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Chapter 18: The butterfly migration

Today is a bright sunny day as always at Fluttershy's cottage, inside, the yellow pegasi was dusting her entire cottage with a duster. Fluttershy is humming a tune happily; she was excited, nervous but hopeful.

"Clean here and clean over there" Fluttershy inspected the room for anymore areas needing to be dusted.

Once satisfied with her work, she nods and goes upstairs into her room, looking at a piece of paper on her table. Fluttershy reads over the writing and reads it softly to herself.
"To Miss Fluttershy.

Thank you for choosing our guide tour for the spectacular Butterfly migration. We hope you and your chosen companion enjoy this trip that only happens once a year! Your guide will arrive tomorrow and will show you the way and explain the butterfly migration.

Yours truly, The Butterfly Migration Team"

Fluttershy reads over the letter once more, getting every word to remember and smiles "oh I can't wait! I...I...better go and see if my..." she stops, realising what she was about to say "J-Joe w-will come with m-me."

Fluttershy blushes deep red and gently puts her face on a pillow and thinks to herself 'Oh no, w-what if...J-Joe doesn't want come? B-Boys a-aren't that I-interested in Butterflies...but Joe isn't like that...right, I-I'll ask him today.'

Fluttershy got her head up from the pillow and puts a determined expression on "Okay...I'm going to Twilight's house and ask Joe if he would like to come with me."

She then got on her bag and used her wings to put the tickets in, Fluttershy went up to Angel and gives a smile "Angel, I'm going to see if Joe would like to come with me to the Butterfly migration. You'll be alright on your own for awhile?" she asks.

Angel gives her a smile and a nod, with that, Fluttershy opens the door and closes it behind her. She spreads out her wings and floats off into the sky.

Joseph Brooklyn is looking around for a little friend with a big smile "Spike, where are you hiding?" he calls out in a playful tone.

Joe suddenly hears slight giggles from a cupboard; Joe makes a slight smirk and quietly walks over and puts his ear against the door.
Twilight Sparkle walks inside the Library with a saddlebag full of papers and ink. She spots Joe with his head on the cupboard door and speaks out "Joe, what are you-"

Joe quickly puts his finger to his mouth "Shh, I think Spike is in here" the human whispers to her.

Twilight realises what was going on and makes a slight giggle, nodding to let him continue the game of hide and seek. Joseph smiles and he slowly grabs the handles and swings them open, seeing Spike hugging his knees and yelping from being caught.

"Surprise!" Joe shouted with a smirk.

"Oh no! Run!" Spike yells, trying to run away but gets caught by Joe gently grabbing Spike and bringing him into a hug.

Joseph laughs happily while looking at Spike "got you Spike."

Spike folds his arms but smiles "I could've won if I didn't laugh."

The human chuckles softly "Yes you may have...but when I'm around, I'll find you Spike."

Spike hugs Joseph "thanks big bro."

Twilight clears her throat to break up the mood, much to her reluctance "I'm glad both you boys had a fun time playing and you can play again soon if you want. Before that, could Joe please go to the store and buy some food please, I'll buy the rest tomorrow" she levitates a bag of money with a list to Joe.

Joseph kindly took the bag and list and nods at Twilight "Sure thing Twilight, I'll be back in few minutes" said Joe as he went to the door and opens it.

Joe stops and looks down to see a familiar face with a hood raised to knock on the door, Fluttershy. He smiles at her "Fluttershy! How nice to see you, are you okay? You look a bit red. Want to come inside?"

Fluttershy gasps and nods, trotting inside "h-hello Joe, Twilight and Spike."

Twilight Sparkle turns around and sees her; she smiles and walks over to her "Fluttershy! Nice to see you today, how are you?"

Fluttershy smiles back to her friend "hello Twilight, I'm doing well thank you, how about you?"

"We're doing fine as usual and happy as ever, and you?" said Twilight.

Fluttershy looks down for a moment then looks at Joe who closed the door and leaned on it, giving a friendly smile at her. Fluttershy blushes and turns to Joe "J-Joe...I-I wanted to ask you something."

This made Joe tilt his head curiously "of course, what would you like to ask?"

Fluttershy blushes deeper and closes her eyes "w-would you like to come with me to the butterfly migration tomorrow?"

Joe, Spike and Twilight all blink in shock and surprise at Fluttershy speaking up and asking Joe to go Joseph slowly kneels down and looks into her eyes with a warm smile "I would love to join you Fluttershy."

This made Twilight beam with joy 'oh Fluttershy, well done, you asked Joe with all your courage.'

Fluttershy opens her eyes, looking at Joe in joy and disablief to what she heard "r-really? Y-You want to come with me to a butterfly migration? I-I thought boys wouldn't like this stuff."

"Fluttershy, there is nothing wrong with butterflies and me being a boy doesn't always mean I don't enjoy what girls like doing" Joe chuckles "remember that time where you girls dragged us to a shopping mall?"

Spike shivers at the thought "Dude, don't remind me...they were talking and wanting girly things. We were the ones who carried their bags!"

Twilight giggles sheepishly "Oh Spike, it wasn't that bad as you claim" she said, nuzzling Spike who laughed in response.

Joe smiles at Fluttershy to ease her nerves "see? It wasn't really what boys do...but we enjoyed it."

Fluttershy smiles widely, her cheeks turning red "oh thank you Joe! H-Here is your ticket, o-our guide will take us to the migration and explain things there all about the butterflies! I-I'll come here in the morning and together we can meet the guide."

Fluttershy uses her wing to get the ticket out for Joe which he kindly accepted. Joe nods at her "thank you Fluttershy. I'm going shopping right now but I'll see you in the morning."

The yellow Pegasi nods happily "O-okay Joe...thank you so much" Fluttershy embraces the human into one of her irresistible hugs that anypony in the universe would give in to.

Joseph hugs her back "Of course Fluttershy, I'm glad we can spend time together."

Fluttershy looks at Twilight's clock "I-I better go back to see how the animals are doing...I-I'll see you in the morning Joe. See you soon Twilight, Spike" she waves to them then trotting out the door.

Joe, Spike and Twilight wave goodbye to her, the human looks back to them with a faint blush "I'll be back with the food" with that, Joseph left, closing the door behind him.

Spike slowly makes a large grin at Twilight, staring at her mischievously causing her total confusion. Twilight Sparkle blinks "What? Why are you giving me that look?"

The gem dragon holds back the urge to snigger "Jealous, mommy?"

Twilight gasps with a blush "w-what! Oh not this again!" she grumbles.

A few minutes later, Joseph comes out of the store holding bags of food and drinks for him and the rest at the library "thank you Mrs Cotton!" Joe called out before leaving.

"Okay, got everything on her list, things are in place and my date with...w-wait...did I say date?" Joe suddenly bumps into some, his shopping bags falling down along with Joe.

Joseph sits up, shaking his head softly, wondering what he bumped in to. Joe sees a pony laying on the floor with a cart behind him "oh no...uh oh! S-Sir! Are you alright!" the human quickly picks himself up and rushes over to help up the fallen Pegasi.

The colt gets up with the help of Joseph and shakes his head "yeah, I'm okay, thanks for helping me...oh no! Your shopping! Sorry! I'll pick them up!"

Joe gasps at the cart with some things fallen off "your cart! Sorry, I'll put them back in them!"

Both of them picks each other's belongings back to their bags and cart. The colt gives Joe back his bags using his wings "here you go, sorry for not paying attention. Thanks for helping with my cart."

Joseph kindly takes his bags and smiles "Thank you, and I'm sorry for not paying attention and thank you for helping with my shopping."

The colt stares at Joe and tilts his head in thought "you're Joseph Brooklyn the human who fell from the sky right?"

Joe pauses for a second "h-how do you know?" he asks.

"It was in the newspapers awhile ago, you were top of the headlines back them and you're even still talked about in papers" replied the Pegasi.

Joe blushes, forgetting that they were almost like humans when it comes to media, but without corruption and propaganda "Oh...I forgot about that."

"Sorry for being rude, let me introduce myself, my name is Shadow Breeze" he holds out his hoof.

Shadow Breeze is a Pegasus colt with shaded gray coat, brown eyes, and a black and ice blue mane. Joe smiles and gently shakes the hoof, feeling it being worn out from all the walking "and as you now but for being polite as you told me your name. I'm Joseph Brooklyn from Earth. But my friends call me Joe if you want to call me that."

Shadow smiles "I hope we will meet again Joe."

Joseph looks at Shadow then at his cart "would you like some help with that?" he asks.

Shadow Breeze looks at Joe with some surprise "really? I mean...I would be grateful, I'm moving into Ponyville and I'm looking for my house on this map."

Joe takes a look at the map and smiles "I know this place, they were building this last week and it was bought quickly. I can show you way!"

" Are you sure Joe? I don't wanna distract you from anything" said Shadow.

Joseph smiles at Shadow "Sure I'm sure, besides, I'm glad to help anypony."

Shadow Breeze smiles in appreciation "thank you Joe, you can put your bags in my cart if you want."

Equestria, Unknown.

Somewhere in Equestria, a blue coat unicorn is pulling a cart, she is wearing a cape and wizard's hat shaped with stars. She huffed angrily while pulling "someday...the great and powerful Trixie will have her revenge on you Twilight Sparkle! And after the great and powerful Trixie left a week ago, she hears from others that a new creature called a human has befriended you along with your pitful friends. Ha! One day the great and powerful Trixie shall take her revenge on all of you, even your ugly new friend!" Trixie spoke out to herself, laughing all the way.

Suddenly, she hears some clapping but she knew this wasn't from a pony, it was softer than hooves. Trixie stops and her horn glows, looks around scared and angry "w-who is there!? Show yourself to the great and powerful Trixie!" she shouts.

Then out of nowhere, ponies wearing black cloaks appear out of dark portals and jumping down from trees, circling Trixie. Their faces are all covered by the hoods, only showing their different coloured muzzles and their hooves. Trixie is now starting to feel scared by the magic they all posses and stutters "w-w-who are you? P-Please...don't hurt me."

"Now now, lets not get...oh what's the expression, get husky" said a voice that was not soft and not rough, coming from behind the ponies, standing a few metres away from Trixie.

Trixie gasps at the sight of the figure "w-who are you! A-are you-"

"Me? I don't know, who I could be...Appearance can be deceiving and words can be like poison if they bite the right minds" the mysterious figure spoke out.

Trixie walks back into her cart "w-what do you want from me?"

The figure walks past the cloaked ponies and stands in front of Trixie, looking down at her "the powerful Lord Discord wishes to see you."

Trixie gasps loudly at hearing the name 'D-Discord is free!? Impossible! How can everything be so normal! The Princess hasn't said anything to us!' she thought.

The mysterious figure tilts its head "you seem confused."

Trixie smiles nervously "ha...hahaha! W-what if I believe Discord was free? Even if he was...what could he possibly offer the great and powerful Trixie?"

The mysterious figure chuckles softly "the chance to have your revenge on Twilight Sparkle."

Trixie gasps at what she just heard; she lets the figure continue "We understand your pain and humiliation. She ruined your life, treated you like dirt, for what reason? To stand up for herself, for her friends? Pathetic! If only she knew how powerful the great powerful Trixie truly is...Twilight Sparkle will cower in fear and worship you as a slave...then she will truly understand that you are superior in every way possible than that disgusting excuse for a peasant who harmed your reputation."

Trixie slowly thinks about what the mysterious figure just said, she knew it was right, eveything Twilight did to her. Trixie is superior in every way...she chuckles evilly "yes...you're right...absolutely right! How dare her!"

The mysterious figure holds out a hand to her "if you help Lord Discord...with patience and time...you will have your revenge. Do you accept?"

Trixie puts her hoof in the figure's hand "the great and powerful Trixie accepts!" she said.

With that, the mysterious figure pulls out a black crystal and it glows, letting him teleport with Trixie to Discord.

Equestria, Ponyville.

Shadow Breeze unpacks the last bit of his belongings and looks at his room with a smile "there...all done with setting my house up! Thank you so much for helping me out Joe, I really appreciate it."

Joseph smiles, waving it off "oh no, its no problem, that's what friends are for right?"

Shadow freezes at the comment "d-did you say friends?"

Joe looks back confused "Yes, I did...wait...sorry...I-I-"

Shadow holds up a hoof to stop Joe and smiles "no, I didn't really have many friends, I had two best friends but I had to move and haven't seen them for years since I was a young colt. I did have some new friends but not many...and I wouldn't mind being friends with you...b-but we only met today."

Joseph kneels down to Shadow's height "Shadow, when I first came here, I felt like an alien but then I found some ponies who helped me and became my friends, in one day and they didn't care about what I was. They trusted me like I trust you and wish to share the same kindness."

Shadow smiles happily "Then we're friends?" he said, holding his hoof out.

Joe happily shook his new friend's hoof "friends."

Then Joseph realises what the time is and panics "Oh no! I better get back to the Library!" he said as Joe rushes to pick up his bags.

Shadow looks at Joe, blinking "Why?"

Joe opens the door, looking back "I'm late, there's a unicorn called Twilight Sparkle, she gets worried easily and if I'm late, oh boy does she get mad."

Shadow Breeze trots over "I'll come with you to explain why you're late."

"Oh thank you Shadow! A scolding from her is like detention, and I haven't been in one before!" Joe yells as they rush out, closing Shadow's door behind them and runs towards the library.

Joe and Shadow gasps for air as they stand in front of the door to the library, Joseph looks down at Shadow "okay...we'll go in and explain" he opens the door and sees Twilight sitting on the floor in front of the door, glaring.

Twilight Sparkle stands up "Joooe...why are you late? Did something happen? I was getting worried."

Shadow steps forward "Excuse me Miss Sparkle, but Joe was helping me showing my house and setting it up. Please blame me."

Twilight looks at Shadow in confusion "Who are you?"

"I'm Shadow Breeze; I arrived in Ponyville so I could live here. We just recently met by bumping in and...Became friends just a few minutes ago" he explained to her.

Twilight looks back and forth at them, trying to figure out if this was a true but sighs "Okay Joe, you're off the hook...but I'm proud of you, you made a new friend so quickly" she smiles at him.

Joe smiles back "I learned from the best."

Shadow sighs in relief that everything is sorted out "I have to go now Joe, I'll need to sleep because I'll be busy tomorrow, gotta help somepony as a guide."

Joe nods "Me too, me and my friend have to meet somepony as well, hope it goes well for Shadow, goodnight!"

Shadow smiles, waving back as he flies out the front door "Thanks! You too!"
Twilight closes the door and looks back at Joe "don't worry, you're off the hook...please tell me next time Joe. Because it would hurt to hear if anything bad happened to you."

Joseph hugs her "I'm sorry; I promise I'll tell you next time."

Twilight hugs back and slowly breaks away "well, you better get some sleep Joe because tomorrow is a big day for you and Fluttershy. I'll go tell Applejack that you can't work tomorrow."

"Thank you Twilight, I wouldn't want Applejack to scold me like you do" Joseph realises what he just said and covers his mouth but it was too late.

Twilight just smiles at Joe, making a awkward tension "Oh? What was that? Did I hear something?"

Joe shakes his head in response, Twilight went back to being cheery "Okay then! Goodnight!~"

The human watches her trot upstairs and slowly lays down on the couch, still frightened "I really have to watch what I say...good thing Applejack wasn't here to listen to what I said about her...Twilight wouldn't tell her, would she?"

The next morning.

Joseph woke up early, getting changed into a smart shirt and jeans. He sat on the couch, just waiting for Fluttershy to knock "okay...don't mess anything up and we'll have a great time, simple right?"

Spike appears in front of Joe and holds out a cup of tea "dude, if you keep thinking like that, you'll breakdown, just relax."

Joe sighs "easy for you to say Spike, you're with Rarity now."

"Even if I'm with Rarity it doesn't mean I don't get nervous, but its something we gotta deal with if we go out. All you gotta do is be yourself, that's all a mare can ask for is to have somepony they know, not acting like a different person" Spike advised.

Joseph looks up impressed at Spike's sudden mature ego "wow...you've grown up quickly Spike, I envy you."

"Nah, just some advice I found in a book so that I don't act like you" Spike said plainly with a shrug.

Joe falls on the floor with a sweat drop "you've got to be joking!"

Fluttershy looks at herself in the mirror in deep thought about if the trip with Joe will turn out well, she ponders if she could maintain her shyness and enjoy a time with her friend. She thought long and hard about this last night, it may turn out well or not "I...I have to try, if I don't try, I'll never know."

With determination in her eyes, she swiftly feeds the animals and giving Angel a kiss on the cheek "I'll see you soon Angel, please be okay!"

Angel wipes his cheek and blushes from embarrassment and annoyance but nether less, smiled and waved goodbye, hoping she'd have a great day with Joseph.
Fluttershy flies off into the sky and heads for the Library, her heart is beating, acting nervous once more "I-I can't wait, t-this will be a day to remember...I-I hope in a good way of course."

When the sight of the Library comes into her view, she slowly descends down landing softly. Flutteshy trots up to the Library door and breathes out slowly, slowly raising her hoof, she gently knocks.
Joseph jumps slightly, hearing the knock; it is time to go with Fluttershy. Twilight rushes towards Joe, her horns glow, moving his clothes around so he can look smart and clean "alright Joe, remember, be calm and be yourself, have a good time now."

Spike goes over to the door and opens it, revealing a blushing Fluttershy. She shyly looks down with a smile "h-hello...a-are you ready Joe?"

Joe slowly stands up and gets his ticket "yes Fluttershy."

"Okay, we're going to the train station because its pretty far b-but not that far, when we get to the migration we'll hopefully meet our guide. I also have the train tickets" said Fluttershy.

The human smiles, happy that everything is going smoothly "great...I never been on a train here in Equestria before."

Fluttershy smiles while instantly walking towards the station with Joe without noticing "really? Then it will be another nice experience with our trains. I haven't been on one for quite awhile but I do enjoy spending some time looking out the window."

Spike and Twilight watches them walk away without saying goodbye but to them, they thought it was a little funny seeing them suddenly talk casually without stuttering or worrying. It was already going smoothly. Twilight chuckles 'I wonder how the girls will react when I tell them this today?' She thought.

Fluttershy and Joe are sitting on seats, their train arrived on time and as they got on board, it stetted off. They then sat down on some seats that have a table. Fluttershy looks out of the window and smiles "I love looking out of the window because there are so many sights to see and things we never knew about."

Joe nods but stares at Fluttershy, he sees the light shining on her, seeing a side he never realised, how pretty she is. The human blushes deep red and looks down shyly. Fluttershy noticed Joe turning red and gasps "oh no! Are you having a fever?"

"N-No, I'm alright...just thinking about something" Joe replied bashfully.

Fluttershy looks at Joe with concern "okay, but if you need anything, you can tell me anything Joe."

Joseph slowly nods at her "I know, thank you Fluttershy."

After a few minutes of train travel, they finally arrive at their destination. Joe and Fluttershy step of their train carriage, leaving the station. Fluttershy looks inside her bag for a map and note "let's see here...the location should be here, so if we walk down this path, it should eventually lead us to the gates where they hold the butterfly migration."

As they walk down a dirt path to the butterfly migration, they take sightseeing around the landscapes. A perfect utopia for butterflies and other living creatures too, a beautiful lush green open field with different kinds of flower. The window gently blows the grass and flower, sending calm sensations down Joe and Fluttershy's backs "this place is beautiful, isn't it?" said Fluttershy with her eyes closed, looking happy and relaxed.

"Yes Fluttershy, it is beautiful and peaceful" said Joe, sighing happily.

They finally got the migration where many other ponies were standing around, talking to each other about their lives or the migration itself. Fluttershy saw a pony wearing a red cap and trots over, giving her the tickets she and Joe have. Joseph walks up behind her to listen in on a converstation "Thank you for arriving Miss Fluttershy, please wait for a minute and your guide will be here."

The red cap pony trots off somewhere to find the guide, while Joe and Fluttershy wait, they take a second to look through a book of different kind of butterflies but will most likely find the common yellow wing butterflies.
"Sorry to interrupt, but here is your guide for today, Shadow Breeze" the red cap pony said as she returned with a familiar pony.

Joseph heard the name and shot around eyes widen "wait...Shadow Breeze?"

He saw Shadow Breeze wearing a green shirt with a tag with his name, Shadow stares back in shock "Wait...Joseph Brooklyn?"

Fluttershy turns around with Joe but quietly stares at Shadow Breeze for awhile, deep in thought, he reminded her of somepony from long ago. This also caught Shadow's attention as he stares back quietly, they both slowly walk up to each other, Shadow whispers to Fluttershy "F-Fluttershy?"

"S-Shadow Breeze?" Fluttershy whispers back.

Both of them just stared for a long minute, Joseph on the other hand blinks in utter confusion. Suddenly he meets Shadow, his new friend from yesterday, turns out he was the guide and now...Fluttershy and him knew each other.

Shadow and Fluttershy quickly hug each other with some tears of joy as they both shouted "I missed you so much!"

After Shadow and Fluttershy had their reunion, they both explained that when they were younger, Fluttershy was being bullied by a group until Rainbow Dash stepped in until even she was overwhelmed with the insulting. The Shadow came in to help them by driving the bullies away. Ever since then him, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash become the best of friends. But after a few years, Shadow Breeze sadly had to move away from, breaking their hearts but he promised that they would meet again. When Shadow left, they haven't seen each other for many years. And also explains that he hasn't got his cutie mark yet.
Joseph Brooklyn listened to their explanation and rubs his chin "I see...at least you guys are back together again! I'm sure Rainbow Dash will be glad to see you as well since you're living in Ponyville."

Shadow Breeze gasps, smiling widely "Rainbow Dash is there too!? I can't wait to see her again!"

Fluttershy giggles "she'll defiantly be happy to see you Shadow."

Shadow smiles at her "yeah, for now, how about I show you around like you guys came here for? Don't wanna waste your time coming here for nothing" he chuckles.

Fluttershy gently nudges him "Shadow, we just reunited, seeing you makes my day but...I-I would like to the butterflies."

While they are walking to the location of where the Butterflies should be gathering soon, Shadow notices that Joe was a little quiet. He tells Fluttershy to continue walking ahead while he talks to Joe, he slows down and walks besides Joe "hey Joe, you okay?"

Joe looks at Shadow "Yeah, why?"

"You seem quiet."

Joseph looks forward at Fluttershy and smiles "Fluttershy asked me if I wanted to join her, I accepted. This morning I thought this was like a date."

Shadow's eyes widen at hearing the date part "a-a date with Fluttershy?"

Joe looks back to him, he sees that there was a hint of jealously but smiles "you love her don't you Shadow?"

Shadow Breeze gasps, quickly glancing to see if Fluttershy heard Joe but she seems pre-occupied on watching the sky for Butterflies "h-how did you know?"

"Because I saw you blushing whenever Fluttershy touched you, also how you stared at her with your eyes, lovingly. I think from that look, it was a crush from a long time ago" Joe explained.

Shadow blinks in amazement at Joe's explanation "how did you know to learn all this?"

Joe went silent, looking down then back up with a sad smile "observing people of my city can teach you many things for long years."

Something from the sky starts falling down; Joseph barely sensed it and he instant grabbed Shadow, pulling him close away from a green sludge that splashed where Shadow was standing "what the heck was that?"

Shadow walks up the sludge, using his hoof to touch the green and sniffs it; he makes a disgusted sound and wipes it away "yuck! That stuff you wanna stay well away from, its sludge that has a stench which can take days to wash off!"

Joe looks up in the sky noticing nothing "well, whoever did that has got to still be up there."

Shadow glares up at the sky and was about to fly off until the back of his mind stopped him "even if I went up, I'd be wasting time, they should be gone now...but I get the feeling that he or she will be back."

Hiding in the cloud above, a pegasi colt called Dumbbell, holding a smelly wooden bucket peeks down at where he missed and snarls "no! I missed! That was my chance to make Fluttershy stay away from you...I remember the day when you three beat me and friends away. I'll show you that you don't mess with your superiors! But that thing got in the way...heh, no sweat. If they want to play rough then I'll be rough!"

Dumbbell looks back and sees his two friends hiding behind some clouds and snarls "why are you hiding back there? Come out and let's show them who's boss!"

"But Dumbbell...that was in the past, can we just go home?" one of his friends said.

Dumbbell gives him an angry look "go home? No way!"

His other friend then turns around "no way Dumbbell, we got over it and what we did was wrong. We shouldn't bully others and we won't take your blame anymore, hurting them physically is another thing. I'm leaving!" with that, he flew off.

"Me too Dumbbell, sorry, you're on your own from now own" the yellow coat pegasi said, flying off into the sky.

Dumbbell watches them fly off into the sky, he grits his teeth and shouts "traitors! Fine! I'll go down there myself!"

"Here, is where the butterflies usually like to rest with their mates, they usually take their time here and they're not really afraid of us so we should be able to take a closer look as long that we don't go too close to them" Shadow explained, telling what he learned as a volunteer.

Shadow then senses something strange along with Joe, as if it was coming towards them with anger. The figure lands roughly on the ground in front of Joe, Shadow and Fluttershy with a smug look "been a long time, losers."

Shadow stares at him "Dumbbell? What are you doing here?"

Dumbbell stomps "I'm here to get pay back for what you did to my reputation, Shadow Breeze and Fluttershy!"

Fluttershy gasps at seeing Dumbbell. Shadow Breeze stands his ground "if you want somepony, I'm first to beat."

Dumbbell smirks "heh...gonna use your freakish power on me again? You'll scare everypony here, freak."

Shadow winces at the comment, remembering how he forced the bullies away; it was that day he knew more about himself. Dumbbell grins and runs past Shadow, managing to knock him to his sides; running straight for Fluttershy "you cause the most you shy freak!"

Joseph quickly stands in front of Fluttershy, protecting her at all cost, glaring down at Dumbbell who in return snorts "a human won't scare me!"

Shadow grits his teeth and stands up "don't...you dare try to hurt my friends!" suddenly, black tendrils appear from Shadow, a black aura surrounding Shadow.

The tendrils grabs Dumbbell, lifting him up into the air and throws Dumbbell into the sludge that he attempted to drop on Shadow. Dumbbell slowly gets up and shakes his head, sniffing the head and gasp at a horrible smell. Shadow Breeze quickly flies above Dumbbell and glares down "if you ever try and hurt my friends again...I won't so nice next time."

Dumbbell looks up, looking angrier than before "you...you...why you! Wait...what the!?" he shouts, feeling his body being hit by many things.

Fluttershy gasps "t-the butterflies!"

She was right, its the butterflies that everypony went to see are swarming at Dumbbell, not hurting him but causing him to feel irritated and spooked out by so many insects "ugh! Get off me! I hate butterflies!"

Dumbbell flaps his wings and starts flying off into the distance, the butterflies return to the migration and fly around the ponies, Joe, Shadow and Fluttershy. They watch them as they fly with other butterflies and resting like Shadow explained. Fluttershy smiles happily while watching them, looking amazed by the sight but what was more amazing, she saw something on Shadow's flank "S-Shadow! Y-Your cutie mark has..."

Joe looks at his flank and indeed sees a cutie mark, has a black heart with a white dove filling the inside of it as a cutie mark. Shadow looks at his hoof, feeling ecstatic "m-my cutie mark! H-How did-"

Joseph steps forward and tries to make an explanation "I think it was that when Dumbbell was going to charge at Fluttershy and me, but mostly Fluttershy, you felt the urge to protect the ones you love...I-I think that's it anyway."

"L-Love?" said Fluttershy, staring at Shadow in wonder.

Shadow Breeze blushes shyly, looking away. Fluttershy slowly walks up to Shadow and brings his face to hers "d-did you really do it because...y-you love me?"

"W-when we were kids, I had a huge crush on you...I-I wanted to tell you but I didn't know how you would react, b-but I lost my chance when I moved away...I-I'm sorry" said Shadow, sniffing.

Fluttershy blushes deep red and gently kisses Shadow's cheek "o-oh Shadow...I-I'm sorry that I didn't notice back then."

Shadow smiles and hugs her, kissing her cheek "no...Its okay, w-we're back together now, forever."

Joseph Brooklyn smiles at them having a wonderful moment together, Joe never truly understood what love could be like. Now he sees the evidence lies in front of him, its a bond like friendship, only that this one is so much stronger, a bond that's almost impossible to break. Joseph turns around and walks away, thinking about the other girl's interest in him, they love him and he loves them, to take this to another step. He wonders if he can maintain a relationship, could he share the same love. These thoughts scare him, its not about races...its about learning to love them as a lover and to find the one he will truly be with forever.
Fluttershy sees Joe walking away and hovers in front of him "Joseph...I'm sorry that this wasn't the day we were supposed to have. But I want to tell you this, ever since the day you gave me courage to help my friends with that dragon, I-I fell in love with you, you are a sweet, kind and caring man with loves his friends" she goes to kiss his cheek, making them both blush "I-I hope this won't mean we can't be friends?"

Joseph smiles and hugs Fluttershy "We'll always be friends...Fluttershy, I'm so happy for you, you have made me and soon everypony proud of what you done, you shown so much confidence. You have a coltfriend now, you grown up so much."

Fluttershy smiles warmly and hugs him again "thank you Joe, thank you."

Shadow walks up to them, giving Joe a pat on the pat "yeah, thanks for helping her and Rainbow Dash out. I also hope we can be best friends."

Joe nods happily "best friends...yes...that would be great!"

Joseph Brooklyn watches them stare at him in joy, he knows what love is...love is more than just caring about friends...its about personal feelings and the hearts that hold the purest of what they think about you. But for our human, this is just the beginning of a bright future.

To be continued

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