Chapter 5: Jack Escapes

It seemed certain that the samurai's time was going to sadly be up. The Overseer was quite pleased that everything went according to plan.

"You really sure this guy's trouble?" asked one of the Enclave soldiers to the Overseer who still wasn't sure.

"Look, for the last time, Aku had made things clear" continued the Overseer.

"Fine" sighed the Enclave soldier who continued to carry Jack outside Vault 101.

Indeed, the shape-shifting wizard himself once again was at the entrance of Vault 101, but this time ready to ensure the end to his arch nemesis Samurai Jack once and for all.

"Good, paying off some locals helped a lot to create that rumor of a time machine in your vault" laughed Aku.

"Worth every penny" laughed the Overseer to which he handed the shape-shifting wizard Jack's sword, "this is the samurai's sword."

"Let me inspect it" said Aku as the Overseer handed it over to the shape-shifting wizard, Aku knew he couldn't harm Jack with the sword but he could still harm him with his own powers, "the sword would be useless in my hands, however one who is pure of heart can use it against the samurai, why not bring out that Anita girl to do the job?"

Indeed, Anita had hoped the Overseer would be quite arrogant and stupid enough to have herself volunteer for the job, since she originally was willing to help capture the samurai to begin with. Anita was escorted by a few other Enclave soldiers, Butch and the others who had snuck out of the vault stayed hidden around a few boulders waiting and ready to strike.

"Young lady, I must say I am most impressed with you" laughed Aku, "it'd be an honor if you finish off the samurai for good."

"And why won't you do it, he is your most hated enemy?" asked Anita.

"True, true, but the samurai can be very pesky, always manages to slip through my fingers, why not use someone he thought he could trust to end his life?" laughed Aku.

The shape-shifting wizard handed Anita the sword, Aku amazed thought Jack's head would roll literally over instead gasped with Anita slicing the tentacles that were trapping the samurai instead, freeing him.

"Fools, we've been tricked!" cried Aku as he then tried to use his laser eyes to zap Anita which Jack pushed her out of the way where both of them dodged the blast.

"Get to your friends, I'll handle this" said Jack.

That obviously signaled Butch and his Sewer Snake gang to provide cover for Anita as they fired back at the Enclave soldiers hitting each one of them as they were trying to stop them. Jack too was using his sword to chop the weapons the Enclave soldiers were carrying in half, and even slicing open their armor as well.

"I'll make you pay samurai!" roared Aku who then shot his laser eyes at the samurai.

Jack ran for cover as the lasers came toward him, the samurai leaped over some boulders where Butch, Anita and the others were located.

"They're hiding over there!" cried the Overseer to some Enclave soldiers.

The Enclave soldiers ran toward their hiding spot, only to be ambushed by Jack who made sure their weapons were destroyed. The soldiers ran off like cowards away from the samurai.

"And now it is your turn Aku" said Jack.

Aku continued to fire his laser eyes at the samurai, but the samurai dodged them every time, he leaped over one of the beams and sliced his sword at Aku which the shape-shifting wizard screamed in pain.

"The sword!" cried Aku as he could feel the pain.

"Listen to me" said Jack to the Overseer, "not even the likes of you should obey the likes of him."

"And why, what other choice do I have, the wizard provides us safety from the outside world, you do not" continued the Overseer.

"But Aku caused the world to become like this, if you help me, and let me defeat Aku, I'll make sure this future will never be a reality" continued Jack.

The Overseer thought for a moment whether or not to listen to the samurai, but as Aku recovered from the attack, the shape-shifting wizard grabbed the samurai and pinned the samurai down to the ground.

"Foolish samurai, you should be careful what you hear" laughed Aku, "this trap worked perfectly for me to have you come to me, so that I can destroy you once and for all."

But as Aku was about to use his sharp claws on Jack, the Overseer took a grenade and threw it at the shape-shifting wizard, it didn't injure him but it annoyed him nonetheless.

"So an ally like you would betray someone as powerful as me?" roared Aku as he noticed the Overseer was being protected by the resistance members whom were once against him.

"I've made up my mind Aku, you're not needed here anymore" continued the Overseer.

But as much as Aku was enraged, the shape-shifting wizard tried to shoot out a large beam targeting specifically the Overseer who had betrayed the shape-shifting wizard, Jack however would not allow that to happen and sliced Aku once more.

"Now it is your turn!" roared Jack.

Jack screamed and roared as he came running toward the shape-shifting wizard in such a furious manner, Aku could feel the stings of the sword as the samurai kept at it against Aku. Aku was very weaken by Jack's sudden burst of energy, and was feeling the battlefield for his own safety. The shape-shifting wizard turned himself into a snake so that he could slither away.

"Till we meet again samurai" laughed Aku as he ran off in a weaken state.

Sadly once again the samurai had to go back on the road to search how he could get back to his own time. The Overseer along with Anita and Butch thanked the samurai for his efforts.

"Thank you samurai for making me realize who to side with" said the Overseer.

"So where will you be going?" asked Anita to Jack.

"I'm not sure, but I hope it'd lead back to my own home time" continued Jack.

"Well, good luck with that" said Butch.

As the trio waved goodbye to the samurai who headed off on his journey, the scene ends from there where the samurai will once again have to seek out what he was searching once more.