanks to last time "Hmm...this should be enough gems for my smashing new design! But my hooves are all dirty! Oh well, good thing Sweetie Belle is preparing my bath, such a wonderful little sister!".

As she uses her magic to put the last of her gems into her cart. Rarity felt the ground shake "What!? What is going on!?" she yelps.

Three diamond dogs pop out from the ground and landing in front of a frightened unicorn, it's the 3 diamond dogs that dragged her away "hey miss Rarity, taking some more of our gems huh?".

"S-stay back you ruffians or me and my friends will repeat what we did last time!" the unicorn threatens, only getting them to laugh at her face.

"Nice try, but nobody is here to hear you scream."

Rarity was about to use her magic until one of the dogs restrains her "SOMEPONY! PLEASE HELP!" she screams.

The diamond chuckles "oh well, time for revenge down in-" he got cut off by sounds of bushes rustling.

"did you hear that!?" another diamond dog screeches, feeling a little scared someone could be here.

The smaller diamond dog looks around, trying to use his senses "Make any sudden move and we'll lock her up for go-" his head got hit by a long metal pole.

The other two diamond dogs snaps their heads at their fallen ally, a small white hooded cloak figure with a bag pack and metal pole hit their fallen ally another time. The small figure swiftly turns around, face covered in shadow, it bought the pole up, threatening to beat them up as well.

Rarity stares in shock and bliss 'oh my gosh! A mysterious figure has come to save me!' she thought dreamily.

Her captives ran off in fear at her saviours mighty strength and speed, she watches them jump into their holes while one of them sneakily brings their friend down. Rarity stares at her saviour, loss for words "I am absolutely grateful you have saved me! Thank you so much!".

Spike wanted to look at her when she acted like this, but thought it'd be more cooler if he revealed himself later. Spike then bows to respectively and goes next to her cart. Rarity quickly trots over "I was collecting some gems for my latest fashion design until those awful ruffians came back."

Spike stays silent, slowly grabbing the cart's handle and pulled out along, the unicorn gasps "w-wait a second! Where are you taking that!?".

Spike stops and beckons Rarity to follow him, she understood that he wanted her to follow but felt very suspicious of his silence. Spike walks while pulling the cart along out of the diamond dog's territory, Rarity had no choice but to follow.

Spike reaches the top and sees Joe waiting for him patiently, the human sees Spike "Spike where's Rarity?" he asks.

Spike rushes forward "Shhhhh! Act silent! Please! Put your hood on! Be cool!".

Joe heard sounds of hoof steps, Rarity must be close. Following Spike's request, Joe puts his hood on, covering his face in shadows. He could see Rarity coming into sight, she stops when another white hooded figure which is tall waited for her. The unicorn felt scared at the sight of two mysterious figures "h-h-hello? Are you his f-friend?" Rarity stutters.

Joseph takes one step forward and bows in respect, he feels mean by acting silent, Joe wanted to hug her from missing her. He knew Spike wanted Rarity's attention, so Joe will act just this once the human outstretches a hand, pointing right at Ponyville Rarity sees where it is pointing at "Ah! That's where I live, are you going to take me there?" her voice trembles.

Spike and Joe only nods once, the gem dragon resumes pulling Rarity's cart down to Ponyville, Joe walks steadily forward. Rarity, having no choice goes along with two strangers "you two don't talk much?".

After 17 minutes of walking and pulling, they all reach Ponyville. Spike lets go of Rarity's cart handle and Joseph stares at her quietly, the unicorn looks up at the town square's clock "Wonderful! Nearly 7 o'clock, I must say that although you both look suspicious, the little did save me and you two accompanied me here. Thank you very much, say little guy, if you are staying here for awhile, would you like to come see me soon?" asks Rarity, fluttering her eyes.

Under Spike's hood, he is blushing like never before but manages a slow nod 'DUDE! AWESOME!' he thought.

"Then please come see me at half past 10 this morning! Thank you both again, see you soon darlings!" Rarity sings, pushing her cart into her shop for a house

Joseph and Spike lift down their hoods, mouths wide open at Rarity's sudden offer, the baby dragon eyes sparkle at Joe "She asked me out!" he whispers loudly.

"Shhh! You'll wake everypony up!" Joe scolds quietly, keeping his sleeping manners.

"But I'm whispering!".

"Yeah but whispering is pretty loud" Joe points out.

Spike grumbles a few words to himself, then they see a certain house or rather, a familiar tree house . The duo moves forward to their home, Ponyville library. Silent as mice, Joe slowly twists the door knob, only earning a light squeak 'the only thing I worry about Ponyville is that hardly anypony locks their door, guess they believe nopony would break in' Joe thought.

As they step, closing the door quietly, the library looks neat and tidy without Joseph and Spike helping. Books were organised, plates stored away, Twilight must have had her friends help for the day.

Suddenly, they hear multiple snoring, some light and some heavy. Spike presses a finger against his lips, asking for silence while he gestures to go upstairs. Joe nods and goes along with his best friend, up the stairs, and sees a sight which melts them inside. Their friends, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Applejack and Rainbow Dash are snoring in their sleeping bags from when Joe first slept the night with them. Joseph smiles brightly "they look so adorable, don't they?" he whispers.

Spike nods in agreement "knew ya liked them" he teases.

Joe looks down at the smirking dragon, he couldn't help but chuckle lightly. The human looks at Twilight's clock, nearly time for breakfast "Spike, lets go make breakfast" Joe suggests.

"Good idea, what are we making for them?" Spike asks.

Joe grins " last time remember?".

Twilight Sparkle is sleeping peacefully, having a pleasant dream. She hears a sizzle that stirs her awake, she sits up slowly while rubbing her tired eyes. Twilight looks around and sees her friend still sleeping, her attention now turns to the noise that's coming from downstairs "is Rarity cooking?" said to herself with a yawn.

Twilight stands up and walks to her mirror, using her magic to hold her mane brush "Rarity! Are you making breakfast?" she calls out whilst brushing her mane.

No reply came from downstairs, Twilight stops brushing and starts becoming worried, she wakes her friends up for support "guys! Wake up!" she whispers.

Her friends wake up from their slumber, Applejack is the one to talk first "Good mornin' Twilight!" she greeted.

"Quiet! I think somepony is here?" said Twilight, being as quiet but serious as possible.

Applejack raises an eyebrow suspiciously "What y'all getting at?".

"Oh no! A thief!" Fluttershy whimpers.

"Why those jerks! I'll-" Rainbow Dash threatens while hovering until Applejack brings her down.

Pinkie Pie bounces with joy "ooh! Ooh! Is it somepony new?! I need to be quiet because I'll ruin the suprise party if I don't!".

Twilight rolls her eyes nervously "c'mon girls, lets go find out."

Twilight, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Applejack gangs together and starts walking cautiously with the exception of Pinkie Pie bouncing lightly. They take a peek to see if anypony was there, Twilight's table is covered with 5 plates of pancakes with butter and syrup on top. The mane 5 looking confused glances over to the kitchen area, seeing two memorable figures. Not believing their eyes, including Applejack, they walk over slowly to the cookers who's backs are turned "Joe...Spike?" they all say in union.

Joseph Brooklyn and Spike Sparkle finished cooking their own pancakes and turn around, unable to hold their happiness "good morning girls, we made you your breakfast" said Joe.

The 5 ponies imidiatly rushes towards Joe and Spike, pulling them both into a strong lovingly group hug "JOE! SPIKE! YOU'RE BACK!" they scream in delight.

Joe and Spike also hug each and every one of them "y-yes, we're home" Joe says, nearly breaking into tears.

After about 5 minutes of hugging, nopony wanted to let go of their two boys but eventually they did, Twilight attempted to cover her excitement with mock anger but couldn't bring herself to that "don't you two ever do that! We thought a thief was here!".

"S-sorry Twilight, we wanted to surprise you" Spike nervously said, rubbing his neck.

Twilight bring him into a hug "Oh Spike, you can call me mom if you want."

Spike blushes ""

Rainbow Dash lightly hoofs their shoulders "What's with the get ups!".

"Oh these? We were awarded with them" said Joe, getting looks of confusion.

"Awarded? What for?" Twilight asks.

Joseph remembers the certificates they've been awarded, he goes into his bag and takes out 2 scrolls to show Twilight. The purple unicorn levitates them to her and begins reading both aloud "I, grand master Chardonnay award our white robes, their ranks are now Chaj masters with a scroll of proof of their rank and accomplishment for their training."

The mares then stares at their duo friends, Twilight's felt her lips curve from ear to ear "Spike...Joe...I'm so proud of you two" she went over and hugs them lovingly.

"Well ah'll be! I thought y'all would just go doing some simple fancy stuff but nether did it cross mah mind that you'd become masters, well done sugar cubes!" Applejack compliments.

Fluttershy hides behind her pink mane shyly but gives a approval smile "o-oh my...well done...yay" she whispers.

Rainbow Dash smirks smugly "'re stronger then I thought Joe, same for you Spiky. Looks like we're gonna have to do some 'exercises'".

Joseph felt his spine shiver at the thought 'oh no, not another one!'.

Pinkie Pie jumps around madly "c;mon you guys! Let's have a welcome back party! EVERYPONY MUST KNOW THEY'RE BACK!".

Twilight nods happily "that's a great idea Pinkie! We better let Rarity know they're back and I must write to the princess for their return!".

Right after Rarity's name was said, she bursts inside, humming a catchy tune "why hello darlings! You'll never believe what just happened to me awhile ago!".

The 5 mares stood silently, waiting for their friend to see if she noticed Joe and Spike standing in front of her, grinning like children. The white unicorn didn't notice because her eyes were closed, remembering the hero who saved "a little white hooded figure saved me from the diamond dogs using a metal staff that extends! He pulled my cart to Ponville, then we met a taller version of him, his friend maybe? It felt so romantic being saved by him! I even invited him to the carousel boutique! He was so-" Rarity opens her eyes, seeing two familiar faces in familiar clothes.

"R-romantic!?" Rarity screams.

"Hi Rarity, its wonderful seeing you again, how are you?" Joe asks, walking up to her and hugged her.

"Hello Rarity, did ya miss me?" Spike sniggers, hugging her foreleg.

The fashioner was at a loss of words "w-wait just a minute here! You two are the mysterious hooded figures acting silently and walking me home...that was you two!?".

Joseph rubs his neck nervously "yes, sorry about that we..." he looks down at Spike who give him puppy dog eyes "...thought it would be cool."

Applejack whispers lowly with her friends, not letting the trio hear her "that big liar" she giggles along with Fluttshy, Twilight, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie.

Rarity pauses for a moment, still taking in the incredible act then looking at Spike "Spike? Darling? Did you...really fight off those diamond dogs?".

Spike made circles with his foot shyly "y-yeah, you were in danger and I thought you needed some help. I'm sorry for scaring you back there."

Rarity bent down at Spike's height level, staring into his soul with love "oh Spike, you may have scared me a little but I cannot be angry at you for rescuing me. Thank you so much my dear Spiky Wiky" she leans forward, planting a kiss on the baby dragons cheek.

Spike's entire body goes stiff by Rarity's kiss, he blushes like a red tomato "a-a-any time R-Rarity."

The other 5 ponies grinned and made girl giggles at the cute scene, Joe knelt down, rubbing his friend's head "well done Spike" Joe whispers.

"couldn't have done it without you..big bro."

"I'M SETTING UP THE PARTY NOW!" Pinkie yells one again, flying and warping around Ponyville, her speed could possibly break the Sonic Rainboom.

Rarity didn't take her eyes away from Spike's, she smiled "do you still want to come with me at mine?" she asks sweetly, making Spike's heart flutter.

"Yes Rarity! Twilight, I'm going to Rarity's!" the gem dragon shouted.

"Okay Spike, don't be too long okay?" Twilight yells back while helping Pinkie with the decorations.

Rarity lifts her head up proudly "never fear darling, I shall be with him all day, we'll have a smashing day. Ta ta for now!" she sung as she trotted out.

Spike jogs along with her "later!" he says before closing the door shut.

Joe waves and helps his friends with the party preparations, Twilight immediately gave an angry expression "did I just hear that right from Applejack? You lied about why you were silent with Rarity?".

Joseph felt his forehead sweat "o-oh that! I err...I can explain!".

Twilight raised an eyebrow playfully "I'm listening."

Joe took a moment to think about his words before realising he made a promise "no! I made a promise! I won't!".

Applejack got her rope ready, Twilight's horn glowed at the ready and Rainbow Dash hovers, all three smirking "are you sure about that?" Twilight chuckles playfully.

Joseph gasps and grabs anything nearly, his teddy Fluttershy got him for his birthday "b-bring it on!".

It is now dark, Celestia's sun has been lowered and Luna has raised her moon from the hills across Ponyville. Lots of ponies gathered outside of Twilight's library, all being invited to Joe and Spike's welcome back party, many are happy at their return. They all went inside, greeting the human and baby dragon wearing Rarity's suits she made from the gala. Every single pony shook their hands, saying 'Welcome back', some asked a question or two about their whereabouts. Joseph and Spike felt that is wasn't right to give information about another land unless the Xenthurians wanted that. Twilight especially asked Joe for some information about their history, he gave some information about their past history and culture but restrained himself from saying too much. It wasn't right to say things about a country that is unknown, they should come to Equestria if they want to share their culture. Twilight Sparkle sent her letter to Princess Celestia as soon as Spike returned home. Within minutes, the princess said she was so pleased they have returned safely and welcomed them back.

Joe is having a fantastic time at the welcome back party, he met all of the ponies who greeted him a very caring way, one stallion said it was sad that Joseph left for the day, he missed him. They didn't even know each other and yet he cared, Joe loved knowing that most ponies of Ponyville care, another reason he wants to stay in Equestria. Surprisingly Derpy Hooves the mail pony gave Joe and Spike muffins "hey Joe! Hey Spike! Where you guys been?" Derpy asks, adjusting her eyes.

"Hello again Derpy, we've been Thought we could have a rest" Joe lied, if he started about Xenthur, thousands of questions would pop up.

Derpy's eyes adjusted, grinning joyfully "I hope you had a great time! I'm gonna have a cupcake!" she flies off to the food table.

"Derpy! Watch out for that-" Joe yells but sees Derpy sprawled over the floor "wall" he finished.

Derpy chuckles at her mistake "oops! My bad!".

The mane 6 walked over towards Joseph, Spike on Rarity's back "hi Joe! How's the party!?" Pinkie Pie asks, hopping up and down excitingly.

Joe laughs heartily at her "I love it Pinkie Pie, you always make the best parties in Equestria."

Pinkie giggles, her cheeks turning red from his comment "thank you Joe!".

Joseph looks at them, thinking about all the times they've been together, sharing laughs, sad moments and heart warming ones too. They all been through so much together, in just a short time mysteriously arriving in Equestria. Joe made some of the greatest friends a person would ever want "I want to tell you all something" said Joe.

Everypony including the attendees quiet down and listens to Joe "when I see Princess Celestia, I'm going to ask her if I could stay in Equestria."

Nopony spoke a word, not believing what the human just said, within a second, every candy coloured pony cheers loudly at Joe's choice chanting "Welcome to your new home!".

Twilight walks closer in front of Joe, looking so happy she could burst into tears but also a little sad "but Joe...what about your father?".

Joseph went dead silent, lowering his head down and thinking the memories about Gregory Brooklyn but smiles warmly "I know he'll worried when he finds me gone and won't stop looking. But I think he'll understand that I'll be in a happy place and always thinking about him. I love my father very much, he'll understand."

The mane six hugs embraces the human together, snuggling their heads with his "we love you too Joe, remember that" they all said together.

Joseph Brooklyn hugs them all as well "m-me too."

To be continued.

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