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As the sun sets for the day, nighttime colors the sky in a deep dark blue. The stars appear in the cloudless night. A figure is walking straight to a tombstone that had an epitaph that read:

In Memory of Naoko Musashi


The figure, clad in a white ninja suit, kneels down to the tombstone's level. He was trying hard to not cry, but the tears escaped from his eyes.

Joe Musashi, the well-known Shinobi, lost his bride-to-be, Naoko.

"Naoko…" He muttered under his breath, his voice starting to crack as the tears continue to escape.

"I-I'm sorry…"

He remembered the time, the worst time of his life, where he lost her…

When he went through the secret panel, there was darkness.

All he heard is an evil laugh that boomed in the room.

"So, Joe Musashi, are you ready to fight me?"

It was Neo Zeed, the person that he despised and had killed his master and kidnapped his fiancée, Naoko.

The lights turned on…and what Joe saw got him enraged. Naoko was locked inside a wooden prison cell, crying and with a frightened look on her face. As soon as she saw Joe, she screamed, "Please help me, Joe!" Joe's hate was fueled when he saw the condition of Naoko.

"You…you bastard! What have you done to her?" He cried, his rage growing even more.

Neo Zeed chuckled, "Oh, I did nothing to her, except scare her…"

That set Joe off. Grabbing his sword, he jumped in the air, but Neo Zeed whipped his long, greasy hair around and the hair flew off of his head, flying straight to Joe. Joe was hit, but he got up quickly and grabbed his shuriken.

"You know," Neo Zeed smirked, "you're not the only one I'm planning to kill…"

He pulled out a device with a red button and he pushed it. Inside the prison cell holding Naoko, the ceiling started to descend.

Naoko, frightened, started to cry in fear.

"If you don't hurry and defeat me…" Neo Zeed told Joe, "your lover will be crushed!"

Joe's eyes went wide. He knew he must defeat Neo Zeed…and fast.

Grabbing his shuriken, he threw them at Neo Zeed.

Neo Zeed whipped his hair and blocked the shuriken thrown at him, but Joe took the opportunity to slash him with his sword.

Naoko watched the fight in horror. Not only was she concerned about Joe, but she was also concerned about her life…she was staring death in the eye as the ceiling went lower and lower.

Joe was bleeding heavily. The fight was tough, and Neo Zeed was about to be triumphant. 'No, I must not give up…' His mind told him.

As soon as he got up, he heard a scream…a frightening, dying scream. When he glanced at the cell with Naoko, his heart skipped a beat.

The ceiling had crushed her. She was bleeding heavily and all of her bones broken.

He was too late…

While he was distracted, Neo Zeed whipped his hair one more time and flung the hair straight to Joe.

With his rage finally at its max, Joe grabbed his sword, dodged the hair, and ran straight to Neo Zeed.

With an enraged scream, he stabbed Neo Zeed's chest.

Neo Zeed let out a scream in pain and his chest exploded with blood.

Joe had defeated him, but he was too late to save Naoko.

Holding the bloodied sword, he dropped to the ground and let out a heartbreaking sob.

Joe sighed. Even after a few days of Naoko's death, Joe is still devastated. His thoughts are swirling in his head.

If Naoko was alive, they would be happily married and have beautiful children, living happily ever after.

But that was the alternative of what would happen. The truth is Naoko is dead, and there is nothing Joe could do about it.

He left a red rose on Naoko's grave, and, with his heart still broken, walked away.

Tonight was a silent night to him.