:Chapter One- Brain Stew:

"The clock is laughing in my face. A crooked spine,My sense dulled. Passed the point of delirium.On my own... Here we go."Brain Stew ~Green Day.

Curiously, the first thing he noticed when he awoke from his slumber was the midnight sky above him. He stared at the stars, with a strange sense of longing. As if something that once had been his was now a part of them. It was only when he attempted to reach out for the dark heavens that he noticed a further few things.

For one, he was indeed blue. A strange mix of baby and sky shades, which was now illuminated by the bright moon. And for some odd reason, that was not normal.

The second thing that he also noticed (which too, was out of the ordinary) was that he was that for reasons which he couldn't quite remember, the whole of his body was in unbearable, searing pain.

And for some reason, he couldn't quite guess what was worse. The fact that he was in such a state or the fact that he couldn't remember absolutely anything. Apart from the fact that having blue skin was unnatural, that was the only thing he was truly sure of. It was as if the words 'blue=freak' were imprinted into his skull. And it stung for some reason, not like the ache that he felt throughout the rest of his body (which was blue as well-as far as he could tell of what the ripped shreds of dark clothing were revealing to him.).

He felt a bitter pang race through him, and chest tighten slightly. He sniffed quietly as he felt something warm and rather wet run down his cheek. Subconsciously, brought his hand to wipe the liquid which seemed to be emanating from his eyes, wincing a tad from the pain it brought him.

Tears? A shudder ran though him.

He felt hopeless. Defeated. And strangely, he didn't even know if he had been defeated or...

Well, the soreness around him was evidence of his loss.

But who? Confused thoughts fluttered around his brain like butterflies. Why?

How long have I been like this? Hours? Days? Am I even alive?

He couldn't even remember who had done this to him. All his brain could muster on the subject was an angry yellow-red colour. Orange? It felt fiery, just thinking about it.

Got to get up. A small voice at the back of his head was now deciding to pester him; you need to find yourself some shelter, food and water. You can't stay here if you want to survive.

He licked his dry lips. He suddenly realised that he was desperately thirsty, and cold.

"Okay, a-annoying voice at the back of my head... Let's see if I can do this..." He muttered to himself.

Hearing his own voice felt good, however, he couldn't help but to take note of how raspy and weak it seemed. He clutched the ground with both hands, and pushed his back off of the ground. A squelching noise made him want to retch as he noticed that he had been lying down in thick, wet mud. More hot tears flowed down as he tried to bite his lip, everything hurt more than ever.

He took another look at his body, and almost yelped in surprise.

Cuts, bruises and grazes, absolutely everywhere.

His clothing had managed to endure surprisingly from its anonymous beating. However, all the torn pieces which showed off his flesh, illustrated the hacks of tissue which had been forced apart. Dried blood had seeped out, and was now surrounding the area of these cuts.

Okay... Don't freak out. He soothed himself. Get up. Maybe you can find someone to help you..

However, that was easier said than done. As he tried yet again to lift his body to a standing position, pain shot up his right leg.

This time, he couldn't hold the scream inside of his lungs "AAAH!"

His body clumsily fell down. Augh. Back to square one.

His eyes scanned around the reeds. There's got to be something that could help me up around here...

"Aha!" He smiled.

Finally! Some luck! A stick!

He reached out for it; however, as he grabbed hold of it, he noticed something strange about its texture. It was cold, and much too hard to be a piece of a tree. Upon examining it a little more closely, he noted its different colour. It reflected the moonlight, gleaming. It was hard to explain, but he knew that this was a better find than wood.

What is a metallic component such as this one doing in the middle of a field? His eyebrows furrowed as he pondered over the mysterious object. Oh well, I'd better count this as a blessing. It'll provide me with better support, anyway.

He drove the support into the ground, and used it to clamber up. Groaning, he brought himself to his feet. And although it hurt... A lot, he felt pleased with himself for managing to overcome his pain.

It's not over yet... He reminded himself as he took in his surroundings. For miles, he could see nothing but tall reeds covering the otherwise barren landscape. Far, far away, he could see hints of a forest, however, he was sure it would take hours, if not days to reach there. And even if he did go in that direction, how would he know if there was civilization nearby? If there was anyone who could, or would help him?

No, there had to be somewhere else. Something closer and livelier. A settlement, perhaps? Maybe he should go past the forest? Or turn around.

He nearly gasped as he took in a gander. Behind him was a colossal city, however, that sheer grandness of the city wasn't what had shocked him. No, for some reason, he seemed to know the City itself. The thing which was now frightening was what had happened to the City.

Buildings seemed ruined. Signed from unnatural fire and some were even missing rooftops and walls. The most miserable part had to be a massive structure, which had almost been 'cut' in half. Glowing and roaring fire surrounded the tarnished metropolis.

And he felt somewhat responsible for it.

Did I do this? He felt like crying again, W...What happened?

Angry, bitter rage was building up inside of him. Somehow, he knew that this place wasn't supposed to be like this. Somehow, he knew that he was involved, and he felt great sorrow for what had become of the City before him.

He needed to go in, as something inside him told him that the answers to who he was were locked inside this twisted, burning wreckage. And for now, that's all he needed.



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