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Author's Note: On the show they show Tony's birth year of 71, but I can't remember the day and month. This story has for chapters and is already written. Will post more tomorrow.


Timothy McGee just got home from visiting his family. He always knew that he had an older brother, but had never heard the story before, but this time he had asked again. They had told him at that time they weren't ready to have children yet and so they gave the baby up for adoption. He always wondered what his brother was like, but never gotten the chance to find out. Today he was going to find out where his brother was and who he was even if he had to hack into the computers to do it. He really wanted to know what kind of life that his brother had and if his adoptive parents loved him. He would go in tomorrow early enough to get some work done. His sister Sarah also wanted to know more about their brother, so he had told her that they would find out about him.

The next day Tim drove to NCIS and walked up to the elevator. He was early enough to be there that nobody should be there. His parents had told him where his brother was born and what year. He had first called to see if they had any files that he could look into. They said that there were files, but they were closed. He then thought that he would see if they were online and powered up his computer. He needed all his computer skills because he was doing this without having signed anything and it wasn't for one of their investigations. He didn't want to get caught.

He set up everything and quickly got into their database. He quickly looked into the files that had a birth date of 71 and narrowed it down to the month and day. His name was only Baby Boy McGee and which adoption agency he was given too. He then went and called the adoption agency where he was taken, but they were also closed files. He went back to the computer and found the file and opened it. He looked in shock as he read the name. Anthony DiNozzo Senior and Sophia DiNozzo. Tony was his brother? His partner and their senior agent was his older brother? He couldn't believe it and looked up as the elevator dinged and Gibbs came in with a coffee cup in his hand.

"Morning McGee."

"Morning Boss."

McGee looked back at his computer again and a few minutes later he looked up again and Ziva made her way towards her own desk.

"Good Morning, McGee and Gibbs."

"Morning Ziver."

"Good Morning, Ziva."

Tim looked back at the computer and quickly got out of there before he was found out. He then looked back up as Tony DiNozzo came out of the elevator and sat down turning his own computer on.

"Good Morning Tony." Ziva said.

"Morning everyone." Tony said as he quickly put his gun and badge away. McGee looked at him and stared. He's been working with his brother for years and he never knew.

Tony checked his email, but didn't look up. He had a call from his father again telling him that he was worthless. Last month while they were on a mini vacation his father had visited him; of course as any visit from his father didn't go well. He and his hired bodyguards had beaten him and left him there. Luckily he had healed by time he got back to work.

He wondered if he would ever be good enough for his father. He hated his life living with his father and his Mom. Even if she had never hit him she was still a bad mother. She had forced him into the sailor suits and had drunk his sea monkeys. She never had time for him just like his father. He had tried so hard to be invisible always being in his room to watch movies, but sometimes that even wasn't possible. Luckily he had a scholarship when he went to OSU, or he probably would have never gone to College.

The phone rang and it was time to gear up all of them grabbed their bags and followed their boss towards the crime scene. Ducky was called and given directions. They hoped that Jimmy wouldn't get lost again. He was almost always getting lost.

Ziva grabbed the camera, Tim bagged and tagged, Tony interviewed the witnesses and Gibbs talked to the cops that had called it in as soon as they saw the dog tags and they had waited because they had to secure the scene.

They watched as Ducky take the body away and they too left with their evidence. The witness weren't much help. They had only seen the body and there was nobody around, but the body. They had found out the mans name was Riley Smith and he was a Petty Officer.

Tim take the evidence to Abby, so she can start trying to find out something, Ziva and DiNozzo make sure that you get everything on Riley Smith.

"On it, boss." They all said as they all headed towards their tasks.

"Hey, Timmy." Abby said as Tim McGee stepped inside.

"Evidence from today's crime scene."

"What's the matter Tim?"

"Do you remember telling you that I have an older brother who was put up for adoption?"


"I found out that the reason why they put him up for adoption was because they didn't want kids right then. I found out who my brother is."

"Who is it?" Abby said excitedly.

"It's someone I've been working for years and never knew he was my brother. It's Tony."

"Wow, Tony's your brother? Did you tell him?"

"No, I just found out today. I did some digging and found out." He paused and then went on. "I am going to tell him though, but I don't know when."

"Why don't you tell him this week." Abby said.