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Chapter 29: A very fond, farewell

Equestria, near the coast

It has been almost a day since Joseph was teleported with M, nopony knows where he is...

Looking around the fields on the ground, it is all greyish grass and dying trees and a few battle scars across the land. If you are flying across the lands to look below, you can see a greyish land that has been damaged from the battle and even some bodies lying across the earth, be it ponies, griffons and diamond dogs. All of them lost their lives for different sides, to many who look back at this see nothing but regret. Friends and families gone, homes and cities damaged.
Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are hovering in the sky, witnessing the cause of battle. It was a sight that they both wished would never return...painful as it, they must accept what happened was beyond their control. Yet being so powerful they couldn't put an end to all of this, from Discord being free to a mysterious figure with a mask opposing them.
"Sister, how can we recover from all of this?" Luna asks, gesturing to the grey land "Equestria has lost its magical energy and...A few have...died" she whispers at the end.

Princess Celestia closes her eyes, feeling a tear dropping from her face "We must move on dear Luna...we must first book all the prisoners that were captured and ensure they won't EVER commit such an act again. Then search for the bodies of all the fallen to give relief for any friends and family, including the opposing forces. And for Equestria...as for the land, I have a plan" she says quietly, flying back to the Mane Six, Spike, Shadow, Spirit, The Xenthurians and Gregory Brooklyn.

Celestia couldn't help feeling her body turn cold, seeing Greg being upset when thinking he lost his once again, but this time fighting for the lives of others. She didn't have the heart to talk to him seeing the state Gregory was in, because even thought not blood related and nothing alike...Joseph was like a son to her. Princess Luna notices her sister looking upset, having a hunch what it could be "Tia, is it Joseph's father or Joe himself?"

Celestia raises her voice, being frustrated at herself "You know me too well Luna, but you have to understand from Gregory's point of view, his son was living so poorly with a so called 'mother' and 'sister' and suffered for many years! He accidently arrived in Equestria by a crystal and learns that while Joseph was living here, now once more gone to fight a battle! I-I should of done more!"

Luna quickly blocks Celestia's path in the sky, giving her the stare "Please stop this Tia! You couldn't have done anymore then what you tried! You and even I used whatever magic we had in order to fend off Discord and M! We may be alicorns with incredible magic dear sister, but even we could've died. Right now we must try and rebuild what was destroyed, help those who suffered, talk to Gregory and find Joe."

The princess of the sun smiles weakly at her sister "thank you Luna, but...will you please stand by my stand?"

Princess Luna of the Moon hugs Celestia "But of course I will dear sister."

Almost forgetting, Celestia and Luna makes their horns glow in order for the moon to smoothly go down and for the sun's smooth transition up. Giving Equestria and its inhabitants warmth and light, Luna while sleeping through most daytimes does appreciate feeling the sun's heat "feeling this gives me pride being your sister" she says.

Celestia chuckles slightly, nuzzling her cheek "likewise dear Luna, let us return to the others. They should be east on the coast which isn't far."

Together they fly across the skies in search of their friends and new arrival. They just hope they have good news.

Equestria, East Coast near Baltimare

Twilight Sparkle is searching around the beach using her detection magic for any signs of life that could be her friend Joseph Brooklyn. But so far she hasn't found anything besides some fish and crabs, she and the others had been searching non-stop for at least three hours. Twilight Sparkle could feel hints of energy across the sea that scattered to this location, it's the best thing they have ever since The End Times was prevented.

The purple unicorn with bags under her eyes looks forward seeing her friend and son, Spike Sparkle searching just as hard "Spike..."

The little gem dragon was keeping a strong face, but even he couldn't hide his tired eyes and slight distraught expression. He couldn't give up! Joseph had to of survived the battle against M! The human is strong, determined and stubborn to even think of dying...but for three hours he was searching for clues and Spike just couldn't find anything "come on...come on Joe, don't do this to us. Give us something!" he says loudly, kicking the sand.

Rarity quickly rushes towards him, she too was using a weaker form of detection magic but it was good enough for her. She still has a pair or ears and eyes to know if it's Joe or not. Looking over at Spike, the white unicorn gently touches his face with a hoof and sees the dragon's eyes "Spike Sparkle! You're too tired and getting easily frustrated! I know you are concerned but we ALL are and we're looking as well. Stop trying to take it all upon yourself...we'll find him. I promise" she says in a soothing voice, kissing Spike's cheek.

Spike Sparkle nods slowly, gently leaning into Rarity feeling totally worn out. She lifts him up onto her back and joins Twilight Sparkle who comforts her son also "Shh, we're here now."

Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Shadow Breeze have been flying in the sky, looking down in search of anything that their friends below couldn't see or find. Nothing feels out of place besides seeing greyish grass and dying plant life. Even the whole of the Chaj Warriors are searching all over the area for Joe! Ordered by Chardonnay and out of respect from those who were able to see Joe in action in Xenthur or heard how he became a Master in only a day.
Pinkie Pie wasn't her usual self, mane became slumped, her mood got lower and lower when not finding Joe. Who can blame her?
"Guys, have you found anything out of the blue that has a hint of human?" Rainbow Dash asks tiredly, her usual boasting and pride went down as she flies.

Shadow Breeze feels the same way too, as much as it hurts. They can't continue like this "guys...we're all getting too tired, we've been flying an entire hour without a break. Our wings are giving up and so is our eyes...we need to rest."

"Shadow! Joseph is still out there and we need to find him!" Fluttershy argued, not wanting to give up now when they're a chance, even if it's small she believes it should be taken.

However the male pegasi is having none of it, shaking his head "no, he wouldn't want us to be exhausted to death, we're going to regroup with the others and get food, rest. There is nothing we can do at the moment."

A tear drops down from Rainbow Dash, flying downwards to Applejack "w-we'll find you Joe, I swear this."

Applejack was having no better luck either; her connection to the earth wasn't working correctly thus feeling greatly out of place when walking around. She did try help on the beach and cliff but sadly admitting, even with all these Chaj warriors, pegasi and unicorn unifying their efforts. Nothing could be done at the moment, but she'll certainly not give up "Joseph Brooklyn...where are ya? Come back to us..."

Gregory Brooklyn, General Spirit and Grand Master Chardonnay slowly walk up behind the earth pony. The human male gently touches her shoulder which causes Applejack to gasp in surprise, she looks up and sees it's Joseph's father "M-M-Mr Brooklyn...I-I'm so sorry b-but we're not giving up-"

"No, please...don't push yourselves. I can clearly see you're all doing so much already which proves how much you all care about my son" Greg says, his voice like steel yet warming.

Spirit nods in agreement "He's right Applejack, and even you must agree that despite our efforts. He isn't here and there is nothing we can do. But try again and hope."

Chardonnay clicks his fangs together, having deep thought "It is impossible to sense that power hours ago from that direction" he says, pointing towards the ocean "my Chaj warriors will continue the search in this area, we have some resting and ready for an overnight while in the morning they'll be replaced. Other than that, hope is everything."

Gregory sees the other mares, Spike and Shadow coming to them "I give my biggest thanks once more you all, please remember that I am NOT angry at you nor disappointed. All I blame is me myself."

Fluttershy starts shaking her head, walking over "that's not true, we all done something we heavily regret and so did Joseph. But we all forgave each other. So should you."

The human adult became confused at something Fluttershy just said, kneeling down to her height and staring deeply "what did Joseph regret Fluttershy? Please tell me."

All of them felt a chill going through, wishing this topic didn't come up. Even though Greg is masking his sorrow, it may get worse if talked about...but it's too late, what said is said. Twilight Sparkle trots to Greg, sitting him down with her "Gregory, it's like this..."

After a long discussion of what she explained, Gregory's expression turned from calm into disbelief. The human just couldn't believe it, how could his own son kill another person? But as Greg listens more, he learns about a bully who threatened to kill him with a knife in an alleyway. Joseph found a gun and many emotions ran through that boy, all his pain, anger and sorrow made him lose his mind. Joe wanted to cause the same amount of pain to the bully and feel how he felt...raised the gun and fired until no more bullets were left. It was until all that adrenaline went away, Joe seen what he done and ran away, threw the gun into the ocean. The boy regretted it, and lived in silence about it until telling his friends before going to fight.
Gregory Brooklyn's head lowers, covering his mouth while crying "My son..."

Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy give a massive group hug for Joe's father. He returns their kindness by hugging them too "T...Thank you all for telling me this. I shall never forget."

General Spirit gives a sad look, sighing deeply "I'm afraid we all need to rest, we'll search again once we eat and sleep."

The large white unicorn's ears twitch, hearing sounds of wings flapping closer and closer. He looks up and smiles casually "back from the grave?"

Princess Luna and Celestia gently plop their hooves down, the mare of the moon gives a glare at Spirit "now is not the time general, take your humour elsewhere."

Spirit simply smirks widely, stepping away "fascinating."

Gregory smiles, laughing a bit "wow, you're still saying that word to this day? Live Long and Prosper" says Greg, making a strange hand sign to the general, earning confused stares "Oh, from a TV show."

They all start walking towards carriages that had been there since everypony arrived from the previous area. Guards stood strong and saluted for Spirit, Luna and Celestia then opening the doors for them all.

Before Spike enters a carriage with Twilight, he decides to ask Greg a question that everypony would like to know "Uh, Greg? Why were you called 'Kirk' yet named Gregory Brooklyn?"

Princess Celestia looks down seeing Greg "yes, which is quite intriguing indeed. You most certainly had a disguise so we wouldn't know..." she then stares at Spirit, speaking sweetly which scares him "and having a partner to help you accomplish your 'adventures' let's say?"

Gregory smiles bashfully, scratching his head "well, it's a bit personal really. But you do deserve to know, The Brooklyn family originated from the Victorian era in North Yorkshire and they expanded into London. While not as big, they once held profitable business from industry and factories. My full name is Gregory Kirkith Brooklyn."

Twilight Sparkle stops to listen, eyes twinkling for new information about human history and her friend's father "wow! I heard from Joe humans had a long history!"

Gregory nods but nervously speaks this part "yes we do. I was born in Essex but moved to London; at the time I was...um...a rebellious child and wanted to do things my way. Breaking rules, I hurt others and didn't respect anyone at the time" he says, looking down in shame.

All standing there with the exception of the guards and General Spirit were astonished! To think such an influential man having a kind personality and has a son who looks up to him, could've been rebellious.

Gregory notices this and explains more "This of course didn't go well with my father Lord Graham Church Brooklyn. He when I was very young managed modern industry like glassworks, trading and power plants. He wrote in a letter to my mother who was still living in Essex saying 'my son will never be the son I once imagined' when I found that out in our arguments, I lost whatever little respect I had for him. So I ran away..."

Gregory rubs his chin, feeling rough hairs he hasn't shaven off yet "suddenly, a hole opened underneath me. Making me fall into the land of Equestria, I learned that it was because a goddess had such deep rage it managed to cause random portals to open not just for me, but for all over. When I first arrived, I saw a burning mansion and a figure floating in the air, looking down at a young Spirit who had that black scar across his eye. It was that moment, I actually put aside my pride and helped someone in need, I was in a strange new world and he wanted revenge and would help me get home. So...that is where our friendship grew...we got organised and went on missions around Equestria in secret. Then Chariot joined us, we...had a thing for each other."

"Chariot, she use to help me a lot, I always wondered where she went off to when I needed her most" says Celestia, thinking back.

Gregory puts his hands in his pockets, looking depressed "she was the one who changed my thoughts, not everything had to be about me all the time yet I did have my freedom to choose. Just not to be cruel...she truly cared about me. Chariot was the reason me and Spirit are strong as we are now and Spike eating that spare gem."

Spike Sparkle touches his stomach, still hard to believe something so old could have given him power.
The male adult finishes off his story "Chariot alongside Spirit promised I would return home. After months of spending time here in Equestria, still seventeen at the time. Spirit and I found the Goddess of Joy. And I defeated her...but Chariot? Was killed by her when she tried to tell me she made a crystal to get me home" Greg says, sniffing.

Princess Celestia covers her mouth, feeling a tear drop "Chariot, we shall always be with you...Gregory, its okay. Spirit told us what happened, if it helps...what happened when you returned home?"

"After I returned home in England, I matured greatly. I decided not to carry on my family's legacy by moving to America in New York City, doing corporate business around the world which soured relations with my father to this day. I never wanted him to know my son, or even Joe to know him. We haven't talked ever since my 18th birthday."

Luna gives a sad look, she should know what it's like having family issues due to the past "That is a very long time, Mr Brooklyn."

The human sighs in agreement "Yes, it has been. But I intend to keep it that way."

After a long silence, they realised it's become late in the afternoon. Spirit put his hoof down "Alright, enough soppy talk. If we're going to find Joe then we need food and rest...does ANYPONY have more questions?"

Gregory suddenly remembers something and speaks his mind "there is...one more thing."

Spirit groans loudly and stomps a hoof, making a small crack "What is it?!"

"The Man is the goddess of Joy's younger brother, she told me that when she was hanging from the cliff. His real name is Miher and was to be the god of freedom" Greg says, catching stares of shock and utter disbelief.

The large unicorn slowly turns around and glares at Greg, after all these years he did hide something after the fight with Joy "what? You're trying to say that Joy wasn't evil? And M isn't too? And you kept this with you, for 16 years!?" he yells.

Greg holds his hands up "please, let's get into the carriages and I'll explain what I mean."

Spirit holds his glare, speaking with a growl "you better; I've been thinking that she was an evil killer for 16 years."

Equestria, North East Coast near Manehattan, late evening

There are sounds of waves splashing together gently and seagulls singing for the beach. The year was cold and so was the water but this does not stir the seagulls as they flew around somebody lying in the sand that was barely conscious. Most of the seagulls kept their distance from this mysterious figure in the sand either by flying in the sky or standing far away. Some of them are even brave to inspect the unconscious person and even pecking torn and ruined armour, maybe even trying to find some food but there wasn't any on this person.

All of a sudden the figure was staring awake finally feeling the gentle pecks on his skin and clothes. The eyes slowly open, seeing a dark sky and a bright moon. All that was going through the mind is when the world was he? The figure is a male who slowly sits himself up and feeling great amounts of pain around his body yet it didn't feel as bad as it used to. He sees that some of the seagulls that were still around him with a curious look; he just smiles and gently strokes some as if they were simply cats! (Mind you they actually quite enjoyed it.) He stands up got up despite the pain and walks over to the ocean feeling of coldness of the water on his feet and kneels down to stares into the water. Seeing his own reflection and he remembers who he is, Brooklyn. Joseph Brooklyn!

Joseph starts remembering the fight that he had with the Man but otherwise known as Miher. It was an incredible yet painful fight; both learned more about each other as they fought, especially about the man's past and learning that his sister wasn't really evil and corrupted. He was simply misunderstood about what happened. Joseph accidentally lost his grip on Miher's hand and watched him fall to his death but not without hearing words of gratitude from Miher.

However the human realises something, he won...he actually won the fight and even saving a part of Miher! Joseph kept his promise and is absolutely happy to do something special! But he only wished that Miher could've stayed alive for redemption but even in death, he has been in Joe's eyes.

Joseph started looking around to see where he was and it was definitely on a coast, in the distance he could see tall buildings, Manehattan. So he slowly got up and painfully walked out of the beach area, walking down the path Joe looks around and sees a few things. The land has been almost drained from its energy. There is no more fighting, it is all over, they must have won the battle and prevented the End Times. As he walks on through Fillydelphia, Joe sees from a distance some towns that have captured the prisoners like Diamond Dogs, Griffons and ponies. He saw some mourn the ones they lost during the chaos. But in the end, they would never have given in...They fought for their lives and rights.

The human boy felt very cold especially coming out in the water but he did not stop walking, trying to find his home, friends in Ponyville. Joe just kept walking and walking; during this Joe truly thought about whom he loves the most Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle or Pinkie Pie? He really loved all of them just as much however there was one who Joseph wishes to be with. Feeling he is choosing the right choice and continues to search for Ponyville."Please...wait for me..." he whispers tiredly, treading through the farmlands

As Joseph was going through the fields and villages near Fillydelphia, and he saw many sites he never seen before but remembers his journey across some areas. Seeing some battle damage yet ponies are working together, fixing buildings and wounds. This gave a sense of hope again for Joe, shaking off doubts of a rough future for everypony "we'll make it through, don't know how but we will manage. These little ponies are stronger than anyone anticipates."

He keeps venturing through and eventually sees Baltimare city in all its glory from the outside. Joe continues on through some trees and when he comes out Joe notices that there aren't any trains running...must be the railway lines were destroyed to deny goods and transport. But he remembers that train tracks lead the way to Ponyville. And so the human boy decides following train tracks is the best option walking home, plus seeing Canterlot in the sky gives him decent knowledge that there is a tunnel that should lead straight for Ponyville
"I'll be home soon..." he says joyfully.

Joseph has been walking for over fives hours from Manehattan shore to across a river and when looking left, he sees the Rambling Rock Ridge. Heard interesting stories from lots of the Ponyville residents...but this is a sign that Joe is closer than ever! As he passes the ridge, the boy can see the upcoming tunnel! But why go through a tunnel home when simply walking around a lake can land Joe on Saddle Lane.
When doing so, the human slowly walks back on the train track. Joseph Brooklyn looks up, seeing a few building not too far away. No doubt about it, Ponyvile, his home! Smiling widely, Joe musters all energy for a full sprint! Dashing off like never before feeling so delighted and joyful, going through hell to finally having peace alongside close friends! Joe sees Celestia's sun rising above some mountains, giving a warm light "I-I'm home! I-I'm home!" he cheers.

Rushing through Ponyville, there are no more barricades to stop any invaders. It really is over, only making things better for Joe as he stares all around. There have been some minor damages here and there but nothing that he and they can't fix together. Looking at a certain tree house, is Twilight Sparkle's library...her windows unlike others have light going on inside.

'They must have been up searching for me all of yesterday? Oh guys...' Joe thought.

Joseph slowly walks to the front door, feeling relief that he can at last rest with his friends, where he belongs now. The boy hears a conversation going on, what seemed to be Spirit, Shadow, Spike, The Princesses and the girls. Slowly his touches the doorknob and twists, gently opening the door, the conversation is about where could Joseph be "h-hello..." Joe speaks softly.

Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Spike, Shadow and the Princesses who were in a circle looks at whoever entered and their hearts almost skipped a beat, their expressions of worry turns to incredible shock! As if someone came back from the dead. General Spirit who was sitting in a corner just smirked and shakes his head "you really do know how to cause a commotion with these girls don't you?"

Joe blushes pink and slowly walks towards the circle "s-sorry to keep you waiting...and worrying you."

Before anything could be done, the mane six glomp him, causing a loud thud and slight painful moan from Joe. He is being smothered by kisses to his face and tight holds, hearing their demands of where was he during all that time? How is he? What happened? But he blushes and smiles shyly, still feeling their kisses which went on for nearly five minutes. They gradually slowed down and gently sat Joseph up, giving him serious stares "explain. Now" they demanded in a strict tone.

The human starts explaining what happened after he was teleported by Miher, about the extensive but painful fight between them. He also learned Miher's backstory on why he did what did for his fallen sister, goddess of Joy on what she went through in order to protect him. Without the jewel Miher found that belonged to Joy, Joseph said about the visions of Kirk, otherwise the boy's much to Joe's surprise, they didn't seem too shocked. Coming into conclusion that Miher wanted revenge on Gregory for supposedly murdering his sister when he tried saving her. The demi-god wanted the power in order to destroy the gods who made Joy and his own life living hells.
Everypony in the room all looked at each other and nods, this confirms what Gregory told them was true especially for Spirit. Joe gives a questionable look "sorry, b-but you all don't seem too shocked that my father was Kirk and this information? Why?" he asks.

All of them look around nervously, wondering how to say it but they're interrupted by footsteps coming down slowly from upstairs. Joseph sees a pair of black shoes, smart trousers...human hands? Who could this be? Is Miher alive? But this quickly became less true when the mystery man coming down has an older looking face, shorter hair and a beard that is growing. Joe slowly stands up, feeling so many emotions going through his body...not knowing what to do.
"Joseph...my son, you're here" says Gregory Brooklyn, looking just as emotional seeing his son after so long and different.

Joe's face scrunches up, trying so hard not to cry but he gasps and sniffs "d-d-dad? Is that...r-really you?"

Greg grits his teeth, feeling his own tears running down the cheeks "Yes! It's me Joseph! I'm your father!" he shouts, opening his arms.

Joseph Brooklyn dashes forward, hugging his father so tightly he never wants to let go ever again. They haven't seen each other in such a long time, crying loudly and hugging even tighter "o-oh Joseph, my son...I'm so, so sorry for not being there as I should of been! Leaving you alone with them...I-I don't expect any forgiveness for what I done but I swear I want to make it all up for you Joseph" Gregory says with a shaky voice, holding his son's shoulder.

His son sobs more and rubs his eyes, looking at Gregory in so much happiness he just cannot contain it anymore "n-no...stop saying that, y-you were only doing what you had to dad. I forgive you" Joe says, smiling widely whilst holding his father's hand.

"I-I-I promise you son, I-I broke up with Cindy...and together we can have a fresh start in our lives, something better for you" Greg said, brining Joseph into a hug again.

The Mane Six smiles at them hugging, crying in pure happiness seeing they reunited. Ever since Joseph came to Equestria, he was lost and alone but they tried their best to give him all their support, love and reassurance of getting Joe home. But to see him reunited with the father? It's just like an early birthday present. Princess Celestia walks over and smiles, shedding a tear to a happy ending for the Brooklyns "Joseph Brookly, Gregory Kirkith Brooklyn...I congratulate you two finally being able to reunite as father and son."

Greg smiles at her and nods, gently letting go of his son "you...also helped him settle here Princess, with your approval and assurance. You...have every right to feel like he's a son to you and Joe thinks you as a mother. You have my deepest gratitude Princess. Thank you so much" he says, bowing down low as humanly possible.

Celestia chuckles like an angel and blushes pink "r-really, there is no need to bow to me. A-and your kind words mean a lot to me Gregory."

The human adult looks around seeing the mares, Spirit, Spike and Shadow "you really are happy here aren't you? You love your friends very much, isn't that right?"

Joe nods, still smiling widely and starts to hug Celestia's neck which she returns by nuzzling him with a kiss to his cheek "thank you for everything, mom."

"It's always a pleasure Joseph, you're a good boy and anyone who says differently will have to go through me" Princess Celestia says with a wink.

Joe walks over towards Luna and gives her a hug and kiss on her cheek, causing her face glowing bright red "t-that's for being with me on that night Princess Luna, thank you."

"Y-y-y-you are most welcome J-Joe" Luna stammers shyly.

The human smiles and finds Spike, picking him up and embraces him "you're my brother until the end."

Spike purrs and smiles, patting his shoulders "dude, likewise! No one can clean the library faster than we can before Twilight got home, remember that time?" he grins.

Twilight Sparkle's expression becomes serious "what?"

"Nothing!" Joe and Spike shout.

Joseph Brooklyn gently puts Spike down and smiles at Shadow Breeze "feeling better?"

Shadow Breeze laughs a bit and nods "better than before I'll say, slowly getting there. Thanks Joe, I'm...glad that you're back."

They nod at each other, Joe patting on Shadow's back and seeing the entire mane six. He slowly kneels in front of them and smiles shyly "s-sorry about the armour...kind of broken ladies."

All of them just giggle and hug Joseph again "silly, you had all that time for that line?" Twilight Sparkle says jokingly, kissing his cheek.

"You know what Joe? I'll be the first to admit that you're pretty good...MAYBE on par with me!" Rainbow Dash grins, giving a kiss to the cheek as well.

Pinkie Pie bounces around and grins "we're going to have the biggest super duper awesome party Joe!" she gives raspberries on Joe's cheek.

Rarity makes a slight cringed face and uses her magic to wipe the slobber away "Anyway, I'll never forget you being a gentleman for saving my life months ago. And thank you, for supporting me and Spikey Wikey" says Rarity, giving a kiss to his nose and a jealous Spike as well.

Fluttershy appears behind Joe and hugs, kissing the back of his head "Thank you for the past events as well Joseph, and thank you for holding your promise."

Applejack simply rolls her eyes and gently gets Joseph into a headlock and kisses his cheek, rubbing his head with her hoof "c'mere ya ol' rascal!"

General Spirit slowly trots over looking serious "you remind me of your father in that armour, you should be proud of winning that fight Joe. Going through that pain, for all of us, yourself...you are redeemed of your crime in my books" he says, bowing his head in respect.

Joe makes an effort smiling but cries again, knowing Gregory was told already "t-thank you all..."

When they all finished talking about the smaller details of the events, battles and wonders of what happened to Trixie, Tara and such. Celestia promised they are serving full time in prison for their crimes.

Stepping outside, they see Ponyville residents gathered outside Twilight's library curiously from hearing the cries and yells. When explaining what happened by their Princesses, they cheered the return of their human citizen and welcomes his father. But one of the ponies came up looking worried "Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, what about the land? It's grey and barely has any life left...what ever shall do?"

Princess Celestia and Luna nod to each other, using their magic to present an orb that is glowing bright white "this my little ponies was passed down by our mother, Queen Faust. She once thought if anything was to happen in Equestria, this is was the last resort she created before we took her place...for hundreds and hundreds of years it was hoped we never needed this until this day. We will never be able to make something like this again, but next time, I swear alongside my sister Luna of the Moon shall ensure Equestria is always protected!"

Everypony roars with joy once more, seeing the Princesses use whatever magic they have and shatters it into four, sending them all to the holes that the extractors created. Soon everyone in Equestria feels a massive rumble, causing some to tumble over but what amazes them all is the grass is becoming green as it once was; the trees are pure, flowers blooming, the fresh breeze flowing around.
Equestria returned to normal, something like that can never be created again...but it was worth using at this time. All across the land ponies from cities Manehatten, Fillydelphia, Balitmare, Canterlot, Dodge City, Appleloose, Los Pegasus to Vanhoover cheer so loud that everypony in Ponyville is able to hear them cheer and sing. This causes them to follow suite and starts dancing around even Spike dances with Rarity and Fluttershy dances with Shadow Breeze.
Joseph Brooklyn takes a step back seeing them all happy; at last, peace can finally flourish once again. He slowly walks away but is stopped by Twilight, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Applejack "uh...ladies?"

"And where do you think you're going Joe? We got a dance to do!" Pinkie Pie giggles loudly.

Joe quickly looks down, touching his chest 'O-okay...t-t-this feels like the right moment to confess my feelings? Right!? Pull yourself together man!'

Twiligh Sparkle shares a look of concern "Joe? Are you alright? You're sweating, nervous and blushing like crazy!"

"I...h-have to...make a c-confession...a-a-about who I am in love with" Joe manages to say.

The four mares feel tense, tails sticking straight and all eyes on their human friend. This may be it, the moment all of them have been thinking of and wondering who was going to go first. They never expected Joe to come out like this, it's very brave of him as he kneels on the ground "f-first of all, I-I need to stress this because no matter who I choose, I will ALWAYS love ALL of you. You all are everything to me, please never ever think I don't love you...it's hard for me because you all love me and I'm in love too. I-I just never wanted to hurt your feelings."

Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Twilight and Applejack stare at each other, showing signs of respect and promising to maintain their friendship and love no matter what. They nod their heads for Joe to continue "I...I...am in love with..." Joe pauses for a moment.

All their hearts beat in sync, not hearing anything besides Joe's voice and heartbeats "...Applejack" Joseph Brooklyn whispers loudly enough for them all to hear.

Applejack gasps loudly, covering her mouth. Finding this unbelievable and starts thinking it's a joke, but Joe continues speaking "w-w-when I first met you, w-we didn't know what to think about each other besides two different beings getting scared. Then when I got to know you more, I loved your strong personality, honesty and determination. Yes you can be stubborn like us all...but when I started working with you more, I saw more and more of what makes me love you so much. You brought me into your family like I was one of you and Applebloom accepted me like...like...a dad...you shown me what a family is like and made me love your lifestyle...I feel at home working on the farm with you" Joseph speaks gently, nervously walking on his knees towards Applejack and cups her face gently in his hand "and...I love your Applepies so much."

The orange earth pony felt so flattered by hearing all of this coming out, tears form in her eyes "y-y-ya...r-r-really mean all that Joe? P-Promise?"

Joe nods, unable to hold in his own emotions and deeply kisses Applejack, wrapping his arms around her and she slowly does the same. Feeling some strange warmth inside her, she closes her eyes.

Twilight, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie all watch this with massive blushes but smiles, truly being happy for them both. Being honest, they are a bit sad but have full belief in what Joseph said to them, he'll always love them as he always has done...and they'll continue as they done so too. But their blushes increase when they see Joe and Applejack start to kiss a little passionately, making Rainbow Dash groan in all good fun "yuck, glad I'm not being eaten."

Twilight's ears shift slightly, she thought from Joe wanting to confess his love to one of them the cheering and dancing faded. The purple unicorn turns around and gasps, seeing everyone staring at them with smiles, tears, grins and even support. Even somehow the Xenthurians appeared out of nowhere and sees Chardonnay made a web saying "Congratulations!" but what's worse for her she sees Celestia having an amused but caring smile. But she never would have expected her brother to appear! "W-w-why did you all stop!?"

Rainbow Dash notices too, going crimson red "ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh!"

Pinkie Pie just ignores all the stares and worries "WASN'T THAT JUST SOOOO CUTE!? I LOVE HIM!" she giggles.

Applejack and Joseph Brooklyn finally realises everyone is staring at them and slowly breaks away kissing, feeling pale and cold inside. But seeing Princess Celestia nod with approval and Gregory smiling with pride...both Greg and Celestia's gazes meet, staring for awhile before looking away with hidden blushes.

Spike bursts towards the new couple and smirks "finally! Joseph has found his one true love after months of speculation or dare I say...ahaha...'years' if you know what I'm talking about!" he winks to nopony in particular.

Joseph Brooklyn slowly stands up, helping Applejack as well. They both feel Applebloom rushing up to them; Joe picks her up and sits her on his shoulder. Gregory, Celestia, Luna, Spirit, Spike, Shadow, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle come together. Chardonnay gathers Miku, Kernot, Master Yang, Guigan and all the Chaj warriors around, even residents of Ponyville gather behind Joseph Brooklyn and Applejack...staring out towards the distance "so, you really think what Miher said was true? There are forces or gods up there trying to corrupt others using darkness? Or whatever it is?" Spike asks.

Joe keeps looking out, thinking deeply about that "I do wither or not they're coming to invade our world...we'll be ready for them" he says, clenching his fist "they better not underestimate us."

Everypony gathered behind Joseph Brooklyn stares into the far distance, all saying in union "we'll be ready!"


Deep in space, Unknown

Peace, Wisdom and Life were staring at a crystal ball that showed the human, ponies and Xenthurian creatures will to never give into the any evil or darkness. Their red eyes fiercely glow more and Peace destroys the crystal ball "those pathetic creatures think they can oppose us gods?! Wait until they see what we are truly capable of!" Peace bellows.

Wisdom folds his arms, stroking his chin in thought "they have courage which I rarely seen since ages past...I'll give them that. And please, don't destroy my crystal balls."

"Let us agree on something, that 'human' called Joseph Brooklyn took care of that worm Miher before things got difficult here" Life speaks out.

Wisdom places another crystal ball on a table "we mustn't underestimate these creatures, weak and frail as they are. We all know from experience that surprises aren't exactly the best."

Peace grunts loudly, spitting on the floor "you always like to brag on how brilliant your grape sized brain is-"

Suddenly the crystal ball starts floating up without Wisdom's doing and it shows the back of someone who has long white frizzy hair with spiky edges is looking deep into space. It speaks with a deep voice "Peace, Wisdom, Life...I heard that Miher has been defeated by a so called 'human' is that right?"

Peace nervously nods, bowing "y-yes your righteousness! He is no longer a threat of having any power!"

The long white hair figure silently continues to observe the emptiness of space, the voice becomes more threatening "that was something you all personally should done yourselves but being useless morons as always, you managed to make them aware of you three exist and the darkness!? Honestly? It would make me happier knowing they think you don't exist."

Life bows down, feeling sweat dripping "y-y-yes, w-we are not worth living!"

Then it chuckles darkly "alright, like good pets you are. You three are no longer being called your current names...the darkness is deep within you all, it wouldn't be fitting...and you look uglier than you were 16 years ago. Peace is now known as War, Wisdom is now Ignorance and finally Life becomes Death. Is that clear?"

War, Ignorance and Death stand proud with their new names "Yes, your righteousness!"

"It appears that another dimension has appeared in this universe, how interesting...with abilities able to heal and resurrect dead beings...I may have heard something about being one with the Iris? We shall watch...and observe for amusement" the figure says amused, slowly turning the head right, showing black lips turning into an evil smirk.

Joseph Brooklyn WILL return.

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