:Chapter Fourteen- Everything you know is wrong:

"Everything you know is wrong,
Black is white, up is down and short is long.
And everything you thought was just so
Important doesn't matter.
Everything you know is wrong,
Just forget the words and sing along.
All you need to understand is…
Everything you know is wrong!" ~Weird Al.

The constant, loud whirring of chopper blades now seemed to have become a backing track to the journey. Roxanne hadn't quite remembered falling asleep, but she did re-call waking up about an hour ago; finding her boss seated opposite her, nose in book.

She had quite lost track of time, and was staring at both the scenery and the insides of the helicopter itself. The design on the inside seemed all too messy and complicated for her to follow. As if all the parts of the chopper had been chucked in, and as soon as it was made sure that the machinery worked, nothing more was done to neaten it up.

Truth be told, she was bored. This all seemed incredibly quiet, serene (as serene as you could get with the deafening noise of the chopper blades) and calm.

Too calm.

Then again, she was going to be hovering over a metropolis so terrifying, it had been classed the most hazardous city in the world. All because of the anger and immense power of one man.

Granted, she didn't actually have to go directly in. All she had to do was talk about it, let people know what was going on like the good little reporter she was. What would happen after that was beyond her. Considering she was the one who was going to be on camera, she was most likely to get majority of the recognition for the report, as usual. She hoped that this wasn't going to become a usual thing, however.

Last time she had tried something new like this on her job, she had been granted with the all too profitable position of 'damsel in distress'.

Then again, that arrangement had been terminated when Metro Man died, especially so now that Megamind was gone. Maybe it was a time for a change of pace? She did somehow have to move on.

It was somewhat funny how empty her heart felt without either of the boys around. Attending to Wayne's funeral had been something she would have found easier to deal with if there hadn't been so many people around, sobbing and breaking down nerve-wise around her. Then again, she understood why they were so upset. Their hero, the messiah-like figure to them was dead, of course they'd feel pretty crappy inside (obnoxiously so on the outside). She had been grieving, too.

However, in hindsight, she realised that she hadn't been mourning for Wayne as much as mourning the city. Mourning also the Megamind she had thought she'd known. The blue alien who'd never get close to killing Metro Man, for his goofy traps and predictable schemes always let him down.

She had always believed that deep inside, somewhere within the blue-skinned man's extraordinarily large cranium, the idea of completely killing off the hero didn't compute. As if he lacked something, whether it be enough hatred or courage to really kill his 'nemesis'. There was always something too childish and fun about his plans and inventions, which was quite dark if one thought about it, considering that the majority of said inventions had the motif of that to kill someone. It had always seemed more of a game, one that she had been dragged into.

Did she like playing along? Well, it was hard to tell. Shocking and even (although the reporter would never admit it) quite frightening had the first few kidnappings been. But then it eased into a routine, which she had began taking for granted. Getting kidnapped every few weeks and missing boring meetings, taken for granted. Some brain-food with on-the-spot banter, taken for granted. A new evil scheme, give or take a few dozen spikes lasers and drills, taken for granted. Being saved by the hero, saying a few closing words and receiving that nice, big cheque on payday, all taken for granted.

The biggest thing, however, had not been the superficial parts (although they were still large and influential).

It had instead been the almost… Seductive order that it had all turned into. Something she could depend upon. Yes, kidnappings were hard to predict to an exact point, nevertheless, she knew she was going to get kidnapped. It was a fact of life. Life which had a 100% of being cloudy with a side of getting knocked out and taken hostage. Regardless of what day and time; and then, the whole cycle would rotate once more.

Hadn't she done a report on taking things for granted a few days post Wayne's death? Oh, yes. She had been talking about the possibility of everyone taking the superhero in such a way, but deep inside, she realized that she had been referring to the typical sequence of events itself.

It all ground to a halt when a superpowered chunk of it was missing. Things went pretty weird after that; things that still didn't make much sense to her taking place.

Megamind's façadehad been one of those things. Talk about unpredictable. It didn't seem much like him to outright lie like he had done…

Oh, God no. Of course he'd do something like that. He's a villain. He killed Wayne, took over the city, and outright lied to get close to you and...

Then again, she remembered 'the look'. The small glint of 'Oh-God-What-The-Hell-This-Can't-be-real' panic, much to the likeness of a toddler that just realised that he or she had just lost their mother in the supermarket, she had seen as she had torn her own frightened eyes from Wayne's skeleton on that fateful day and looked into those of the soon-to-be overlord. She had quickly looked away, eyes back on Wayne.

It was something that a person would quickly overlook because of the split-second it had been there. But she remembered it, as if the image was knitted into a permanent place of her subconcious. As much as she wanted to deny it, place all blame and hatred for what had happened on him, push all doubts about what had occurred from her confused mind, she couldn't. Because of that one scared, confused look that screamed his refusal to believe what was in front of him at that point in time.

"Maybe Megamind isn't so bad after all."

But, it just isn't enough evidence to say Megamind didn't want it to happen. The inner reporter spoke up. A look? Anyone could conjour one up. The murder was intentional. I…I-It had to be. Besides, why are you even thinking about it? They're both dead.

"Whooah. Check it out! Metro City, ten O' clock! Holy shit, that does not look pretty!"

Sapphire eyes looked up and out of the window. Her boss was in a strange state, seemingly engrossed with the horrific sight of not only the tortured City, but a filthy, black cloud that ate at the centre area of it. He was, however, also seemingly frightened of the jaw-dropping visual, with one hand clutching his seat so hard, the reporter had hard time believing he wasn't breaking off.

Tears nearly swelled up in her eyes as she looked over the demolished buildings, many now reduced to rubble. The flames with their tight, choking grips were an astonishing sight themselves.

As the bitter, vile smell of the smoke wafted into her lungs, she couldn't help but to want to curl down like an old leaf and wallow in pity. Why was it, that on the time the hero of Metro City was truly needed most, was the time that he had gone? It was almost as if the universe had decided to dick around with them all, causing many people utter pain and misery for no apparent reason.

"Megamind! Wait up!"

No answer.

"Trust me! There's a reason why... I did what I did. Just come on back, and I'll explain!" A hand fell on Megamind's shoulder, gripping him back.

The tall grass that he was now crushing with his bare, blue feet made a squishing sound against the floppy mud that clung to equally bare soles. The alien gave the other an intimidating glare, and Wayne's hand immediately fell.

"Listen to me." The ex-hero muttered.

"Listen to you? There isn't one reason in the whole damn galaxy I should listen to you, Wayne. If that's even your real name!"

"But I-"

"You what? You lied to me for no apparent reason, you illogical idiot! I-I would have dealt with any past given to me! I'm not some weak piece of... Well, whatever. I'm out of here."

He took a few more steps forward, ignoring the pain of his ankle and the discomfort of the sharp rocks and bits and bobs that were a part of the ground. The cold air enveloped around his blue skin; if he had hairs on his arms and legs, they probably be standing up from the freeze.

"Megamind! Just.. Oh, lawdy. Where are you going, anyway?" Frantic, Wayne yelled to the alien. What was he to do? He had never encountered a situation such as this. A situation so fragile, so much his fault, that he needed to solve without exerting his physical strength, but his mental. "The City's off limits, and there ain't another shelter for a few miles! You might've gotten better, but look at yourself! Your ankle ain't healed! You're walking around with these darn sagging bandages, in your underwear!"

Megamind glanced down at the pair of black boxers that were around his skinny hips and after a brief silence, gave the ex-hero a deathly glare. "So?"

"So?" Wayne was almost amused. "You ain't prepared to go anywhere! I don't care how well you think you can fend for yourself, you ain't gonna last long out there. Now stop being some hardy fool and listen to me!"

The alien felt a hand wrap against his forearm and pull him back. Gritting his teeth, he yanked against it. Results of this were rather painful, as the hand refused to let him go and force of the pull nearly had him falling over.

"Stop it!" His growl sounded a little more frustrated than intended. He was angry, but knew what Wayne was saying was right. Even though he could hardly look at the man at this precise moment, never mind give him any of his trust.

Oh, how this reminded Wayne of his hero days. Too much for his liking, really. The whole conflict with Megamind which his lies were there to avoid. He gave the blue-skinned man a look. "You're gonna die if you leave right now."

"I don't care." Megamind gave the muddy ground a glance of gloom with a sigh and pulled himself away from the conversation."You... You lied to me. Not only that, but... I actually gave you my trust, 'yknow? I can't remember anything about myself. But you can. And evidently, so could he. He looked like he'd seen some weird apparition when he came into the room. "

Wayne stayed silent as the blue alien turned around to face the city. "I thought I'd at least deserve to know something of my past. Apparently not. Thing is, a part of me lies in this city. Something that... Belongs to me. But... nothing of the brief past you've dictated to me connects me to it. "

Something about this whole scene seemed oddly familiar to Megamind. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, nevertheless, the element of de-ja-vu still lay thick around him, as if it was screaming at him to remember. Instead, he shook the feeling off.

Green eyes met sky blue as the alien swiveled around. "Why did you lie to me? I'm honestly curious by the purpose of your actions."

Wayne almost flinched from the intense glare of the toxic gaze. He felt Megamind's eyes search his face. When he finally found the courage to look into the less humanoid alien's face (which, for the record, was strange. He never used to have trouble looking for courage) was met by a look more desperate than furious.

Why was coming clean so difficult? He used to be Metro Man. The sense of justice was second nature!

Or at least should be.

"I guess... It was protection."

The reply was instant. "Of what?"

"Protecting you from what 'ya were before. To give you a blank slate. And..."

"Go on."

"Protect myself. From your hate. Stop you from being evil. Stop me having to be the hero again."

"I hate you?" The confusion in his voice gave Wayne a small bit of hope. He still had the opportunity to get Megamind to listen to him, to make him understand why he had fed the alien lies.

"I don't know, really."He re-called, thinking of the events behind him. 'Heroic' acts which mostly involved beating the living daylights out of the more fragile alien. "From the way I acted, I sure wouldn't blame ya. I suppose you need the whole story to figure it out for yourself."

Megamind's tone was mostly suspicious, yet thick with obvious interest. "How do I know you're not going to give me lies again?"

"Hm…" Wayne couldn't help but to scratch his chin at that. "I have more than 'nough decency as a man, well… An alien man? Not to lie again about the same thing coz of your reaction. It just wouldn't be fair, and despite what you think of me now, or what'cha thought of me back then… I don't consider myself a bad person. You... You deserve a blank slate. But you also deserve the truth, but'cha can't have both. I s'pose the choice is yours."

"True." The blue alien nodded with an unreadable look in his emerald eyes, which had oddly… Darkened. "I'll choose the latter, I suppose. I mean, I suppose your explanation of all this would be good to hear. Validity I can always decide on later. The doctor's reaction leads me to think he isn't the only person who knew me from before. If everyone's minds were wiped, too, I guess I may have considered the blank slate option, nevertheless, I cannot change their view of myself without really knowing what that view is."


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